August 25th Kiss and Make Up Day

I know a lot of people who argue just so they can kiss and make-up. Not a really good idea in my opinion but to each their own. We all do things that make people mad, when we make a loved one mad it seems even harder to correct that mistake so I never suggest doing something you know will make your loved one mad. And you really don’t have to wait until there is a problem to kiss, sometimes maybe a kiss can even save a problem from coming up in the first place. Jacqueline V. Milgate created today suggesting that we “Kiss and Make Up”. Well, it’s her birthday so I guess we can try to make it a special day and pretend we are mad, just so we can kiss and make up.

How to celebrate – Kiss someone you are mad at. (This could get awkward) Remember why you fell in love with someone instead of what they did to make you mad. Do not try and kiss an electric eel.


June 19th National Kissing Day

If you don’t want to wait for International Kissing Day in July you can get a jump start by having yours today. Today seems to have started in the US but apparently other countries picked up on it too. International was created in the UK. So find a partner and have a kiss, or an animal, or yourself. I think, however, for it to count they have to kiss you back… though I am not sure. You must remember this a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh, the fundamental things apply, as time goes by. Whatever that all means…

How to celebrate – Kiss someone. (Make sure they are willing or law suits may apply) Try to break the Guinness Record for kissing, a little over 58 hours. Go to a Carnival and visit the kissing booth.

July 6th International Kissing Day

Kissing is one of the most natural things in the world. Birds do it, bees do it, even people in trees… well, you get the point. With all the recent scares in the world concerning even hugging people, kissing may be taboo. However, I doubt it’s ever going to vanish from the face of the earth. You do need to be aware that over 80 million microbes of bacteria are passed during a normal kiss. (I am not sure what a normal kiss is) International Kissing day was started in the UK, since then National Kissing Day has been started as well as several other days that involves kissing. After-all, most of us want a kiss and these are just good reasons to get a kiss in. The kiss record is 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. So you’d better get started if you want to break the record.

How to celebrate – Give someone a kiss. Kiss your pets. Do not kiss an alligator, at least on the lips.

August 25th Kiss And Make Up Day

Have an argument with a loved one? Well today is your time to kiss and make up. I do not suggest this if your loved one is a Bengal Tiger but, your choice. I do know of people who fight just so that they can kiss and make up, again I do not recommend this. Why fight in the first place? Fighting never gains anything for anyone. Do you ever remember winning a fight? I don’t. Still, the kissing part can be cool. Now I am no fool, I know people are bound to fight… it’s just the way of things. But maybe, if you kiss first, you won’t have that fight! Think about it…

How to celebrate – Kiss someone you are having a fight with. Talk things out, don’t fight. Kiss first, fight later.

April 28th Kiss Your Mate Day

Well here’s a day we can all find some value in. (Or at least most of us) Kiss Your Mate Day. I think this should work for all of us unless perhaps you work on a ship. How long has it been since you kissed your mate? I don’t mean the little peck on the cheek saying good morning or good night. The longer you are married generally the less you kiss. The norm seems to be that the long one is married the less passion there is in the relationship. While I don’t believe this is true, the less open display of affection is required. Note I did not say needed. I know I am loved, I know I love, to show that is no longer a requirement… but that said, it is still nice to know that, at times, that expression is shown in more than a nice dinner, a smile and a knowing glance.

How to celebrate – Kiss your mate. No, kiss them like you mean it! Avoid pirate ships today.

August 25th National Kiss And Make Up Day

Nothing says you love someone as much as a kiss. Well, maybe not so with the mafia kiss, but most kisses. Sometimes you think it might be fun to fight, just so you can kiss and make up. Personally I would not try that myself but if you want to… don’t blame me. Of course, it is a great way to spread germs and make someone sick, but that does not count today.


Just think, if Adam and Eve didn’t make up after the apple thing none of us might even be here! Naturally it is better that you know the person you are kissing as well. Otherwise you might be looking at a law suit. And kissing an enemy, as in war, might not be a good idea either. Though if everyone stopped fighting and kissed maybe the world would be a happier place.


And you have to watch out for those wet, sloppy ones. In some cases they may require a towel and unless you carry one with you at all times this can become  problem. And kissing on the mouth is not always required. A nice kiss on the cheek or the back of a hand can so affection as well.

images (2)

No one seems to know who invented today. Personally I believe it was the breath mint people but maybe not. They would have to know ahead of time that you were going to get mad at someone and get their advertisement to you, which you probably weren’t paying any attention to anyway.


And really, what’s the point at being mad at each other in the first place? Does it ever make anything better!?! We often like to prove our point but lose the war in the mean time. Kissing should not be just when you are making up, it should come all the time so carry some disinfectant and breath mints with you at all times… cause you just never know when you might want to make up with someone.

How to celebrate – Kiss and make up. Lose the anger, no one ever wins anyway. Buy stock in a breath mint company.

