April 2nd International Children’s Book Day

It’s Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday today! He was born back in 1805 and was one of most children’s favorite authors to read. It is always a great idea to get children to explore the world by reading what others have to write about. It can fill their days with education, entertainment and thought provoking ideas. Try downloading an e-book copy of “Why The Evergreens Stay Green”. It’s a heart-warming story about an Angel who has to find the perfect tree to build the cradle for Jesus.  Yes, it’s fiction, but it’s a fast read that may make you smile. https://www.amazon.com/Evergreens-Stay-Green-John-Olbert-ebook/dp/B01NCI7RAZ

How to celebrate – Take a child to the library. Encourage any children in your life to read. Read “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”.

December 27th Make A Cut Out Snowflake Day

Snowflakes, no two are alike… unless you cut them out of paper and make them yourself! When I worked for a school this use to be a favorite activity to keep kids quiet but as we never had kids on December 27th, we never celebrated this day. So maybe this is a day for parents to find something to do with their kids after the newness has worn off the gifts they got for Christmas. In the south they can remind us of what snow looks like and in the north… well, they may not need any more snowflakes but who cares, it keeps the kids busy! If you didn’t get snow for Christmas this year maybe you can cover your yard in these kinds of snowflakes! Probably not a real good idea.

How to celebrate – Cut out some snowflakes. Figure out what you are going to do with all those snowflakes. Come up with other winter symbols you can cut out just for something different.

December 12th International Children’s Day

Today was created by UNICEF and the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as Broadcasters “Tune in to kids”. Ah, shouldn’t they do that all the time!?! I guess with a lot of the shows that make it to air, they don’t. (And I’m none to sure they tune in to adults either.) Anyway, this is one of several special days that industry across the world is supposed to pay attention to the needs of kids instead of trying to make a buck off of them. Oh and it’s not just a buck, it’s a yen, pound,franc… you name it. Children are a huge market for the Arts & Sciences and if government is right, they all know better how to raise our children than we do… maybe because they are still children themselves! Anyway, pay attention to your kids, we have to do it every day, the Arts and Sciences only have to do it one day a year.

How to celebrate – Give to UNICEF. Pay attention to the special things companies do for children today. (You might have to look hard for it) Remember your own childhood.

October 28th Plush Animal Lover’s Day

Who doesn’t love a plush animal? Well maybe not Gengis Khan, but if they had been around back then I bet he’d have had a favorite. Now there is no reason today is Plush Animal Lover’s Day, at least none that I found. But who cares? If you like something, why not flaunt it. They even work well for a pillow in an emergency! Look for your favorite animal and I bet there will be a plush toy made of it. If not, make one, I’m sure you’ll make a bundle selling! (Watch out for copyrights though)

How to celebrate – Check out all the Plush Toy animals. Take your favorite Plush Toy to lunch. Send your favorite Plush Toy a greeting card.

July 14th National Mac and Cheese Day

July 14th National Mac and Cheese Day

Who doesn’t like mac and cheese? Kids love it, adults love it, even most dogs and some cats love it! Today we celebrate that love for our pasta and cheese products combined, normally adding either some cream or milk to make it a little more savory and creamier. There are even some restaurants that serve Mac and Cheese as a dish. It’s normally warm and creamy, filled with cheese and sometimes other spices but is always a comfort food.

How to celebrate – Fix some Mac & Cheese. Look for a restaurant that serves Mac & Cheese. Make up your own recipe for Mac and Cheese adding flavors you and your family like.

April 21st Kindergarten Day

Friedrich Frobel figured out in 1837 that children were going to do better at school if they were first introduced to a half day of what to expect, in a fun environment, a year before they were expected to become involved students. He, of course, was right… the only odd part of this is that it took so long for someone to figure it out! Frobel, born in 1782, was no youngster himself when he added the idea of kindergarten to the German educational system.

How to celebrate – Visit a kindergarten class. (Make sure to get permission first) Celebrate Frobel’s birthday, the reason we celebrate kindergarten day today. Try and find pictures of yourself in kindergarten.

December 11th National Noodle Ring Day

Well, if you take some noodles and serve them up in a circle you have just created a noodle ring. The supposed advantage of serve noodles in a ring is to make kids want to eat them. I think, perhaps, they are forgetting about spaghetti although since it is generally served on a round plate I suppose that could qualify it as being serve in a circle. Maybe we should start making donuts made of noodles, they generally come in a circle. So to be honest, I’m not exactly sure what today is all about. If serving up something in a circle makes it better then we ought to serve everything up in a circle!

How to celebrate – Make some noodles today. Make sure you serve them in a circle. Where do you start eating something if it’s in a circle?

October 28th Plush Animal Lover’s Day

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Plush Toys. Naturally if there are thousands of them in your house laying all over the place they can be annoying but still… you got to love them. They are friends to a lot of kids, they make the child feel relaxed and they will often talk to a stuffed animal when they won’t to an adult. Plush is, of course, a brand name. But it’s hard to deny that they have created a product that has many uses and nearly all of them are good. Do you name your plush toys? Do you give them a personality? Do you think they can hear you when you talk to them? Maybe they can hear you…

How to celebrate – Buy a Plush Stuffed Animal. Make sure your stuffed animal gets a lot of sun. Make a Plush Stuffed Animal a friend.

August 12th Middle Child’s Day

Life is rough if you happen to be the middle child of the family. Well, not really but let’s pretend like it is. Often considered the “forgotten” child, the middle child supposedly suffers from the hand-me-downs of the older child and all the attention going to the youngest child. There is probably a portion of truth to the “Middle Child Syndrome” but I think that also has many different factors that can come into play. I am a middle child, but I have two sisters and being the only boy I never really suffered from any of those things middle children complain of.

How to celebrate – Be proud of being a middle child. Show your middle child some special love today. Look at all the things you receive as a child, not what you didn’t get.

August 11th Son And Daughter Day

If you look at the “Perfect” family it would contain a mother and father, son and daughter. Of course, “perfect” is in the eye of the beholder and doesn’t really exist. Father’s often want a son so they can teach them the things they know while women want a girl so they can dress them up and relive some of their own youth through them. It’s odd then to think, that girls often become the apple of daddy’s eye while boys tend to lean towards their moms. It’s just nature, both the way things work out and the expectation we have. It doesn’t really matter, children are children and they deserve equal attention from both parents.

How to celebrate – Take your children to lunch, no matter how old or young they are. Find things you can do with both your son and daughter at the same time. Realize that what ever makeup your family is, it is perfect.