July 27th Take Your Houseplant For A Walk Day

So since you’ve got nothing else to do today, take your houseplant for a walk today. You might tell them a story along the way to help entertain them, stop at bigger plants and encourage them to grow and make sure they get plenty of sunlight! Actually if you can arrange to have the sun out and a light sprinkle at the same time, like we get here in Florida all the time, all the better, they are getting sun and water at the same time. If you own a larger houseplant you can put then in you little red wagon and pull them along behind you! Today was created by Wellcat.com.

How to celebrate – Take your houseplants for a walk. If you are too busy hire a professional plant walker. Make sure to record yourself on a phone so when your plant complains later you never do anything with them you’ll have proof that you did.