March 13th Jewel Day

There are somewhere around 200 types of jewels known to man, how many can you name? Me, not too many! I love jewels but have to admit that beyond the diamond, sapphire, emerald and ruby I get a little lost. There are large numbers of people who tie up fortunes in jewels, most going up in value but some tumbling as well. It’s kind of odd if you think about it that people invest in something nature provides at no cost, placing so much value on them that they become valued sometimes well beyond any use. (Sort of like somebody who plays with a ball and thinks they are worth 40 million dollars a year) It’s all the value we place on something and I suppose it’s worth whatever you can get so long as there is a market.

How to celebrate – How many jewels can you name? Decide what your favorite gem is. Try to determine what amount of money you have tied up in jewels.


March 13th Jewel Day

People love jewels, they collect them and value them above nearly everything else. Well, in a sense they are just rocks. The only value they have is what we give them and that depends on the demand. The largest diamond in the world is the clear cut diamond of the British Crown at 533 carats, the Cullinan 1. I am assuming the Hope Diamond is a blue diamond and comes it at 45.54 carats. All I know for sure is, they are worth a lot of money. Besides the diamond, we have rubies, emeralds, opals, sapphires… well, you get the picture.

How to celebrate – Name as many jewels as you can. Figure out which is your favorite jewel. Start collecting rocks.

September 16th Collect Rocks Day

Some people collect paintings, some collect books, others collect old coins, and some collect antiques. Well, if you don’t have that sort of money, maybe you can collect rocks. Or if you do have money you can collect a different type of rock! Rocks are interesting, they have been around for a long, long time and have seen a lot more of what happens in life than we ever will. Some may have been a part of the Great Wall of China once, or a pebble that got inside Napoleon’s shoe. They may have even come from the moon, or a passing comet. The fact is, that rocks may have seen more history than we ever will, or even than mankind ever will. So collect rocks and be proud of it! Others may say it’s because you are cheap, but you’ll know better.

How to celebrate – Collect a rock and make it a “pet”. Imagine what you think this rock has seen. Learn about the different kinds of rocks there are.

March 13th National Jewel Day

If you like jewels, then today is your day to receive them (Always a good thing) or give them (Always a costly thing). Now the rules are pretty simple and it is clearly stated that the jewels do not need to be expensive. It helps if they are, but it is not set in stone… as it were. Naturally, since this is March you should consider something in an aquamarine since that is March’s birthstone. However, I am sure that diamonds and rubies and emeralds would do nicely if you can’t find an aquamarine stone anywhere. And if you really want to be daring, you could visit one of those stone quarries and find something really different! Anyway you go about it, it is a day o look for, give, receive or just admire jewels.

How to celebrate – Give a jewel to your loved one. receive a jewel from your loved one. Remember it’s the thought that counts and that size doesn’t matter!

March 13th National Jewel Day

If you like rocks, or crystals, then this is your day! However, if you give, or receive, a jewel you may want to know what it stands for. (It’s like everything else in life, if we give something we have to have some secret meaning behind it.) The first on the list is…

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… the diamond.  The giving, or receiving, of diamonds expresses everlasting love. Guess that’s why we use it for marriage and engagements. Does that mean the bigger the diamond the more you love someone!?! No, it just means the richer you are.


Topaz stands for strength or intellect. Hence the smarter you are or stronger you are the more you need to wear topaz.

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If you like emeralds you’d better watch out. Wearing them, or giving them, means you are fertile. It also means rebirth and love. It may also mean you are in Oz.


The sapphire stands for purity and wisdom.

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And the ruby Means love, health and wisdom. (My personal favorite!)

So before you give, or accept a rock, stone, crystal or whatever… you really should know what it stands for. You may be telling someone something you didn’t really mean, or maybe it was just because you liked the color. Pretty.

How to celebrate – Check out all the jewels and see what they mean. Buy someone a jewel expressing yourself without saying a word. Start your own rock collection.