November 15th Clean Your Refrigerator Day

This can be a very important day particularly if it’s the first time you’ve ever cleaned your refrigerator. It can be a real mess and an adventure as you will find foods you don’t recognize anymore that are sometimes even scary. I suggest if they are moving on their own you may want to be very cautious. It’s also a great time to clean your refrigerator because Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming and there will be a lot of left overs no one ever gets to starting your storage all over again!

How to celebrate – Clean your refrigerator. Buy some special storage containers. Get ready for the holidays.

November 15th Clean Your Refrigerator Day

Remember that steak you put in the fridge a year and a half ago because you just didn’t want it to go to waste? Well, it’s probably still there. We mean well when we put leftovers in the fridge but so often forget about them. Then since the rest of the food we should be using and is perfectly good we waste because our leftovers are in front of them and we can’t see them either! If your family is at all like mine, we all need to clean out the refrigerator daily, not yearly, but if you haven’t done so in a year… well today is the day to do it. If for no other reason than when Thanksgiving gets here you have more room to save those leftovers.

How to celebrate – Clean out your refrigerator. Date all the leftovers in the refrigerator. Identify those items you put in the refrigerator because you might not recognize them later.

November 15th Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

If you have ever lost something and not been able to find it anywhere, look in the refrigerator. I have known people, not me of course, that have put their car keys, phone, and even their shoes in the refrigerator.


And while you are clearing it out of things you swore you would eat sometime, but never got around to, clean it! With all that rotted food you will create germs, perhaps even inventing new ones! I do not drink beer, just never developed the taste for it, but I kept some in the house for friends that do. There was one bottle that literally was in the refrigerator for 9 years! Clearly no one wanted to drink it! In fact, no one even wanted to touch it!


Even if it is neat and tidy, you still need to clean it. There are probably old bottles of condiments and pickles with mold growing on top of them. And all those doggie bags of food you bring home that you did not finish at the restaurant need to go too! Just assume that anything that has been there for the last two years is no longer any good. Obviously if you didn’t want it in the first couple of days, you don’t want it ten years later.


If you find your cat looking for a snack inside the refrigerator you know its time to clean it. Don’t just close the door on the cat, no matter how tempting it is. Left over cat is not all that tasty. And if the cat gets in there it’s because they can smell something they want, or want to kill. That’s a pretty clear indication that there is something in there that has gone bad.


And think how proud you will be when your refrigerator is clean! You may even want to leave the doors open so that you can show your friends! Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day was created by the good people at Whirlpool Home Appliances in 1999. I guess they are saying the equipment will work better if you do.

How to celebrate – Clean out your refrigerator today! Clean out you neighbor’s refrigerator today! If you are looking for something that has been missing for a long time, look in your refrigerator, it just might be there.