June 5th National Doughnut Day

Today was created by the Salvation Army in 1938. During the depression they handed out doughnuts to those who could find little to eat as the country suffered from economic struggles. The day was created to honor the “Lassies” that went to Europe during World War 1 under Lt. Col. Helen Purvianee. They were the only women allowed on the front lines serving doughnuts and coffee to the soldiers of the Allied forces. There is something comforting about a doughnut. Check your local doughnut shops, they may be giving away doughnuts today for free!

How to celebrate Support your local Salvation Army. Learn to make your own doughnuts. Learn more about the Salvation Army during World War 1.

September 14th National Cream-filled Donut Day

Now here’s a day you can really sink your teeth into! And it is not just about the doughnut, it’s about the cream-filled donut! My favorite! You can fill a doughnut with a lot of different things. You can top a doughnut with a lot of different things. But if you want the best of both worlds… fill it with cream. Yes they are fattening, yes they are filled with carbs… but if you are going to have a doughnut why not go all the way! I’m sure anyone of the many doughnut shops can help you celebrate today, if you look around enough you might even find one for free.

How to celebrate – Have a cream filled doughnut. There are several different creams you can have it filled with so choose wisely. Learn how to make your own cream-filled doughnut.

September 19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day

There seems to be a strong interest in pirates these days. Maybe it’s the romance of the era (though romance had nothing to do with being a pirate), the open seas (though many pirates spent a great deal of their time hiding), or the way they dressed (layers of clothing making them extremely hot). Well “Avast Ye” (meaning pay attention) you Freebooters (a term for a pirate)…it comes from a racquet ball game.


John Baur and Mark Summers were playing racquet ball on June 6th, 1995 when they began to talk like a pirate to each other. Naturally, one thing led to another and they decided they needed to create a day for their lingo. Mark chose September 19th because it was his wife’s birthday – “Blimey” (meaning surprise). I wonder if he was “Three Sheets To The Wind” (drunk).

download (2)

Of course, maybe his wife liked to dress like a pirate, which today can be very sexy. I doubt he meant to call her a “Scallywag” (an insult) and definitely not a “Hornswaggler” (a cheat).  It’s fun to speak pirate speak. Sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of sense but who cares.

Sadly this year Krispy Kreme is not giving a free doughnut if you go in and talk like a pirate to them.

It does make me wonder though, do pirates have a “Talk like a normal person Day”? And then there is always, “what makes a normal person person normal”?


How to celebrate – Use a lot of “Rrrrrs” today. Read a book about pirates. Go play racquet ball.

September 14th National Cream Filled Donut Day

Here’s another of those important days of your life. It’s National Cream Filled Donut Day. How could we ever get along without it!?! Heck, we don’t even have top spell doughnut right to celebrate it. And since we apparently have to have a day like today, at least I am glad it is cream filled, my favorite!

download (2)

It can be chocolate, vanilla, strawberry… any flavor you desire but it must be blended into a cream filling to qualify. Though I admit I am not an expert about this holiday I do not believe jelly filled meet the requirements.


I’m pretty sure places like Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts, and any other brands around you, like a day like today. I would imagine sales increase as you struggle to find your cream filled doughnut to complete the quest for the day.

images (2)

I really don’t have much to add, I think the holiday states it pretty clearly. The fact that these are pretty much dead calories does not need to be thought about, in fact… ignore them. They are pretty filling (joke intended) particularly if you eat a half dozen of them.

images (3)

About all I have to add is that remember a baker’s dozen is 13, and since we celebrated Friday the 13th on a Thursday, why not get a baker’s dozen of cream filled donuts! I need to hurry, shops close up soon!

How to celebrate – Have a cream filled donut today. Learn how to actually spell doughnut. Try a cream filling you have never had before.

September 14th National Cream Filled Donut Day

Now a Donut is a donut is a donut, or is it!?! A regular donut tastes great, it’s filling and goes great with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk. But a filled donut, now that takes the cake! You can fill it with jelly and that’s pretty good, I wouldn’t suggest filling it with broccoli but if you want to be healthier, that might work. For me though, fill it with a cream and I’m in Heaven!


