June 10th National Bed Bug Prevention Day

None of us want to get ourselves infest with bed bugs but the truth is, unless you are very careful, it’s easy to do. It really doesn’t matter whether its a hotel, a campground site or your own home, bed bugs can become an issue even in very clean places. Bed Bugs can survive in freezing temperatures and up to 122 degrees of heat. You can avoid them by very carefully checking your bedding, mattress, behind headboards and in furniture, clothing, blankets… today was created by the Dodson Pest Control Company in 2019.

How to celebrate – Check your bedding for bed bugs. Refer to the Dodson Pest Control Company for ways to kill bed bugs. Learn what attracts bed bugs.

March 14th Save A Spider Day

March 14th Save A Spider Day

Most of us aren’t all that fond of spiders but they are pretty much harmless with the possible exception of Brown Spiders or Widow Spiders, and even then they pose little threat to health people. Spider do serve a purpose though, a use for humans. They kill off unwanted pest and are, in some countries, considered inspirational. Native Americans, Scots and Russians have a long history of believing spiders are magical, special creatures. If you don’t like spiders just ignore them, they aren’t likely to track you down. Spiders are a part of the Arachnida Species.

How to celebrate – Take a spider to lunch. Get a pet spider. Build a web of your own.

March 14th Learn About Butterflies Day

What makes the spring so colorful? Well besides all the plants coming back to life there are the butterflies filling the air and making us smile as they float by just for our pleasure. We do need to remember they are an insect, it is easy to forget. The Monarch is probably the most recognized, and the Painted Lady lives the longest, for up to 12 months. Butterflies remind us that no matter how ugly things get around us they can always become something beautiful given enough time.

How to celebrate – Learn all the different types of butterflies (there are probably more than you think). Start a butterfly collection (seems a little morbid to me). Enjoy nature, they go perfect with your flower garden from a few days ago!