August 2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

What’s better than Ice Cream!?! An Ice Cream Sandwich! It’s like having milk and cookies at the exact same time! Ice cream sandwiches use to be a simple affair, vanilla ice cream between two chocolate wafers. Today, it’s gotten a whole lot more complicated but it’s still just as good and refreshing. I even saw a ice cream sandwich made with butter pecan ice cream in the middle, never saw that before! (Though I am told it wasn’t to the eater’s taste) You can have banana split ice cream sandwiches, chocolate ice cream sandwiches… well, you name it and if their is ice cream made in that flavor you can make an ice cream sandwich of it! Ice cream sandwiches have been around since the early 1900’s!

How to celebrate – Have an ice cream sandwich. Get some pancakes and put some maple flavored ice cream in between them and have breakfast! Have an Ice Cream Sandwich Social.

August 2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice cream between a cookie, what a perfect food! Sure, it’s not all that healthy for us but it’s good so who cares! The ice cream sandwich has been around since the early 1900’s and like most food inventions, it was probably done by mistake. Today all sorts of combinations are available, split pea ice cream between two kale cookies, yum! But nothing will ever beat the simple vanilla ice cream between two chocolate cookies. It’s portable, refreshing and filling.

How to celebrate – Have an ice cream sandwich! Invent your own flavor of ice cream sandwich. See how many types of ice cream sandwiches you can name.

August 2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

No one seems to know who created the ice cream sandwich. It had to come after the Earl of Sandwich invented the sandwich in 1660, or we wouldn’t even have the word, sandwich. But I don’t think they actually had ice cream back then. Or maybe they did because they talk about people like George Washington enjoying a good bowl of ice cream.

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Though, I never heard of him enjoying a nice ice cream sandwich. The joining of vanilla ice cream with chocolate wafers was a great idea though and for years has stood as a staple of the American summer treats. In Scotland, and Ireland, they are called “sliders”, which must play havoc with those tiny little hamburgers.


But today, an ice cream sandwich does not have to follow the rules anymore. They no longer need to be vanilla ice cream covered by chocolate wafers, it can be any flavor you choose, stuffed between any two pieces of “whatever” to contain the ice cream. Could be cookies, pieces of cake, or even buffalo chips (I would seriously not suggest the latter).


They do not even need to look like what we all have grown up knowing to be, the ice cream sandwich! Why not make them look like pies, or airplanes.


Or just enjoy the traditional ice cream sandwich. And it’s just as good whether it is in the summer, winter, spring or fall. “No never could I leave you, at all!” (Camelot if you are not familiar with the song).

How to celebrate  – Learn how to make your own ice cream sandwich. Have an ice cream sandwich party. Create your own type of ice cream sandwich.

August 2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

There is nothing quite so tempting as a sweet, cold treat on a hot summer day. The ice cream sandwich certainly qualifies as that and at just 1 cent it would be even more tempting, that is, if this was 1900, and the streets of New York City. Ice cream placed between 2 milk biscuits was all the rage, sold out of push carts on the street it was something hardly anyone could resist.


The modern-day ice cream sandwich was invented by Jerry Newberg, who had been selling ice cream at Forbes Field in New York. It quickly spread all over the world being called Monaco Bars, Giant Sandwiches, Maxibon, Cream Between, and Vanilla Slice just to name a few.


As the sandwich continued to develop, chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, and any combination there of has been added. The wafers making it a sandwich has been made from not only cookies, but oatmeal, rice crispy treats, and many more interesting items as well.

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Companies not known for ice cream have even gotten in on the craze. They may use birthday cake ice cream, wild berry ice cream, or any flavor you can imagine to tempt you to buy their product.


And who knows what the future of the ice cream sandwich will be? Maybe it won’t look anything like what the originals did. But it won’t matter, it’s still ice cream between two “sandwich buns”, and still great on any hot summer day.

How to celebrate – Enjoy an ice cream sandwich readily available at any nearby grocery store. Make up your own ice cream sandwich using whatever ingredients you want. Have an ice cream sandwich party where everyone brings something different for all to try.