February 4th Thank A Mailman Day

Aren’t we supposed to call them Mail-person now? Anyway, you really should thank your mailman, person, for all they do. Rain or shine, hot or cold, they deliver your mail. With all the online shopping these days they are kept very busy. Add to that the regular mail it’s a lot.

Does anybody actually send letters anymore!?! I haven’t received one or sent one for as long as I can remember (Which is a pretty long time) Did you know in the past, a long time ago, mail was delivered several times a day!?! Of course it took a lot longer to sort mail sometimes building up a backlog of thousands of packets in the larger cities.

How to celebrate – Try and catch you mail carrier today and thank them. read a book about the US Postal System. Write a letter to someone today.

September 7th Neither Rain Nor Snow Day

Today is the day to honor your postal delivery person. You may get aggravated that they show up when they do, don’t bring the mail you want them to bring or that letters get lost but you have to admit, they do a pretty good over-all job.

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Their actual motto reads, “Neither snow nor rain not the heat nor gloom of night, stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” We can once again thank Benjamin Franklin for helping to create the modern day postal service. Of course, the first post office was in Philadelphia, where Franklin lived for so many years.ls

And of course there was the Pony Express, perhaps one of the most famous mail courier groups in American history. The basic message in the post office’s motto is taken from the Pony Express, “The mail must go through”.


But did you know that the post office in America was private owned until 1914? It may, or may not, have been better before the government confused things (As they usually do). Those Pony Express riders, Ben Franklin and anyone else prior to 1914 delivered the mail for profit. Today the post offices losses money hand over fist, it is hard to understand how except that with email, the telephone and those still privately owned forms of mail delivery, have reduced the US Mail Service income.


The first official government office opened in New York City, 1914. Today we celebrate the carriers more than the office itself, although you cannot have one without the other. Like them or not, you have to admire the job they do. They work very, very hard with long hours in all sorts of weather to bring you something you probably didn’t really need in the first place.

How to celebrate – Thank your postal carrier today. Use the post office as much as you can to support their work. Study the history of the US postal service.


February 4th Thank A Mailman Day

National Thank a Mailman Day

Feb 4th 2017 is Thank a Mailman Day. The US Postal Service was formed by the 2nd Continental Congress in 1775 with its first Postmaster as Benjamin Franklin.


The first postage stamps went into use in 1847 and the ultimate postal service, the Pony Express, started operation on April 3, 1860.


Delivery of mail became free to those that lived in the cities in 1863, and to rural America in 1896. To speed up the process the zip code went into use in 1963.


How to celebrate – Thank your local postal servant for their service. Buy a role of stamps to support the system. Paint your mailbox red, white and blue.