January 21st National Hugging Day

Here’s a day that has probably gone out of favor since Covid, National Hugging Day. The original idea was great, give a hug get a hug and everyone was the better for it. Now it’s give a hug and spread the illness and everybody is sicker for it! See how that works! Well the Rev. Kevin Zaborney of Michigan meant well when he created this day back in 1986. Just didn’t workout too well some forty years later. That said, hugging is a great thing, people need hugs… I guess like everything else though… it’s just not in the cards to be that close after all.

How to celebrate – Learn to give virtual hugs… then are fun… right!?! Find a new way to let people know you care. Hug your animals, they don’t care.

January 21st National Hugging Day

Who doesn’t want a hug? Okay, maybe not if you just came inside from a mud battle with the kids but how often does that happen? Hugs aren’t just a human thing either. Dogs, cats, elephants, practically every creature in the world hugs. It reassures someone, provides comfort and equalizes us. After all, whether you are wealthy or homeless, the idea of a hug means the same thing. For years men were shunned for hugging, that’s changed. Now a hug shows that you mean something more to someone than just a handshake or nod. Today was created by Rev. Kevin Zaborney in 1986 and we thank him. For today we can hug without being thought of asout of place or out of step.

How to celebrate – Hug someone. Hug your pets. Receive a hug without judgement.

June 4th National Hug Your Cat Day

June 4th – National Hug Your Cat Day

We humans want to be pampered by soft, cuddly things in our lives.  That bathrobe that awaits us stepping out of the shower, those slippers that hug our feet after a long hard day, that kitty that is wrapping itself around our legs as we try to walk.  You pick it up, give it a gentle squeeze and then head to the bathroom to get band-aids and some antiseptic to ease those razor like scratches now running down your arm, face and anyplace else they may have penetrated.


There is no doubt that cats do like to cuddle, they even like the occasional hug, but make sure you do it on their terms, not yours.  Just remember that because they are purring one second does not mean they will not rip you apart the next! So we suggest that one term be added to this day for those who want to hug your cat, that term is “cautiously”.  Perhaps adding gloves, a helmet and full body armor to your wardrobe to cuddle with your kitty.

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How to celebrate – Hug a cat, just make sure they are yours or adopt one to hug. If your cat happens to be a Bengal Tiger I suggest just going back to bed. Remember part of the fun is catching your cat, not always the easiest trick in the book.

National Hugging Day

Today we celebrate hugging, something likely to become a thing of the past very soon. One of the side benefits of all the abuse charges lately. It really makes me wonder that if people want to be ignored haven’t we made tremendous strides to accomplishing that!

Well, the day was created by Rev. Kevin Zaborney in 1986 and it was copyrighted for some unknown reason. Though it sort of makes sense, you need to get someone’s permission before you hug them. Just not the person you are hugging, it has to be Rev. Zaborney. So before you hug someone today you need to get written permission from the Reverend! (Remember that or you are breaking the law!

This is also Martin Luther King Jr. Day, who I believe would have also believed in hugging. Most people understand hugging is good for people. Copyrighting the day seems a bit over the top, but then I did not create the day so…

As you make your way through the day, find someone to hug that isn’t going to sue you, get you arrested or slug you. Or maybe just hug your dog, they will love it!

How to celebrate – Hug someone. (Make sure all legal requirements are met.) Hug your pet. Hug your pillow.

July 16th Global Hug Your Kids Day

It seems odd to me that some days are created out of tragedy. Days that should come every day requiring no special holiday be created. Today was created by Michelle Nichols in 1998 for her son, Mark, who was dying from brain cancer. He was only 8 and a half years on this earth. In our daily grind, maybe sometimes we forget to stop and do the simplest things that really make life worthwhile. Like hugging your child.

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It doesn’t matter what you do to make a living, how much money you make or how important you are to the world… there is nothing more rewarding than hugging someone you brought to life. You can be the President of the United States or a homeless person roaming the streets, the hug is just as important both for the receiver and the giver. Who is, after all, more important than your child?

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The correct answer should be, has to be, your child. And giving them a hug is about as selfish as you can get because in reality, what you give will be returned ten fold. We all need hugs, it makes us feel wanted and needed and the reward is knowing that you mean enough to someone that they will hug you. And who more do you want to mean something to other than your child.

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So do something easy today that actually means something, hug your child. Let them know you love them, and let them show their love for you. It’s a win-win for everyone.

How to celebrate – Hug your kid.


January 21st National Hugging Day

Today was created by the Rev. Kevin Zaburney of Caro, Michigan in 1986. I think the intent was to promote humanism, to unite people, and make them feel wanted and warmed by human contact. That caress that tells someone they are both loved and cherished. Oddly, the day was copyrighted meaning, someone saw profit in it somewhere.


Kinda spoils the meaning of the day. Not that too many will be taking advantage of the day anyway. With all the recent harassment charges going against everyone and their brother, or sister, as the case may be, today stands little chance of being honored.


Of course you can still hug relatives, with their permission of course. Boy have things changed since the sixties! This is not that I endorse the use of needless hugging, and there are those who might take advantage of a hug.


Now if you feel like being a rebel, go ahead and hug somebody. Of course you will need to get permission not only from the person you intend to hug but also whoever holds the copyright on the day. That will be done in triplicate with the normal fees involved.

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Or you may just want to leave it to those who you know and love. I doubt they will turn you into the copyright office or the local police.

How to celebrate – Hug somebody today. (with their permission). Hug your dog, or cat, they won’t tell anybody! Do something nice for someone today!

April 26th Hug An Australian Day

Who hasn’t wanted to live in Australia at some point or another? For some unknown reason people seem to love Australians, maybe it’s the accent, maybe it’s the lure of  the land down under.


Even the animals native to Australia seem to be hug-able, though I am told they can rip you apart if they want to. (But then, so can a cat from any country)


For some reason we think of most Australians as being in pretty good shape. They are believed to be rugged and buff, The dream of every non-Australian. I am sure not all Australians are that way, just all those who are photographed seem to be that way.


And it’s not just the men, the women seem to be in pretty good shape themselves! And who doesn’t want to hug somebody that you can actually get your arms around!?!


And I can tell from personal experience, there is no dog on earth more hug-able than an Australian Shepherd. (Though I am told they are not really from Australia.) We can thank Wellcat.com for today.

How to celebrate – Find an Australian you can hug today. (Though make sure they want you to hug them first.) If you choose an animal, make sure they want to be hugged as well. Pretend like you are an Australian and give out hugs for free.