I don’t care if it Boston Cream or Bavarian cream, sometimes I don’t even care about the donut itself! Just pipe in that cream and all is well with the world. (Not healthy mind you, but well.) It’s not like the donut isn’t sweet enough to start with because it is. But adding cream just makes it seem more like a dessert than a treat.


You can even garnish it with fresh fruit on top of it. I just pick the fruit off and eat the donut but it is better for you because of the fruit and at least it tricks you into thinking you had something less fattening. Even my dog likes cream filled donuts.

Krispy Kreme Creamfilled Dount Pic (1)

Now I am sure that Dunkin’ Donuts cream filled donuts are equally as good but there is nothing in this world like a Krispy Kreme cream filled donut! Or whatever brand you choose believe me, it will be enhanced with a cream filling! And if you are on a diet, well… that cream filling is lighter than a cake donut so naturally it must have less calories!

How to celebrate – Go out right now and get yourself a cream filed donut! Get a whole box of cream filled donuts! Hide them when you get them home so you can have them all to yourself.

June 2nd National Doughnut Day

Today is National Doughnut Day. It’s a day you can get free doughnuts from most doughnut shops, Krispy Kreme for example. Dunkin Donuts also gives out free doughnuts but I believe there are some restrictions. Check in your area to see who all is giving free doughnuts and who isn’t.


History generally tells us that the term Dough Boys comes from World War 1 when women of the Salvation Army served doughnuts, along with other items, to the American soldiers in the trenches. But American soldiers were called Dough Boys dating back to at least the war with Mexico from 1846-48. American soldiers were so called dough boys because they cooked a dough like substance for their meals.


But the term did come into play during World War 1 as American soldiers, and European soldier, fell in love with the doughnuts served by the Salvation Army… or maybe it was the women serving them that they fell in love with. These women were the only civilians allowed in the front ranks during the war.


Lt. Colonel Helen Purviance became known as the “First Doughnut Girl” during the war. her rank was in the Salvation Army, not in the regular military.  Soldiers so fell in love with the doughnut that when the Salvation Army was not available to serve the treat they often cooked dougnuts in their helmets.


The Salvation Army was so desperate for funding that in 1938 they took to the streets to sell doughnuts as a fund-raiser. Doughnut Day was established in Chicago that same year, making it a bizarre, but tasty, holiday.

How to celebrate – Go get your free doughnut! Share a dozen doughnuts with friends. Donate to the Salvation Army.


September 19th Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy! It’s fun to talk like a pirate. Just ask John Baur and Mark Summers who started Talk Like A Pirate Day in Louisiana in 1995 at Ol’ Chumbucket and Capt.’ Slappy’s. Since then, it seems like everyone’s doing it, but you want to pay close attention to Krispy Kreme and Long John Silver’s,  because you can get free food for just talking like a pirate when you stop in. What is talking like a pirate like? Well, I’ve picked out a few terms to help you get your free stuff but I’m not going to tell you exactly what they mean. That’s up to you, you “bilge rats”!


“Aaaaarrrrgh”! The sooner we be startin’ the sooner you can get your “Booty” you “landlubber”! We’ll be startin’ at the “bow” and walkin’ the “gang plank” to the “hold”. “Avast”, don’t be scrappin’ the “keel” if you man the “helm” or ye will end up in the “crowsnest” shoutin’ “land ho” from the “rigging”. When you spend time on the “poop deck” near the “stern” don’t count ye “bounty” or “pieces of eight” We watch for the “Jolly Roger” and run from the “Yellow Jack” you “rutters” so follow the “Boatswain” for he be one of the “Scourges of the seven seas”. He’ll not have any “Rapscallions” or “Scallywags” nor a “knave” but he may approve of a “strumpet” or two. As a “Brethren of the coast” ye will be expected to keep “dead reckoning” and always know the “fathom” least ye might “Dance the hempen jig” instead of getting your “cackle fruit” in the morn’.


Okay, I’m exhausted.  It may be fun to talk like a pirate but it’s not as easy as it sounds! You can probably just walk in and say Ahoy Matey and get something free somewhere. Though you might get a glare or two from any nearby “Jack Tar”.

How to celebrate – Go get a free Krispy Kreme donut ! Go get a free fish finger! Try speaking pirate all day, I’m sure you will make many new friends, and a few enemies, along the way.