June 28th Insurance Awareness Day

Insurance had to begin somewhere which means that insurance agents had to begin somewhere as well. I didn’t find a name who started it. (Though I admit I didn’t look real hard) I kinda wonder if it wasn’t some guy named Vinnie who said somewhere along the way “You need some protection” from bad things that might happen to you. Never mind that Vinnie was the bad thing that was going to happen. Now we have insurance for nearly everything in life! (Thank Lords of London) which costs us nearly as much as having those accidents happen in the first place!

How to celebrate – Avoid people named Vinnie. Start an insurance company that insures you from insurance companies. Become a secret agent, insurance agent, agent.


June 28th Insurance Awareness Day

It seems like there is insurance for anything these days, probably even insurance for insurance. I know we need it, I know it is useful, but wow… when will it stop? The idea of purchasing insurance is always done with the hope we never have to use it. Reality says different.

celebrating insurance awareness day

Of course if you use your insurance it goes up so that you can’t afford it anymore but I suppose that goes back to the hope that we never have to use it at all. Car accidents, health breakdown, flooding… have you ever noticed that if you live in a flood prone area the only kind of insurance you can’t buy is flood insurance!


How to celebrate – Make sure all your insurance policies are paid up (that sounds like fun, huh!?!) Check out Lloyd’s of London. Pick a slow night and enjoy the sales pitch from an insurance salesman.