January 21st National Hugging Day

Here’s a day that has probably gone out of favor since Covid, National Hugging Day. The original idea was great, give a hug get a hug and everyone was the better for it. Now it’s give a hug and spread the illness and everybody is sicker for it! See how that works! Well the Rev. Kevin Zaborney of Michigan meant well when he created this day back in 1986. Just didn’t workout too well some forty years later. That said, hugging is a great thing, people need hugs… I guess like everything else though… it’s just not in the cards to be that close after all.

How to celebrate – Learn to give virtual hugs… then are fun… right!?! Find a new way to let people know you care. Hug your animals, they don’t care.

January 6th Cuddle Up Day

Cold weather is good for one thing, cuddling up. Whether it is with an animal, a good book or another person it’s good for the soul, the heart and head. There is something about the warmth of another person touch, or paw and even a book can make you warm up inside.


And everybody, everything wants to feel good about themselves and their surroundings. They want to feel safe and secure and what better way to feel that than with someone’s, or something’s, arms around you!?! Babies need lots of cuddling, whether they are human or animal.


They say that the purring of a cat will calm you down as much as it does them. After all, have you ever heard a cat purr and hiss at the same time? Pick up a cat and hold it close to you and you will nearly always get a purr from them. Either that or they will rip you to shreds! They you can feel comfort from the bandages cuddling with you.


And even animals cuddle. Mothers with their young, and yes, even cats and dogs are known to cuddle with each other. Of course they’ll soon be up fighting each other but enjoy the moment while you can.


And then there’s people. Yes, people do like to cuddle. I think women more than men, but even men like it from time to time. Naturally the man will wrap him arm around his mate and lay there until it goes numb and he can no longer move it. But thoughtfully, he will take it to show just how much he loves his mate and can stand pain. But honestly, cuddling is a good thing. Contact with another living creature is important. It lets you know you are still alive.

How to celebrate – Cuddle with someone you know, or someone you don’t know if you don’t mind getting arrested. Cuddle up next to a nice warm fire, but make sure you have a fireplace first. Cuddle up with a good book, which you can later burn in the fireplace when the wood runs out.