February 15th President’s Day

Amazing how this day falls after Valentine’s Day. It seems like we always have a hate/love affair with our Presidents. Although the day was created in 1968 our relationship with our Presidents has been rocky since the first. Many thought George Washington wanted to be King. He didn’t, that’s what he had just finished fighting a war over, but people gathered their own thoughts and then projected them into society. I often wonder how we would feel if people, most of us totally unqualified to choose who will be President, just kept their mouths shut. I feel like everyone’s life would be better. Because we are a movie star, a truck driver, a hobo or whoever, never has, and never will, qualify us to become a voice for the people. We are entitled to our opinion but to share that with others, to me, shows a total selfish attempt to mold the world as they see it. Just saying. You want to tell us who should be President? Run for the office yourself.

How to celebrate – Celebrate our Presidents, love them or hate them. Determine the qualities that suit yourself to make a President. (Bet the only one you can come up with is yourself!) Honor those who have actually tried to make your life better.

September 1st American Chess Day

September 1st American Chess Day

Still searching for Bobby Fischer? Well let’s hope not. It’s a lot more fun to play the game of chess than search for someone. Although there is still some question about the excitement in watching a game being played. It is a game that requires strategy, and experience definitely helps. King, Queen, Bishops, Knights, Rooks and those pawns you don’t really mind losing (poor Pawns!) It’s 64 squares of challenge that can be ranked if you choose to play against the world.

How to celebrate – Play a game of chess! Get into a chess tournament. Learn how to take cat naps between moves.

July 14th Bastille Day

In 1789 the French people revolted against the king, attacking the Bastille which was a prison but symbolized the monarchy. It was the beginning of democracy in France. I often wonder how much the American revolution had to do with the French Revolution. The French helped Americans free themselves from the King of England. They armed the Americans, sent weapons and supplies and eventually their army and navy. I wonder if the French people saw that and said to themselves, we want that too. As it turns out they traded the King for an Emperor, which is basically short of King, so not a lot changed for them over the next few years. Think of Bastille Day as France’s Independence Day.

How to celebrate – Visit France. Read about the French Revolution. Go see the Bastille.