January 30th National Inane Answering Messages Day

And yet another Inane day created by the folks at Wellcat.com. In case you forget what inane means, it means… well… nothing that makes sense, or perhaps crazy or perhaps both! Not that there is anything wrong with setting up your messages inane, just kinda remember to say who you are in case the call coming in is actually important.

How to celebrate – Make an inane message. See if anyone under 21 knows what machine is pictured in this blog. Have a Wellcat day!

January 30th National Inane Answering Message Day

Does anybody even have answering machines anymore? Does anyone have a regular phone (or a landline) anymore? And why did Wellcat.com copyright the day? These are all questions that make you think (maybe not too long but still make you think).


Inane means something foolish or that doesn’t make sense so if you leave an inane message it’s supposed to be something to either make someone laugh or think they have reached the wrong number. But since nearly everybody is using cell phones these days it tells you who you are calling or who is calling you. So the surprise is sort of pointless.


Now, I am old enough to remember answering machines, and at one time the idea of leaving a inane message was sort of cool and almost always funny. I even remember making calls and wondering if I had reached who I was trying to call. Today, maybe not so much.

images (3)

Well if you really have nothing better to do, go ahead and find an answering machine (ia  you can) and make an inane message, or you can do it on your cell phone but you won’t really be fooling anybody. In fact, it’s sort of inane to even create an inane message.

How to celebrate – Create a truly mesmerizing inane answering machine message. Create an app that answers the message exactly as acaller would sound (making the person think they are calling themselves). Just answer the phone.