February 14th Valentine’s Day

Created for the Roman God of Fertility, and originally called the Feast of Lupercalia, Valentine’s Day is all about lovers. If you didn’t already known that… well, you have to have been living under a rock. It’s also a day we remember because of gangland killings and the high cost of flowers and candies. But it is a day to celebrate the one you love, and hopefully loves you back. It’s a day or roses, wine, fine dinners and romantic get-a-aways that you will have to pay for sometime. One way or another!

How to celebrate – Tell your loved one that you love them with a brand new world. Send your loved on a Valentine’s Day Card.. American Express works best. Visit Roman.


April 23rd Lover's Day

Today is the day set aside for lover’s. Now most of us think lover’s are people who are drawn to each other but there is more to being a lover than just how you feel about another person. It applies to anything that you love, animals, plants, books, tennis, baseball, music, movies… it can go on and on. The general idea is that anything to love, love to see or love to do is celebrated today. And I suppose it is possible to love many things all at the same time. This does not include things you like a lot, you have to love them!

How to celebrate – List everything you love. Spend a little time with everything you love today. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one your with!

October 3rd National Boyfriend Day

Now here’s a day every guy will enjoy. Today you should pamper your boyfriend, feed them well, entertain them and well… use your imagination. You know the guy better than anyone else. You know the food he likes because he always makes you eat at his favorite places, takes you to the movies he likes and allows you to watch his football games with him. It only gets worse when you get married so take advantage of the fact that he wants you around! Actually, boyfriends tend to treat their mates better than husbands do. No, it shouldn’t be that way but they are still trying to win you over where as a husband thinks he’s won. We should treat each other like this may be the last day we see each other because it could be. But today is for the men, so treat him well. If he’s smart, he’ll remember it in the future.

How to celebrate – Make a special meal for your boyfriend. Treat your boyfriend like a King! Write down what you’ve done for him so you can remind him later.

September 15 Wife Appreciation Day

I know most husbands appreciate their wives, they just don’t show it much, if at all. They’ll get them flowers for Mother’s Day and Chocolates for Valentine’s Day, but what do they get them for just being there? Sure, they may talk a lot and have a never ending list of chores for you to do. Maybe they don’t like your jokes, and maybe they make you get dressed up and go places you don’t want to go. So what do you give them? Your dirty clothes, expect dinner on time, and want them to answer your most secret desires. Sounds like a fair trade out! (just kidding,). This day always falls on the third Sunday in September so you have no reason to forget it! Mark it down so you don’t forget!

How to celebrate – Find some way to show your wife you appreciate them. Actually listen to what they are saying today. Try doing all that your wife does today so she doesn’t have to.

July 6th International Kissing Day

Do you like to kiss? Well if you do, you can celebrate it today by trying to beat the world’s longest kiss set by Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarathold that lasted for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. Most of that time was taken up trying to pronounce their names. (This occurred in Thailand)


Of course, we all like to think of our kisses as the romantic on earth, those kinds of kisses that curl you toes and make you see stars… Like Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. But then “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn!”.

download (3)

Then there  are those that come as a total surprise from people you don’t know. This occurred by in 1945 and I would strongly suggest not trying this today! However, there is nothing like that first kiss. When the walls come down and romance is invited in.

images (5)

There are lots of creatures on earth that kiss. Most are just trying to get something out of their mates teeth but we humans put a lot of weight on it. Expectations always run high, generally followed by disappointment and regret. But on those rare occasions when it actually means something, there is nothing like it.

images (6)

So there you go. A kiss is just a kiss, a smile is just a smile and breath mints earn a lot of points! If you choose to celebrate today, avoid eating onions and garlic! You missed National Kissing Day, that was June 19th… so you have a lot to make for.

How to celebrate – Kiss someone (Best if you know them!). See if you can kiss for 60 hours to hold the new record! Kiss you pets and let them know you love them (But don’t expect them to understand.)

January 21st National Hugging Day

There is nothing like a hug. People, animals and maybe even plants gain from a hug. Offering one and accepting one is gracious and warming showing support, caring and devotion all at the same time.

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You feel better after offering a hug and better after receiving a hug. It may be a polite hug or a bear hug filled with emotions. And somehow, animals even seem to understand the power of a hug. It is said that dogs offer hugs with their eyes… but sometimes they go further than that as well.

Boy with three puppies

The need to hug is normally obvious. People even hug their pillows at night, friends hug when something either happy, or sad, happens and lovers hug as the beginning of their relationship.


National Hug Day was created by Rev. Kevin Zaborney of Caro, Michigan in 1986. I don’t think many of us actually need a day to be told to hug each other, it seems to come pretty naturally.


How to celebrate – Hug someone today. A friend, a child, a pet or a lover. Count how many hugs you see today. Hug someone you have considered an enemy, it will go a long way to heal old wounds.

September 18th Wife Appreciation Day

Today is one day all husbands should be aware of. It is perhaps one of the most under appreciated days of the year for one of the most under appreciated people in the world, a wife. She deserves a lot of credit just for putting up with her husband but she generally takes care of the house, cooks the meals, tends to the children (if there are any), and is still expected to be sexy enough to drive her husband wild.


Keeping a house clean is a 40 hour job a week just by itself. There are the clothes to wash, the dishes to clean, the dust bunnies to catch… Then add to that the cooking, which is generally a complex job multiplied by the number of people that have to be served. In most families, every person likes something different and while it might be easier to make them all eat the same thing, most moms will fix what they know their loved ones will eat.


There is the laundry to do, sewing, taking children to where they need to go and most wives still work a 40 hour a week job. They are also supposed to look nice, have pretty hair-dos and finished fingernails and toenails. They are supposed to understand their husbands whims, his short comings, and allow him to still be a little boy at heart from time to time.


Oh, and they are expected to take care of the pets, make sure they are fed and receive the vet visits when required. And they are expects to do it all with a smile on their faces and not complain. In other words, they are expected to be super human!

Now all wives may not live up to all the expectations. They may have a failing here or there but then, husbands have no defense to offer. No one is perfect but even making the effort to be is well worth being rewarded. So if you are lucky enough to have a wife, appreciate her for who she is. Help out a little bit and try to make her life better, after all that’s what she is doing for her husband.


How to celebrate – Take your wife to her favorite restaurant. Bring her some flowers, or candy or something to let her know she is special. Spend the day doing what she wants to do (I know its Sunday and football season but there will be other games and other days. Hopefully this is your one and only wife.)