October 17th National Pasta Day

Did you know there are some 600 shapes of pasta? They al taste basically the same unless you have added something for flavoring. But I guess having 600 shapes to choose from is fun, or sort of anyway. Pasta is basically just water and flour but if can have seasoning added to it to make it different. It first was consumed by the Chinese 5,000 BC. Apparently Marco Polo brought it back to Europe with his travels. Here in the United States we consume some 20 pounds of pasta a year person.

How to celebrate – Find a new shape for pasta… but you’ll have to learn the other 600 before starting. Have pasta with your meal tonight. Revolt against past by serving an anti-pasta.

May 22nd National Pizza Party Day

May 22nd National Pizza Party Day

Always the 3rd Friday in May, today is National Pizza Party Day. I could find no evidence of who created the day but it was probably one of the pizza venders trying to sell more pizzas! It is believed that pizza originated with Alexander the Greats army as they conquered much of the Middle East. Soldiers would take pita bread and place it on their shields in the direct sun. They added oil and herbs, and probably whatever else they had available to make a meal for the march ahead. It was the Italians that turned into what we know today as pizza and nearly everybody in the world loves some sort of pizza. So, in a way, it’s a world wide party day!

How to celebrate – Have a pizza today. Make your own pizza if you are the march to somewhere. Have a pizza sampling party with pizza styles from all over the world.

December 11th National Noodle Ring Day

It is finally time to honor and cherish those noodles shaped in a ring,. You can have your pasta, and eat it too, in any shape you want! Today is the day we celebrate both those noodles that are make to look like a ring and those put into the shape of a ring.


If you can’t do it yourself you can buy them prepackaged.  The point of having circular noodles or putting your noodles in a circle is… is… beyond me. Although it is sort of fun to eat them… either way.


If you put your noodles in a circle, or heart shape, that leaves the center open to put things like sauces, meat, cheese or whatever you like to eat with your pasta. It does make the dish more fun to eat. (But no, it’s won’t taste any better.)


It kind of makes it a pasta pie! Now since pasta isn’t really Italian, I guess you could consider it a Chinese pie instead of a piazza pie… but then pizza isn’t really Italian anyway so it doesn’t matter at all.


And once you’ve cut into your ring in actually isn’t a rink anymore so the ring is a short lived thing. I suppose you could use any geometric shape but if you do, you will be going against the reason we are celebrating this day. After all, it is National Noodle Ring Day, not National Noodle Triangular Day.

How to celebrate – Have some Spaghetti-o’s. Make a circular noodle ring for dinner tonight. Make your pasta ring into something interesting.

November 8th Cook Something Bold Day

When you cook something bold it is generally considered to be something hot and spicy. Something filled with flavor and tangy. Well, that’s normally but in this a case we are talking about something that fills your entire home with a scent that beacons someone to the kitchen to find out what’s cooking.

download (3)

Now this will obviously change with your families tastes. It may still make the dish hot and spicy but it could also be the scent of cookies baking or strawberries being cut up, lemon cake cooking, a turkey dinner with all the fixings, blueberry muffins, a chocolate fountain… well, you get the idea.

download (4)

Things that may not qualify would be cooking cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, liver … unless you like that sort of thing. Half, or more, of the pleasure of eating is the scent of the food. Smelling it cooking all day builds the anticipation of what is to come.

images (3)

Well, today is copyrighted by Wellcat.com. Guess you can’t cook anything that smells good, or bad, without getting their permission first. Or at least it can’t be bold.


How to celebrate – Cook something that is aromatic today. Make something really bold and spicy (Even if you have to throw it away later.) Cook enough cabbage for the entire neighborhood.

August 21st National Spumoni Day

If you are Canadian, stop reading here… your Spumoni Day isn’t until November 13th. Here in American we celebrate on August 21st. Though it’s an Italian dish, I am not sure that they celebrate it.


The dessert was brought to the US in the 1870’s and has remained popular ever since. Normally layers of vanilla ice cream mixed with fruit, cherries and nuts, sometimes topped off with whipped cream. The nuts are supposed to be pistachios but I suppose in a pinch, any nut will do.

spumoni ice cream cake

Now some have gotten fancy and turned it into an ice cream cake. Others use chocolate instead of vanilla ice cream, some use both… but that doesn’t explain the green and pink ice cream! (Food coloring probably.) In all honesty, why couldn’t you use any flavor ice cream you wanted to though!?!


Particularly since they called themselves Neapolitans! But then what else is someone from Naples supposed to call themselves? Well, no matter how you look at it if you ever go to an Italian restaurant you will probably find it on the menu.

images (3)

Seems to me, the Italians have spent a lot of time inventing ice cream dishes. Guess they weren’t satisfied with spaghetti, at least after they found out it originally came from China.

How to celebrate – Have a bowl of spumoni today. You can melt it and pretend to eat it as soup! Visit Naples and ask someone there what they were thinking!