August 16th National Tell A Joke Day

All of us like to laugh, most of us like to tell jokes, probably very few of us are ready to be stand up comics. But the idea of passing on a good joke you have heard is both pleasing and rewarding if someone actually laughs! So do your best, tell a joke (But only if you can remember the punch line) and try to get a laugh. It is in the presentation, more than the actual words spoken. “What’s the best thing about Switzerland?”… “I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.”

How to celebrate – Read a joke book, Learn how to deliver your joke. Be polite if someone tells you a joke, at least snicker.

March 19th Let’s Laugh Day

One of the greatest joys in life is laughter, whether you are on the giving side, or the receiving side it is true joy to listen to someone laugh. It’s almost impossible to hear laughter without at least smiling yourself, meaning that laughter is spreading joy to all those around you, even if just for the moment. Just remember to laugh with people, and animals, not at them. Keep the spirit, enjoy life and give as much as you receive.

How to celebrate – Learn some new jokes. Laugh with people when you can. Always find something to laugh about.

November 13th Sadie Hawkins Day

Good thing this day was created by in the 1930’s because it would never stand up today! It was a part of Al Capp’s “Lil Abner’s” cartoon and in this case, it was a day created by the Mayor of Dogpatch in an effort to get his ugly daughter married off. The event was a race of sorts, where the women chased after the men and if they caught them, the men had to marry them. Well, of course we realize there is no such thing as an ugly woman. And, of course, women do not need to chase men to get married. But let’s think of it as something funny instead of something literal. We have lost a lot of humor in this world, maybe that’s why we are all so grumpy.

How to celebrate – Read “Lil Abner”. Go to a Sadie Hawkins dance if they still have them. Forget he past, there’s nothing important there anyway. (It’s all about you!)

August 11th Presidential Joke Day

I know, I know… recently it seems like all of our Presidents are a joke but today is about Presidents that have made jokes, or at least sort of anyway. It seems it all started back on August 11th, 1984 when President Ronald Reagan was preparing to make a speech on radio and did not realize that his microphone was live and he told the American people that he had just declared war on Russia and that bombing was going to begin immediately. Of course it was a joke, never meant to be heard, but it was. I have to wonder what people who took that seriously thought at the time.

How to celebrate – Find Presidential goofs and listen to them or read about them. Realize even Presidents are people. Determine which President you feel had the best sense of humor.

April 14th International Moment of Laughter Day

Here’s a fun day, International Moment of Laughter Day! The day was created by humorist Izzy Gesell. The general idea is to get everyone around you laughing while you laugh with them. Laughter is the best medicine and it is something life requires, or at least should. It is also infectious as when someone around you laughs you will find yourself laughing, or at least smiling, when you may not even know what it is you are laughing about. Being international it could, at least for a short while, bring peace to the earth. It might even be fun to try and get everyone all around the world to laugh at the exact same time.

How to celebrate – Find something to laugh about. Create something to laugh at. Make sure you are laughing with people, not at them.

October 4th World Smile Day

It’s nice to smile. It makes others feel better and actually makes you feel better as well. If you start your day off with a smile you are more likely to end your day with a smile too. Today was created by Harvey Ball, an artist, in Worchester, Mass who created the smiley face we all know, and sometimes, love today. His artwork first appeared in 1963. It is always celebrated on the first day of October, a great way to start the month off!

How to celebrate – Start your day with a smile. Always return a smile offered to you! End all correspondence today with a smiley face.

August 16th National Tell A Joke Day

We all need a good laugh. It breaks tension and actually makes us more productive as the day goes on. Even if they are stupid jokes they cause our minds to think about something other than the mundane things we have to do get by. The funny thing about bad jokes, we tend to remember them even more than the good jokes… that’s because we hear them, register them, and in an effort to forget them, we actually train ourselves to remember them! Sometimes they even make us laugh later, when no one is around, as we remember them and just how stupid they actually were! Sometimes they are actually brilliant in just how stupid they actually are.

How to celebrate – Make up some bad dad jokes of your own. Get a joke book. Get a bag of Laffy Taffy and read all the jokes on the wrappers.

June 15th National Smile Power Day

A smile is a wonderful thing. It can actually give you a longer life, make yourself, and those around you happier. It can change a mood from bad to good, it improves your relationships with others and it offers the idea of great customer service. Smiles need to be genuine though as fake smiles are often seen through and can cause greater issues than if no smile was offered in the first place. If you actually care about someone it’s difficult not to smile as just seeing them makes you happier and a smile is a natural way to express it. So use your smile for the right, and real, reasons. Let people you know, know that you care by offering them a smile. It will make you, and them, feel better.

How to celebrate – Smile! Watch old reruns of Candid Camera. Offer a smile to a stranger, who knows, maybe you’ll make a friend.

April 14th International Moment of Laughter Day

We all know laughing is good for you. It lightens the mood and sends hormones through your body that actually make you feel better. That leads to the old adage that “Laughter is the best medicine”. Well, it’s not really it’s what laughter does for us mentally that makes us better, not actually a cure. Today was created by humorist Izzy Gesell, with all the best intentions. If you are laughing, it’s pretty hard to get mad at someone… even yourself. Most of us look for the humor in the every day routine. The more we are able to find the better the day goes for us, and everyone around us. And so many things are really very funny. It might be easier to find all the things that are wrong but finding them really doesn’t change anything. Laughing at something is almost like finding a cure, it lets us view things differently and project them differently to others.

How to celebrate – Find something to laugh about today. Get your friends and family all together and have a laughing moment. (If you can’t find anything funny) If you find someone laughing at you, try and join in.

January 24th Global Belly Laugh Day

Jan. 24th Global Belly Laugh Day


Laughing is good for you, it lifts your spirits and actually helps your health. Well today, all over the world, at 1:24 pm (Where ever you happen to be located) the entire world will celebrate by giving a good belly laugh.

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Of course, you’ll need to make sure you have something to laugh about so maybe you should get that old high school year book out at the ready.


How to celebrate – Practice your belly laugh so you are ready. Save up a really good joke for your friends to help them laugh. Remember to set an alarm for 1:24 your time to laugh.