November 20th Beautiful Day

So what is a beautiful day to you? Is it the weather? A person? A place? I suppose it is whatever you find beautiful and that’s different for each of us. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, as it should be. So today, make sure you find sometime today to spend some time with something you find beautiful, it will make your day more beautiful and probably make others who work with you, live with you spend time with you have a more beautiful day as well.

How to celebrate – Have a beautiful day. Surround yourself with beauty. Enjoy your life.

October 19th Evaluate Your Life Day

Here’s another one of those really fun days created by the people at It’s a day to spend time evaluating how successful you have been and where you have failed. I mean, sure… it’s great for an afternoon of laughs but do we really need to spend a day dwelling on this? In fact, might it not be a bit dangerous to do so? And of course, Wellcat copy rights all their days so supposedly to even think about it means you owe them royalty. I think we all evaluate our lives a little too much everyday, maybe if we lightened up for a spell we might actually find some happiness it letting be was what we can’t change, what we have done in the past, and maybe worry more about what will do since we can change that.

How to celebrate – Look at all the wonderful days established by Find other ways to highlight your shortages in life. List all your failures so you can read them over daily.

August 27th Just Because Day

If you have ever wanted to do something “Just Because” today is that day to do it. So often we wait for a reason to do something or look for a cause to champion but why not just do it because you can? You don’t need to wait for anybody else, for the weather to be good or because it might conflict with some other date, time or place. So get out there and do something just because you want to, make sure it’s legal first, and then add it to the list of things you have accomplished on your bucket list.

How to celebrate – Do something “Just Because”. Do something you have never done before. Look at life in a new way today.

June 28th Insurance Awareness Day

Insurance had to begin somewhere which means that insurance agents had to begin somewhere as well. I didn’t find a name who started it. (Though I admit I didn’t look real hard) I kinda wonder if it wasn’t some guy named Vinnie who said somewhere along the way “You need some protection” from bad things that might happen to you. Never mind that Vinnie was the bad thing that was going to happen. Now we have insurance for nearly everything in life! (Thank Lords of London) which costs us nearly as much as having those accidents happen in the first place!

How to celebrate – Avoid people named Vinnie. Start an insurance company that insures you from insurance companies. Become a secret agent, insurance agent, agent.

March 9th Get Over It Day

Ever get stuck on something you learned that you think is outrageous or really proves your point? You tell everyone you know about what you have learned or seen for weeks, if not months, about it. Ever get wronged in some way, like cut off on the highway, it remains and issue long past anyone else’s interest. Well, we all have those thoughts and issues but today is the day we drop them all and… Get Over It! The day was created by Jeff Goldblatt in 2005 while in Atlanta, Georgia. He placed it perfectly in the middle between Valentine’s Day and April Fools Day. So I guess, in a way, he needs to get over getting over!

How to celebrate – Get over something you’ve held on to. Make a list of all the things you need to get over. Do not, DO NOT, tell someone the things they need to get over.

October 19th Evaluate Your Life Day

Wow, the people at normally come up with days like, count how many times you burp today or see how fart you can jump with you toes tied together. You know, important stuff like that. So for today they choose to Evaluate Your Life. First off, how can you do that yourself, really and secondly… why would you want to!?! Yes, sometimes we need to check into the things we do and the mistakes we make but to spend a day evaluating ourselves when we sort of do that everyday of our lives. Somebody please create another day for October 19th because the last thing we probably need to do right now is to start spending the day evaluating ourselves.

How to celebrate – Go back to bed. Find something, anything, better to do today. If you truly need to evaluate your life, and we all probably do, do not let be the ones to tell you when to do it.

February 1st Spunky Old Broads Day

The motto for the day is, “Women are like fine wines, they both get better with age.” Dr. Gayle Carson created today back in 2002. Not only did it have it’s own day created but February is S.O.B. (Spunky Old Broads) month. It even has an S.O.B. of the year of which the likes of Cloris Leachman and Dolly Parton have won. Do you know an S.O.B.? They are all over the place, fun to be with and you never know what they might do next!

How to celebrate – Do you have an S.O.B. in your life? If not, find one! Don’t just get old, fight back! How many S.O.B.’s can you name?

November 9th Chaos Never Dies Day

Have you ever noticed that just when you think the chaos has come to an end it starts all over again? It seems like once you have solved one problem another problem comes to replace the old one. Do we cause our own chaos or does it just seem to attach itself to us and follow us no matter where we go? Would we know how to live without chaos nipping at our heels? Probably not. So today is the day to accept chaos is always with us and celebrate what we learn by dealing with it.

How to celebrate – Learn what causes the chaos in your life. Find ways to enjoy the chaos around you. Watch “Get Smart”.

October 19th Evaluate Your Life Day

Here’s a fun day! It’s time to evaluate your life. Has it been worthwhile? Does it have meaning? Have you contributed more than you’ve taken? I’m not sure this is a good idea considering what we are already dealing with. created the day.

How to celebrate – Make a list of all the things you have contributed to life. Make a list of everything you have taken from life. Go back to bed and wake up tomorrow.

November 2nd Day of the Dead

Nov. 2nd Day of the Dead Day

Today marks the end of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. It is celebrated beginning on October 31st. The Day of the Dead may date back to Aztec Festivals where one remembers the dead by building altars and placing the favorite foods of the departed in remembrance of them, and to help them with the spiritual journey as they move on in life. Yes, I said life because to those who believe in the festival, those that have died are still on a journey to reach their final resting place. It is considered a part of life, not the end of it. It certainly keeps the memories of those who have passed on before us alive!

How to celebrate – Visit Mexico. Dress up in Day of the Dead festive outfits. Remember those who have passed on fondly.