March 29th Smoke and Mirrors Day

When we say something is “smoke and mirrors” it simply means what we are seeing is not what we are actually getting. It is an illusion, magic or whatever you want to call it. The better one is at performing this illusion, the more we believe in the “smoke and mirrors” theory. Often things like twins, unknown to the audience, are used to create an illusion of one disappearing in one place and somehow magically appearing in another. Today is known as the Festival of Smoke and Mirrors. It’s the day a magician will show you their illusion but never tell you how they do it.

How to celebrate – Learn some magic tricks of your own. Read about the smoke and mirrors used during D-Day in World War 2. Go to a magic show.

March 29th Smoke and Mirrors Day

Smoke and Mirrors is a term associated with seeing something, or not seeing something, that is there. It’s the difference between the real and what we often think is real. Smoke often blurs our vision, it covers up things that might really be there, or hides things we think might be there but aren’t. Mirrors often let us see things that are not really there, or are hidden someplace else. Mix the two together and it is the perfect cover up. Imagine a huge army staring into a mirror and seeing another army as big as they are. Add a little smoke to cover up part of that imagine and the mind sees that large army but with the possibility that more hidden out of view. It’s magic but it seldom tells the whole story.

How to celebrate – Make sure what your looking at is not blurred by smoke and mirrors. Keep in mind that smoke and mirrors can be used when writing something as well as what you see. If something doesn’t feel right it might be covered up by smoke and mirrors.

March 29th Smoke and Mirrors Day

Smoke an mirrors is the idea of creating something that is not there appear there, or to make something appear different than it really is. It has been used for centuries. In fact most political figures use smoke and mirrors to divert attention from what they are really doing or really mean. It creates the illusion of something other than what it is., whether that’s an idea or a real tangible object. Magicians have used smoke and mirrors since magic was first used. In all honesty, there is nothing truly magical. The best magicians are very adapt at using smoke and mirrors so that you cannot see what they are actually doing. I admit, some are very, very good but you must keep in mind it is never what you think it is.

How to celebrate – Learn to do some magic tricks. Try to spot the illusion being created for you. Figure out where you can use smoke and mirrors in your daily life.

March 29th Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day

Today is the Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day, or just Smoke and Mirror Day. It’s a day to question what you think you see because it may not be what you think it might be. Magicians use this art in their shows all the time. They get you watching something that takes your attention away from the actual trick they are performing.


When something has no logical conclusion it can also be Smoke and Mirrors.  When we some5thing that isn’t really there, it’s probably smoke and mirrors. People who pretend they are something they are not, promises made that are never intended to be kept, what you want to believe is real but know it isn’t… that’s all smoke and mirrors.


The entire idea is that you can’t see what is truly hidden by smoke, and what you do see in a mirror isn’t really there. How many of us live that way? We go to work and act one way, but at home we are someone different. We want to scream but know better than doing so. We become the mirror of what others want to see while we hide in the smoke of who we are.

images (2)

Oh well, that’s starting to get a little too deep. Just keep your eyes open so that you see the real thing, and not the smoke and mirrors being offered.

How to celebrate – Go see a magic show.

March 29th Festival of Some and Mirrors Day

Magicians rely on it, business depends on it and people are delighted by it (Most of the time), Yes, it’s Smoke and Mirrors. Meaning, of course, that you don’t really know that what you are seeing is real or not.


It’s sort of like the shell game though at least in the shell game you know the pea is somewhere. With smoke and mirrors, what you think is there may not be there at all! What’s more, it may never have been there in the first place.

download (1)

For example, you know the picture above is not moving but still as you stare at it you will see movement. It’s like when you go into a store and find an item on sale for $2.00 when the normal price is $1.49. What a bargain! It’s on sale so it must be a good deal… but wait, it really isn’t!


And depending on the way you look at this smoke in a mirror your perception will change. It’s still the same picture, it’s your mind that causes you to see it in several different way. Sometimes this is called a mirage which can be very bad in the dessert. Actually, come to think of it, it can be a bad thing no matter where you are.


So shake you head and clear your mind, and see what is in the picture above.

How to celebrate – See if you can create your own illusion. See how many things you can find that take your attention away from what you are trying to concentrate on. Looking like you are actually doing work but aren’t is a particular art of smoke and mirrors.