July 6th International Kissing Day

Do you like to kiss? Well if you do, you can celebrate it today by trying to beat the world’s longest kiss set by Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarathold that lasted for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. Most of that time was taken up trying to pronounce their names. (This occurred in Thailand)


Of course, we all like to think of our kisses as the romantic on earth, those kinds of kisses that curl you toes and make you see stars… Like Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. But then “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”.

download (3)

Then there  are those that come as a total surprise from people you don’t know. This occurred by in 1945 and I would strongly suggest not trying this today! However, there is nothing like that first kiss. When the walls come down and romance is invited in.

images (5)

There are lots of creatures on earth that kiss. Most are just trying to get something out of their mates teeth but we humans put a lot of weight on it. Expectations always run high, generally followed by disappointment and regret. But on those rare occasions when it actually means something, there is nothing like it.

images (6)

So there you go. A kiss is just a kiss, a smile is just a smile and breath mints earn a lot of points! If you choose to celebrate today, avoid eating onions and garlic! You missed National Kissing Day, that was June 19th… so you have a lot to make for.

How to celebrate – Kiss someone (Best if you know them!). See if you can kiss for 60 hours to hold the new record! Kiss you pets and let them know you love them (But don’t expect them to understand.)

April 28th Kiss Your Mate Day

Today might mean something a little different in Australia but for most of us it means, kiss the one you love. Not that you can’t love your mate in Australia but… This is the day that you demonstrate to your loved one how much they mean to you by a simple, or more complex, kiss.

images (1)

It sort of makes me wonder where kissing came from. I sort of think it comes from that old adage, “shut up and kiss me”! But who knows for sure. It has been a way to express you love for someone, the more passionate, the more love I suppose. It sure beats the heck out of telling someone how you feel cause words never seem to be adequate.


I mean, it’s something even most animals do! Naturally, they may be licking the last meal off their mates lips but sharing is good! We humans have tasty lip gloss, use various mouthwashes and use other means in order that our mate find our offering more appealing. And I guess that’s important. Ever kiss someone who has just eaten an onion or garlic!


And when we are young we find kissing yuckie! I think it’s because we don’t really know what it means, or maybe we do… but either way, as we mature we look for as many kisses as we can. And really, even though today is the day we celebrate it you should kiss your mate as often as you get the opportunity.


A kiss offers up romance and the better the kiss, the more romance. I am sure we all envision our kisses being some magic potion that sends our loved one into a world of fantasy and passion. Probably not true but we can dream! “You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, the fundamental things apply, as time goes by.”

How to celebrate – Kiss your mate, even if you are in Australia. Enter a kissing contest. Serve at the kissing booth at a carnival.

July 6th International Kissing Day

There are two kissing days, the first is World Kissing Day invented in the United States and International Kissing Day, found in the UK (We think). So for today, pretend to be British and get all the kisses you can!


The good thing about kissing is that it demonstrates our emotions to each other in a way no other activity can. (Well, almost no other activity.) A kiss on the hand shows respect, on the cheek shows brotherly or sisterly love, on the lips means it’s either love or the mafia is after you.

international_kissing_day (1)

The bad thing about a kiss it that normally 80 million microbes of bacteria are exchanged. Doesn’t matter if you are a person or a squirrel! Actually the squirrel might be cleaner! But the heck with being germ free… there is nothing like a kiss.


Birds do it, bees do it, even bears in the wild do it! Of course they are probably licking the dead salmon off it’s mates lips. The world record for the longest kiss in (Recorded) history belongs to Laksana & Ekkachai Tiranarathold in Thailand, 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. Couldn’t hold out for those 2 extra seconds!  Actually, they kissed through their introduction to the contest… it took that long to say their names!


Anyway, find someone to kiss today and celebrate with the rest of the International Community. Whether it’s on the hand, the cheek or lips, you’ll spread some joy… and some germs!

How to celebrate – Buy a package of Tic-Tacs. Find someone to kiss. Find someone International to kiss!

July 6th International Kissing Day

The kiss is the most obvious sign of affection one is allowed to show in public. It can mean love, friendship, respect, even a mark of death. It can be the sweetest moment in life or the ultimate disappointment.

Probably the first kiss that stands out in time was Judas’ betrayal of Jesus. Showing the Roman soldiers who Jesus was with a kiss.

download (1)

In the old days, a gentleman would kiss a woman’s hand in a show of respect.

images (1)

Then there’s the French way of doing it.  Somehow the French always find some way to go to the extreme.


One kiss you never wanted to receive was a kiss from the Godfather. You knew there was little chance this relation was going to grow.


There’s the friendship kiss that every guy dreads. It too means the relationship has little chance to grow.

Then there’s the first kiss. Are you going to do it right? Do you have bad breath?  Will the effort be returned? There’s nothing like kissing limp lips!


Then there’s the passionate kiss, generally applied somewhere other than the mouth or face.


But lets face it, a kiss is still a kiss.

Something we all look forward to, something we all need, something we all want, whether it’s a peck on the cheek or full mouth-to-mouth. Never mind that 80 million microbes of bacteria are transmitted from person to person.

Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranar from Thailand hold the record for the longest kiss at 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. Boy, I hope they weren’t brother and sister.

baby kissing photo

Thank you England for creating International Kissing Day. I didn’t even know the English kissed, so prim and proper. But then, if they didn’t there would probably be no United States…think about it.

How to celebrate: Really? You need me to tell you how to celebrate kissing day?