April 9th Easter

There is so much to remember Easter for, Naturally the Easter Bunny comes bringing all that chocolate for us to eat and gain weight from, there are the Easter eggs to hide and find, there are Easter lilies that fill our gardens and brighten our day and, of course, we are concerned with lent and what we are to give up that we should probably give up permanently anyway. There is the dressing up in our finest clothes and did you know that there are over 1.5 billion “Peeps” sold so there is that to do and keep track of. So… have I forgotten anything? Not that I can think of! Oh ya, it is the day Jesus rose from the dead! So there’s that too.

How to celebrate – Have fun on Easter and celebrate but remember what it is really all about. Try and remember where you hide all the Easter eggs. Make it a family day.


April 7th Good Friday

I have often had a hard time understanding why Good Friday is called Good Friday. It is the day that Jesus Christ died which personally, I find very little good about. Now I know He had to die for our sins but still, it is hard for me to find anything good about any of that. However it is also called “Dark Friday” which I do understand a little better. Each religion has it’s own beliefs, none of us know which is right or which is wrong until our Good Friday comes. Then it’s a little late. Believe and let believe is the answer… be good to all and the end we all meet is far better than not being tolerant of anyone.

How to celebrate – Go to church on Easter. Learn about different religions.Believe in something while you still have the chance.

March 25th Feast of the Annunciation

Today, 2023 years ago, (Or actually 2024 years ago I guess) Archangel Gabriel came to earth and told Mary of Nazareth that she was going to have a baby and his name would be Jesus. I’m not sure exactly how much information Gabriel gave Mary, probably only as much as she needed to know since anymore might have caused her to be fearful, after all finding out you are going to have a baby when you have never had relations is a little daunting in it’s own right! It would be nine months later, to the day, that Jesus would be born.

How to celebrate – Allow all to practice the religion they believe so that you can practice the religion you believe. Read about the life of Mary of Nazareth. Celebrate the Feast of Annunciation.

December 26th Candy Cane Day

The original Candy Canes were straight and sort of boring, They were invented somewhere around 1674 but it wasn’t long before French monks bent the end of the Candy Cane to turn it into a Shepard’s Cane. Well, in the 1800’s they figured out (Not sure who they are) that if you turned the Shepard Hook upside down the cane became a J for Jesus which naturally made it a favorite for Christmas! There are 1.76 billion candy canes made a year making dentists richer and richer than they ever imagined!

How to celebrate – Have a Candy Cane. Learn how to make your own candy canes. Decorate your Christmas tree with Candy Canes.

December 25th Christmas Day

This is another day you should be spending with your family and loved ones rather than reading a blog. So I’m not going to write much about this, the most sacred Christian holiday… the birth of Jesus Christ. Now it may not have been actually on December 25th, no one knows, but it is the symbol of Christianity and should be respected. (As any holiday with religious meaning) Celebrate today if you choose, honor today because you can.

December 24th Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve! Go spend the day with your family, loved ones or friends! If you are Christian, enjoy the birth of the Savior, if you are not just have a day of peace and enjoy those around you. Merry Christmas.

April 17th Easter Sunday

Today is probably the most important day in the Christian world other than possibly Christmas. Today is the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. As with most important holidays we have turned it into a way for industry to make money. By example, 1.5 Billion ‘Peeps’ are sold every Easter. It’s fine to celebrate Easter with colored eggs, bunnies and ‘Peeps’ but those who live the Christian life need to remember what Easter really is.

How to celebrate – Go to church. Practice your Faith whatever that may be. Spend the day with family.

April 10th Palm Sunday

Today opens one of the most Holy Week celebration in in Christianity. It marks the day that Jesus arrived in Jerusalem to thousands laying palms in front of him celebrating His arrival in the Holy City. Naturally it led to his capture, arrest, trial and death with palms becoming a symbol of the love the people had for Him, in many cases before they turned on Him. It all culminated in His rising from the dead and ascending into Heaven.

How to celebrate – Go to services on Palm Sunday. Read about the life of Jesus. Get ready for Easter.

March 4th World Day Of Prayer

Isn’t it funny how when all else fails us that we generally turn to prayer. Maybe if we started there we would be far better off in the long run, or the short run. Today is a day that we should all pray, it would be nice if we prayed for world peace and an end of hunger and for things the world needs but more often than not, our own concerns get in the way and if we do pray, it’s for ourselves or those things directly concerning us.Today is always celebrate on the first Friday in March and was created by Mary Ellen Fairchild James of Brooklyn, Ny in 1887.

How to celebrate – Say a prayer today. Form a prayer group. Don’t just pray to ask for something, pry to be thankful as well.

December 26th National Candy Cane Day

One of the most recognized symbols of Christmas is the candy cane. It was invent sometime in the 1500’s or 1600’s as a straight stick of candy but 1674 it was patterned after a shepherd’s hook by a German choirmaster because when turned over it looked like J for Jesus! For whatever reason, it is one of Christmas’ staples, in the 1800’s it began to be hung on Christmas trees as a decoration adding it’s red a white stripes to the green foliage. Well we got to do something with them, after all they make 1.76 billion candy canes a year! But they do taste good and can serves as earrings in desperate times!

How to celebrate – Have a candy cane. Make a new use of candy canes this Christmas. Learn how to make your own candy canes.