January 9th Play God Day

None of us should ever play God (well unless you are someone in a theatrical event with names like Evan or Bruce…) The one thing for sure is that we should never be making decisions that should be left up to God, whether we get them right or not, we will eventually pay the price for it. At least consult God, through prayer, hopefully He will give you the answer.

How to celebrate – Follow your belief.

December 10th Nobel Peace Prize

The very honored and deserve Nobel Peace Prize was originally contested by Alfred Nobel’s family at the time of his death in 1895. They lost as his trust clearly was left to serve those who do things “For the betterment of mankind”. The first prize was handed out in 1901 in Oslo, Norway and ever since then, the quality of the award has had a tendency to trend downwards. That doesn’t mean many are not well deserved, it just means many are given out for political reasons to non-qualified individuals. But who am I to judge? Actually, who is anyone to judge? But, judge they do and win they do, some for the betterment of mankind and others for the betterment of themselves.

How to celebrate – Place yourself on the list of applicants for the Nobel Prize. Look over past winners and see how many you agree should have received a prize. Visit Oslo, Norway.

March 7th Namesake Day

It is an honor to have something named after you, a child, a street, even a pet! That means that someone thought so highly of you that they wanted to keep your name a part of their lives by naming something that every time they call it, or speak of it, they will think of you. I am named for my two grandfathers, having ones first name and the others middle name. Of course there are certain names that should probably not be passed on no matter what. Ask why you got the name you ended up with, I’ll bet there’s some sort of story there.

How to celebrate – Think of people you would like to honor by using their names. Research family names and ask if any of them were “handed down”. Pick out your favorite names and then try to fond a reason to use them.

September 9th National Pet Memorial Day

I am already sad. Remembering all the great friends I had over the years, all those family members.  Some of those I was closest to were the pets I’ve had. (Not degrading the people relationships) I will recall a few here but there have been many.


When I lived in Illinois it was on a farm. We had a dog named Sailor who no one paid a lot of attention to. We had an inside dog but Sailor was an outside dog. When our inside dog got out and was run over and killed it was tough but suddenly Sailor began to get a lot of attention from us. He loved it and we loved him.

images (2)

We had gone on many vacations before and Sailor always sat at home, waiting for our return. But when we started giving him the attention he deserved, and we went on vacation, he suddenly decided to follow us. He was hit by a car and died. He died because he loved us and we had finally loved him back.

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I had another dog I called Puppy. He was an Australian Shepherd and after a rough start we became best friends ever. When he got old and could no longer walk, he would drag himself over to be just to be close. I was devastated when he died. He was my best friend. He had a good life, was loved and gave a lot of love back.

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I am sure you have such memories yourself. I wish cats and dogs could live out their lives with us… but they can’t and that makes me very sad. The International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories created today. My hope is they didn’t create to just make money because that degrades the memories we have of some of our best friends.

How to celebrate – Remember your pets, but don’t dwell on them, they are still with you in so many ways. Get a pet if you don’t have one. Say a prayer for your friends.

March 18th National Supreme Sacrifice Day

The world is made up of many heroes. There have been heroes in the past, there are heroes today and there will always be those who will step up and offer up their own lives to protect those around them.

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We have come to expect this from our soldiers, though we shouldn’t. We often forget about the policemen and the firemen, but every time they put on their uniform they are showing the world that they are prepared to stand between us and danger too.

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Doctors that go into regions with infectious deseases, men and women who make repairs to bridges, even teachers and lifeguards, chemists, lumberjacks, school crossing guards and animal control agents can potentially be heroes. In fact, any of us can potentially be a hero without ever meaning to be.


I don’t think many of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf started out their day expecting that day would be the last they ever saw. But when the time came, when the choice had to be made, they willingly made the choice. We should remember them if for no other reason than when it came down to it, they remembered us.


How to celebrate – Honor those who gave their lives for you and your family.

March 18th Supreme Sacrifice Day

Today is the day we pay homage to those who have given their lives for the rest of us making the ultimate supreme sacrifice. You may know someone personally, you may have suffered through that loss, you may never have known someone who gave their all but we all know who they are.

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The police offer up their lives everyday just by putting on the uniform and taking to the street. It seems as though lately we have little respect for them but we need to. We need to get back to the day where we honor these heroes, not jeer them.


Few of us would ever walk into a burning building but firemen do. We run out, while they run into the flames rescuing people, animals, and saving whatever they can. Many pay the ultimate price for their efforts. They too should be remembered.


Obviously the soldier is among those who sacrifice their lives so that we can live free. Sometimes this is hard to see when they fight overseas but be thankful they do, since we probably would have to be fighting in our homes for that same freedom.


Even Mothers and Fathers often offer up their lives for their children, sometimes literally, most of the time by giving up the things they had hoped to do or hoped to be. They willing place themselves between danger and their offspring, hoping to give their children things they did not have themselves.

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And to me, the ultimate sacrifice was paid by Jesus Christ. Now you may not be of the same faith and I understand that and honor your beliefs. However, I know of no other name in history that offered up their life in order to pay for the sins we humans commit.

How to celebrate – Honor those who serve you, risking their lives daily. List all the heroes that you owe something to. Pay it forward by doing something nice for those who protect you every day.