April 5th National Dandelion Day

April 5th National Dandelion Day

Most of us think of Dandelions as weeds, well they are. However they are flowers, some think they are pretty, others still see them as weeds. Native Americans believed the Dandelion had healing powers. No one is sure if they actually helped anyone but as with many medicines, it’s what’s in your mind that makes you feel better.  That said, people realized that you could eat Dandelions and they have used them ever since. They are colorful, apparently taste, at least, okay and are pretty. Don’t make them just weeds in your world.

How to celebrate – Get to know your weeds. Appreciate Dandelions instead of hating them. Try flavoring your favorite dishes with Dandelions.

June 1st National Olive Day

Olives are one of the oldest fruits known to man. History reveals they were in use anywhere from 6,000 to 7,000 years ago. They are native to the Mediterranean Coastal areas, Saudi Arabia, and Java and have been introduced to Argentina, Norfolk Island, California, Florida, and Bermuda where they now grow naturally as well.

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Though olives do come from different areas, and therefore will have a slightly different taste from each other, they are all basically the same. The taste,  difference, and color, come from how ripe the fruit is allowed to get. When they are green, the olive is slightly more bitter to the taste. The riper the olive gets the sweeter it becomes.

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90% of the olives picked are turned into oil, leaving 10% served as table food. In ancient days there were times where the price of olives was worth its weight in gold. It was believed to have healing properties, and was used in all sorts of religious rites in nearly every religion.  Greeks would often bathe in olive oil to keep themselves healthy and pure. The wood from an olive tree, the Oleaceae tree, is among the hardest and best wood for any use. The trees are small however and the fruit they produce is determined to be of more value than the wood that could be harvested. As such, there are olive trees known to be 2,400 years old, maybe even older, in some areas of the Mediterranean.


The olive branch has long been associated with peace but it also symbolizes wisdom, glory, fertility, power and purity. National Olive Day was submitted by Divina and registered in July of 2015.

How to celebrate:  Eat an olive!  Use olive oil to cook with!  Visit an Olive Tree grove in Greece. Have a Martini, with an olive garnish of course.