March 27th National Joe Day

There was a time when the most identified name in America was Joe. Actually it covered the world as well. The everyday Joe, G.I. Joe, a version of a Kangaroo, a cup of coffee. You name it and it was probably referred to as Joe at least sometime in the past. Today it’s not as common as people began to give more meaning to their children’s names like, “L’Orange” or “LaLemon” (For orange and lemon jello!) You know, names that no one can spell and no one has a clue what they mean, including the parent giving them out. It’s important to give your child an identity they can be proud of even if it takes them 30 years to figure out how to spell it.

How to celebrate – Find out more version of what the name Joe was used for. Have a cup of Joe. Make a list of famous Joe’s.

March 27th National “Joe” Day

Today you are supposed to call everyone, and anyone, “Joe”. Why? You’ll have to ask Joe that. During World War two our soldiers were often called Joe since it was easy for our enemies to remember… and since a good number of soldiers at that time were actually named Joe. Coffee has been called Joe because of Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels who ban alcohol on navy bases and tried to replace it with coffee during World War 1. “Joe” simply put, means common, in America’s terms. Not that there is anything common about anyone named Joe except for the name. So today let’s celebrate the Joes in your life – why not take them out for a cup o’ Joe.

How to celebrate – Read about G.I. Joe. Have a cup of Joe. Call everyone you see today Joe, or Jo.

March 27th National "Joe" Day

If your name is “Joe”, or “Jo”, then today is your day. Perhaps it is the most common American name of all time. The name has been associated with soldiers, G.I. Joe being both a toy and a name used to describe American troops by countries that do not speak English. It also refers to coffee, “having a cup of Joe”. That’s because Americans have always been known for drinking so much coffee making it as common a drink as the name Joe. There is something comforting about the name Joe. Throughout history when an American was called Joe there was a pretty good chance their name was actually Joe! It’s not all that common anymore as we have begun to name our children names no one can say or understand. Ah, back when things were easier… so maybe having a “Joe” day is remembering when life was easier.

How to celebrate – Try to remember all the Joe’s you have known. Have a cup of Joe. Look at the changes G.I. Joe has gone through.

March 27th National “Joe” Day

I guess the most popular name in the entire world is “Joe”. Well, at least in the United States anyway. We named our soldiers Joe, G.I. Joe, because while they are not common by any means, the idea of the soldier is common. So a G.I. Joe stood for anybody who was in uniform. We even call our coffee having a cup of Joe, because it’s common. Why not Bob or Bill? Well, we gave other outside titles to Bob and Bill. For example to bob is to bounce or dodge out of the way. Bill on the other hand is something we pay at the end of a meal. So I assume Joe just wasn’t taken for anything else! Think of all the people you know named Joe. They are becoming less and less common with people inventing names like L’orange and Peacebewithyouandeveryoneyouknow. But there will always be a place for Joe’s in our lives because it actually means all of us.

How to celebrate – Make a list of all the Joe’s you know. List all the things you have heard of named Joe. Have a cup of Joe.

March 27th National Joe Day

Probably the most common male name in all English speaking countries of the world is, Joe. Of course, it is normally short for Joseph, but most people named Joseph just want to be known by Joe. Others come close… John, Jim, Bill, Bob, Questanza… but none replace Joe.


We have named other common things Joe as well. Like a cup of coffee. Nothing like a hot cup of Joe. Maybe Joe made the coffee, brought the coffee or bought the coffee but lets hope it really wan’t made out of Joe.


Even popular books have been named after Joe, as well as a sandwich. I use to love Sloppy Joe’s! The sandwich, not the book. The sandwich was named so because it’s nearly impossible eat without making a mess. Though I have not read the book, from the cover I get the same general idea.


During World War 2, our soldiers were often called Joe… particularly by the Japanese. The G.I. stood for General Issue, the equipment and uniforms supplied to the the average soldier, named Joe. Later the toy, G.I. Joe came out to honor all the American soldiers over the years.


Joe’s a good name. It’s a strong name, simple and honest. Anyone named Joe should be proud of it and this is your day. Something that separates you from all the other Tom, Dick and Harry’s of the world.

How to celebrate – Call yourself Joe today, even if it’s not your name. Have a cup of Joe. Honor ever G.I. Joe the world has ever known.

March 27th National Joe Day

This is another one of those days where you get to change your name if you want to. The only catch is, it has to be Joe, or Josephine if your female. Why Joe? Why not? Every morning you probably start your day with a cup of Joe so why not keep joe as your name for the day since you started it off that way.


Besides, who is cooler than Joe Cool? Wouldn’t you like the opportunity to be cool for the day? (Not that you normally aren’t anyway) The cool sunglasses, thew cool red shirt, the cool attitude.


Or maybe you could be like Josephine Bonaparte. Do you like short guys that want to rule the world? Could be a perfect match!


Or maybe you’d like to be the All American Hero, G. I. Joe. During World War 2 the Japanese soldiers use to call American’s Joe because it was such a common name. They were nearly certain to find at least one Joe among the men that faced them, or maybe even a Josephine.


And your final choice is Joe, as in Sloopy Joe, for those of us that are not real tidy but like to think we still have good taste.

How to celebrate – Take the name Joe for  the day and use it to your advantage. Call all your friends, and family, Joe. In fact call everyone you run into today Joe. It makes it much easier to remember their names and they will probably correct you giving you the name that escaped you. Then you can explain to them that it is Joe day, a perfect cover!