May 31st Save Your Hearing Day

What? You are mumbling. Speak up! These are all things we hear people say as they lose their hearing. If you take care of your hearing, normally, it will take care of you. (Or sort of anyway) Oddly, today was probably created after someone attended the Charlton Athletic Gardens rock concert, supposedly the loudest rock concert ever given. That would have been on May 31st, 1976 in England. If you want to be able to hear those sweet nothings in your ear all your life you need to take care of your hearing.

How to celebrate – Wear ear plugs when you know you will be at a loud event. Don’t play music so loud people will go deaf from it two blocks away. If you hear a ringing in your ear at an event, the music is too loud for you.

December 8th Take It In The Ear Day

So, no one seems to know exactly what this saying means, it’s more or less your choice to use it in any context you choose. For me, I think it means that one has some argument with you you listen to it without reacting… a really hard thing to do. Listen to some degree before passing judgement on what you are being told. It might surprise you what you can learn by listening. So that’s a good reason for taking it in the ear. Of course, I could be completely wrong. Maybe it’s someone shoving an object into someone’s ear. Either way, or anyway, take today for how you want to take it, or forget it even exists.

How to celebrate – Listen. Wear ear plugs. Figure out your own meaning.

December 8th Take It In The Ear Day

No one claims to have created this day, it doesn’t appear in history to have any special meaning and absolutely no one knows what one does to celebrate it. So this day is wide open for whatever you want it to mean and then to celebrate it is any way you wish to. You can’t really be wrong. Well I guess there is one restriction… it has to concern the ear somehow. If one takes it literally maybe it means to listen but since it doesn’t say that it could also mean an ear of corn.

How to celebrate – Figure out your own meaning. Get a hearing test. Have some corn.

May 31st Save Your Hearing Day

They say you never appreciate something until it gone, and you hearing is one of those things so precious you need to practice saving it. Losing your hearing can be caused by health issues, it could be genetic or caused by environmental issues. Having been a musician, I know when we played at high volumes we not only damaged our own hearing, but the hearing of those listening to us. And those people that play their music so loudly in a car that you can hear it a block away even though their windows are closed are truly hurting themselves. They may enjoy their music better now but later, they may not be able to hear it at all. Protect your hearing because there is nothing that replaces someone saying they love you and your not being able to hear it.

How to celebrate – Protect your hearing. Learn to enjoy silence. Say Happy Birthday to my son!!!

May 31st National Save Your Hearing Day

What!?! It’s National Save Your Hearing Day? Why yes it is… and it’s my son’s birthday! (No relation to each other but I thought I’d mention it.)


There’s nothing funny about losing your hearing. Particularly in a world of so much mass communication and audio entertainment. You need to safeguard the gift you have been given. I should know, I spent much of my youth as a musician playing rock and roll and I know my hearing range is limited because of it. In case you wondered, The Who are the loudest band in the world.

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As we age many of our body parts begin to fail, one of the first to go is our hearing. So many people think the elderly are losing their minds when they don’t respond, or respond incorrectly. Hearing aides help but often pick up too much making everything a loud roar. The person seems detached and they are. They tend to be left alone with their thoughts, sometimes not always in their own best interests.


Hearing, just like smell, touch and sight, is a gift. Abusing it is just plain stupid if you can avoid it. Those cars that pass you on the highway with their radios up so loud that you can clearly hear the music with their windows close, your windows closed and your radio on are simply idiots. They are damaging their hearing on purpose and for very little benefit.


So take care of the gift you have been given. If you don’t know it now, you will later.

How to celebrate – Get a hearing check. Play music at normal volumes. (This will vary with the person but if your ears are ringing, it’s too loud. Someday that song that you loved to hear playing it so loud will be the first thing you miss when you can’t hear at all) Speak up when you talk, particularly if you are around someone you know is hard of hearing.