October 15th Bosses Day

Well, let’s all hope you like your boss because today is the day you are supposed to show them how much you enjoying working for them.This all came to be because of Patricia Bays Haroski when she created the day back in 1958. She worked for State Farm insurance in Illinois and really enjoyed her job and admired her boss, her father. Well, we can’t all be that lucky I suppose but remember your boss has a lot more on their shoulders than you do so give them a break and show them some respect today, and maybe a little love!

How to celebrate – Get your boss a card today. Take your boss to lunch today. Throw a party for your boss today… after work.

February 12th Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th, 1809. His beginnings were humble, his education basically what he taught himself and he wasn’t the happiest man on earth. He had a sense of right from wrong and used that to his advantage but his best quality may have been that he listened to others. It doesn’t mean that he always agreed, but he listened. Since his roots came from the common man he could relate to them and never thought himself better than anyone else. Lincoln was shot on April 14th, 1865.

How to celebrate – Read about Lincoln. Celebrate Lincoln’s birthday. Learn about history, and all of our Presidents and Founding Fathers.

October 16th Bosses Day

We all have a boss in our lives, even if we don’t have a job! Well today is the day we celebrate them and give them their due. There may be times when you don’t like them all that much but then, you don’t have the same responsibilities that they have or the same goals they must attain. The higher you get on the work chain the more that is expected of you. Today was created by Patricia Bays Haroski who honored her boss at State Farm Insurance in Illinois in 1958. She registered it with the Chamber of Commerce making sure the day was recognized. Of course her boss was her father so it wasn’t all that difficult for her to show her affection for her boss.

How to celebrate – Honor your boss (Like them or not) . Try to understand the demands placed on your boss. Try to honestly see yourself as your boss sees you.