July 29th National Lipstick Day

Lipstick has been around for more than 5,000 years. It has been used to adorn both men’s and women’s faces, those for the last 1,000 years or so it has been more for the women and needless to say, red is the most attractive color. Attractive to a point where women wearing red lipstick are generally looked at for an average of 7.3 seconds whereas any other color it’s 2.2 seconds. (Not that anyone should be looking at a woman these days.) The most expensive lipstick in the world is Guerlain’s KissKiss gold and diamond at $62,000.00 a tube. (It actually has diamonds and gold in it) Today was created by Huda Hattan a make up artist and beauty blogger back in 2016.

How to celebrate – Wear some lipstick. Check out which color looks best on you. Learn what lipstick is actually made out of.