April 29th Greenery Day

Today was Japanese Emperor Hirohito’s birthday. Japan is known for it’s lush, beautiful gardens and Hirohito spent much of his life tending to his numerous gardens. He was Emperor of Japan during World War 2 but had very little to do with the actual war. Whether he supported the war or not is not clear. He ruled as the Emperor until 1989, and upon his death he was remembered by making Greenery Day a holiday.

How to celebrate – Tend your own garden. Visit Japan. Read about Hirohito’s life.


December 7th Pearl Harbor Day

When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 it drew America into the a war they had tried to avoid. Some say America knew it was coming and it is a fact they did, the problem was… I don’t think the American’s realized the strength of the attack. The American Government wanted in the war, an attack was the best way to get there. 2,400 service men and 68 civilians died, scores more were wounded. I am sure America did not welcome the loss of the Pacific Fleet. Anyway, we celebrate those killed today nearly a 100 years ago. It is a day never to be forgotten, or at least a day we should never forget.

How to celebrate – Visit Pearl Harbor. Read about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Watch one of numerous movies made about Pearl Harbor.

September 2nd VJ Day

Most people seem to think that World War 2 ended when the Germans surrender, it did not. It was not until Japan surrendered on August 14th that the actual war was over. The surrender of Japan was announced on August 15th and the official surrender came on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2nd, 1945. It was a long war for the US but even longer for European and Asian countries who suffered under the thumb of the Axis.

How to celebrate – Read about the war with Japan. Remember those who died trying to end the war. Visit one of the many islands retaken by the Marines during the Pacific War.

April 29th Greenery Day

You would think that on Greenery Day we would celebrate trees or plants or maybe even Kermit the Frog but today is all about the 124th Emperor of Japan Hirohito’s birthday. Born in 1901, Hirohito served the Japanese people until his death in 1989. He lead Japan through some of it’s best, and some of it’s worst , times. His part in World War 2 will never be known for sure, though he was put on the same level as Hitler at one time he did not face the same fate that other war criminals faced. It is good he is remembered for the beautiful country Japan was before the war and after the war because the ugliness it caused during the war should never be forgotten.

How to celebrate – Visit Japan. Read about Hirohito’s involvement during World War 2 and decided his guilt or not for yourself. Spend your day gardening.

December 5th International Ninja Day

December 5th International Ninja Day

Ninja Burger created today in 2003, choosing this date because of the release on Tom Cruise’s “The Last Samurai”.  There is a difference between a Ninja and a Samurai though most would be challenged to see the difference. The easy spot is a Samurai normal wears armor where a Ninja does not. Both are a sort of super soldier, one out in the open and the other often fights in silence. You really don’t want to meet up with either in a battle, you probably wouldn’t last long. Of course, you could always join the Mutant Ninja Turtles!

How to celebrate – Buy a Ninja outfit. See if you can sneak up in people in your family. (You might want to make sure they aren’t armed) Watch “The Last Samurai”.

September 2nd VJ Day WWII

There are three dates that mark the end of World War 2 with the surrender of Japan. The first is August 14th, 1945 when Japan sent a cable to the US stating their intention to surrender. August 15th, when the US accepted the surrender of Japan and then September 2nd when the formal surrender of Japan occurred on the deck of the USS Missouri on September 2nd. With the surrender of Japan World War 2 officially came to an end, Germany having surrendered earlier in the year. The world’s most horrific war had come to an end though it would, in some case, take years to get all troops to stop fighting as they had not received word of the surrender themselves.

How to celebrate – Read about World War 2. Learn why it was so difficult for Japan to surrender. Discover who was a part of the Allies, and who was a part of the Axis.

December 7th Pearl Harbor Day

In 1941 the pride of the American Pacific fleet lay mostly in Pearl Harbor. People were getting ready for the holidays and while the threat from Japan was widely known, the target apparently was not. Over 2,400 American service men were killed, along with 68 civilians, when Japan launched it’s surprise attack. It was a Sunday and only skeleton crews were on watch. 5 of the 8 battleships in port were sunk, practically every ship there was damaged. By luck, the carriers were out at sea leaving some strength for the future. In Roosevelt’s words “… a day that will live in infamy.” has. It is celebrated by remembering those who gave all today, in 1941, to keep America free. Japan’s formal declaration of war arrived after the attack, because of the lack of a typist. Whether it would have made any difference or not can only be imagined.

How to celebrate – Visit Pearl Harbor. Remember those who gave their all for the country. Be proud to be an American.

August 14th & 15th V-J Day

Today marks the final end of World War 2 as Japan sends a cable to the United States that it surrendered. It was released to the news the next day, August 15th, and the official end came on September 2nd in Tokyo Bay as the surrender papers were signed. As nearly a decade of war, finally came to an end, or sort of anyway, there was the occupation which lasted another 10 years, or more. No matter how you feel about the way the war ended, at least it ended. VJ stands for Victory over Japan.

How to celebrate – Honor those who gave all to end the war. Read about World War 2. Visit Japan.

April 29th Greenery Day

Today is not really a world wide holiday, but maybe it should be. It has a mixed message since it was created in 1989 to celebrate the birth of Emperor Hirohito in Japan. I am not exactly sure what Hirohito has to do with greenery, guess I need to look that up, but it is a day we can all go out and enjoy mother nature who seems to have a favorite color of green. Now that winter is long behind us (Hopefully) we can actually go out and enjoy the green no mater what country we come from. Nature, after-all, provides more beauty than any other natural thing in life. If this is Hirohito’s birthday celebration then we can celebrate his birthday as well… though with his reign, Japan created some of the ugliest scenes imaginable during World War 2. Hirohito did surround himself with beautiful, lush gardens… perhaps never knowing the ugly world his Generals created in his name.

How to celebrate – Get out into nature. Visit Japan. Help save a rain forest.

December 7th Pearl Harbor Day

Today was a dark day in American history. It marks the day Japan attacked Hawaii, nearly destroying our Pacific fleet. 2,400 servicemen and 68 civilians died today, in 1941. It isn’t the worst tragedy in America’s history but it was one of the most consequential, it started America’s active participation in World War 2.

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Caught totally off guard, 5 of the 8 battleships in the port were sunk, nearly every ship was damaged, the only saving grace was that America’s aircraft carriers were out at sea at the time. The funny thing about it is, the Japanese knew even with the blow to the American fleet, they could not win the war.

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As Admiral Yamamoto said, “We have awoken a sleeping giant”. He was right. American’s built more fleets, more planes and ended not only war in the Pacific but the war in Europe too. It was “… a day that will live in infamy” by those who died… and those who lived.

How to celebrate – Remember Pearl Harbor. Read about the causes of World War 2. Realize no one is innocent in war.