April 29th Greenery Day

Today was Japanese Emperor Hirohito’s birthday. Japan is known for it’s lush, beautiful gardens and Hirohito spent much of his life tending to his numerous gardens. He was Emperor of Japan during World War 2 but had very little to do with the actual war. Whether he supported the war or not is not clear. He ruled as the Emperor until 1989, and upon his death he was remembered by making Greenery Day a holiday.

How to celebrate – Tend your own garden. Visit Japan. Read about Hirohito’s life.


April 29th Greenery Day

You would think that on Greenery Day we would celebrate trees or plants or maybe even Kermit the Frog but today is all about the 124th Emperor of Japan Hirohito’s birthday. Born in 1901, Hirohito served the Japanese people until his death in 1989. He lead Japan through some of it’s best, and some of it’s worst , times. His part in World War 2 will never be known for sure, though he was put on the same level as Hitler at one time he did not face the same fate that other war criminals faced. It is good he is remembered for the beautiful country Japan was before the war and after the war because the ugliness it caused during the war should never be forgotten.

How to celebrate – Visit Japan. Read about Hirohito’s involvement during World War 2 and decided his guilt or not for yourself. Spend your day gardening.

April 29th Greenery Day

Today is not really a world wide holiday, but maybe it should be. It has a mixed message since it was created in 1989 to celebrate the birth of Emperor Hirohito in Japan. I am not exactly sure what Hirohito has to do with greenery, guess I need to look that up, but it is a day we can all go out and enjoy mother nature who seems to have a favorite color of green. Now that winter is long behind us (Hopefully) we can actually go out and enjoy the green no mater what country we come from. Nature, after-all, provides more beauty than any other natural thing in life. If this is Hirohito’s birthday celebration then we can celebrate his birthday as well… though with his reign, Japan created some of the ugliest scenes imaginable during World War 2. Hirohito did surround himself with beautiful, lush gardens… perhaps never knowing the ugly world his Generals created in his name.

How to celebrate – Get out into nature. Visit Japan. Help save a rain forest.

August 14th VJ Day

Today marks the end of World War 2, 1945. Though the world learned of the surrender on August 15th and the surrender papers were signed on September 2, 1945… the Emperor of Japan called the U.S. and surrendered on the 14th of August.


This came after the controversial bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs. The fact here is, the Japanese people would never have surrendered, they would have fought to the death for their Emperor, it took convincing the Emperor that a continued fight would be futile. Hirihito realized that while his people could fight, they could not beat the atomic bomb.

images (3)

The surrender was signed on September 2nd aboard the U.S.S. Missouri, a ship named for Truman’s home state. It is estimated that a million American lives, and untold numbers of Japanese were saved by the utter destruction of two Japanese cities as a warning of what was to come. Loses millions or loses thousands, it seems to me the right choice was made.

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World War 2 was the costliest in world history. Thousands upon thousands of soilders were killed, millions of civilians were killed. Did we learn anything from it? Only time will tell. It seems war is unavoidable, how we handle war is a little easier.


Those who fight for freedom always pay a high price. At times it seems like the losers of war end up being the biggest winners. Germany was rebuilt and has become an economic powerhouse as has Japan. So on this VJ day (Victory over Japan) we need to think of where the world was, and is, and just how we move forward from here.

How to celebrate – Thank any veteran you see no matter what the war was they fought in. Consider what the world might be like if the atomic bombs had not been dropped. Never forget what has happened to get us where we are today.

April 29th Greenery Day

Greenery Day is based upon Emperor Hirohito birthday, April 29th, although apparently it is most often celebrated on May 4th in Japan. It was established in 1989 after Emperor Showa (The line of Emperors, same guy) died on Jan.7th. So I’m a little confused about his holiday, it came after his death, may or may not be on April 29th his birthday, and he has two names.


Hirohito was Emperor during World War 2. From what I have read he was basically opposed to the war but as the leader of the Japanese people he was not really able to prevent it. Huh? However they could not end the war without his permission, which he gave after two atomic bombs had been dropped, his navy destroyed and his people suffering beyond belief.

green meadow...it is imp to have greenery

So why do they celebrate it as Greenery Day? I have absolutely no idea other than beautiful gardens have always been a part of the Japanese culture. They are certainly green and I am sure that while the rest of his country was burning, he had beautiful gardens to walk through.

Screen shot 2012-04-30 at 3.09.26 PM

Now I am not blaming him for the war, and I am not denying that Japan does have some of the most beautiful gardens anywhere. The two things together are a bit odd though. However I do have to admit I am not all that versed in Hirohito’s life so maybe greenery was a huge part of his life.


I do know this… if more of the world was green maybe we all would be calmer, gentler people. It’s hard to be violent when surrounded by natures natural beauty.

How to celebrate – Enjoy your own garden, or your neighbors today. (Just don’t get caught tromping through your neighbors garden.) Plant something today. Go for a walk in a forest.