August 25th Kiss And Make Up Day

First, this day implies you are having some sort of a fight with your loved one and that by kissing you will make up for whatever was wrong. It would be nice if that actually happened, but it it doesn’t. Now before you think I’m getting all negative I just propose you don’t get angry in the first place! Okay, so I know that’s not being real. But maybe instead of disagreeing with your mate you could just kiss and pretend whatever made to mad never happened! So let’s work towards just a kiss day and leave it at that. Today was created by author Jacqueline V. Milgate on her birthday.

How to celebrate – Just don’t get mad! Kiss for the right reasons. Be happy.

April 2nd Reconciliation Day

Well, we all have people we have been at odds with one way or another. In some cases, you may not have made up for years but today is the day to bite the bullet and do it! (particularly if you had too much fun at yesterdays International Fun at Work Day!) In most cases the people we need to make up with are those that have at one time or the other been very important to us. After all, you can get mad at a stranger but generally you are over it in a few hours at most. It’s the people that you need to make up with most that meant the most to you. This works for countries as well. Find the good in people today and let the past go. Reconcile and you, and they, will feel all that much better for it. Today was created by Ann Landers in 1989.

How to celebrate – Call or write someone you haven’t spoken to in years. Write down the things that made you mad at someone and realize just how stupid they are. You can’t ask for forgiveness until you offer forgiveness.

August 25th National Kiss And Make Up Day

Nothing says you love someone as much as a kiss. Well, maybe not so with the mafia kiss, but most kisses. Sometimes you think it might be fun to fight, just so you can kiss and make up. Personally I would not try that myself but if you want to… don’t blame me. Of course, it is a great way to spread germs and make someone sick, but that does not count today.


Just think, if Adam and Eve didn’t make up after the apple thing none of us might even be here! Naturally it is better that you know the person you are kissing as well. Otherwise you might be looking at a law suit. And kissing an enemy, as in war, might not be a good idea either. Though if everyone stopped fighting and kissed maybe the world would be a happier place.


And you have to watch out for those wet, sloppy ones. In some cases they may require a towel and unless you carry one with you at all times this can become  problem. And kissing on the mouth is not always required. A nice kiss on the cheek or the back of a hand can so affection as well.

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No one seems to know who invented today. Personally I believe it was the breath mint people but maybe not. They would have to know ahead of time that you were going to get mad at someone and get their advertisement to you, which you probably weren’t paying any attention to anyway.


And really, what’s the point at being mad at each other in the first place? Does it ever make anything better!?! We often like to prove our point but lose the war in the mean time. Kissing should not be just when you are making up, it should come all the time so carry some disinfectant and breath mints with you at all times… cause you just never know when you might want to make up with someone.

How to celebrate – Kiss and make up. Lose the anger, no one ever wins anyway. Buy stock in a breath mint company.

August 25th National Kiss and Make Up Day

Isn’t it funny how a kiss can make all the bad things go away. A boo-boo, an argument, an annoying Italian with Mafia ties. There are so many emotions involved with a kiss, sometimes even a kiss can be misleading. However when it comes after an argument, disagreement or something stupid someone did the intent often leads to something more.


It’s hard to say when humans first decided to end their fights with a kiss. I guarantee it was sometime shortly after words either had their effect, or didn’t mean anything anymore. Maybe that was a way to get someone to shut up! If I put my lips on yours you can’t talk anymore. Well, I guess you can but no one is going to understand you.


And to think humans are the only ones to kiss is just wrong. Of course most animals kiss  to find out what the other had for lunch but they do have emotions. My dog is full of kisses when I get ready to take her for a walk.


I thought “Love means you never have to say you’re sorry”. I know that’s bs! We are people, we more often than not do, and then think about what we do. Not very good when you feel hurt, lonely or misunderstood. It’s not that a kiss can solve everything, but it’s a start. It really does mean, I am willing to listen, another kiss means I am ready to forgive.


How to celebrate – Give someone you know a kiss today whether you are mad at them or not. Start an argument just so you can make up. (Not suggested) You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh…