March 20th Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

March 20th Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

Do you believe you have been abducted by aliens? Well, many believe they have been. They are here to learn about us, whether to help advance us, or destroy us. Many believe the extraterrestrials have been here for centuries showing the Egyptians how to build the pyramids and advancing the Mayan and Inca civilizations. There was an Alien Abduction Festival in Canada back on March 20th, 2008. It went over so well that it was never repeated. If you were abducted it is nothing to be proud of because obviously they weren’t impressed and returned you! Who knows, maybe the person standing next to you in line isn’t a person at all, but rather an extraterrestrial examining you for some future experimentation.

How to celebrate – Well start by celebrating that you have not been abducted by extraterrestrials. Look to the sky tonight to see if you can welcome any extraterrestrials. When are we going to start abducting extraterrestrials ourselves!?!


March 19th National Poultry Day

Today we honor those birds and fowl that give their all for us, because we eat them. Chickens, turkeys and any form of bird that serves as a meal. Now before you get all upset and angry about our consumption of animals understand, we have to eat and like it or not, man is a carnivore.

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Chicken is the most prevalent among the fowl we consume. There are those who do not like chicken, or any kind of fowl, but by far most adults and kids prefer chicken to any other kind of fowl served up.

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Turkey is leaner and better for you, but not for the turkey. Today we have turkey everything, meant to make our meals better for us. Now I like turkey, but not so much turkey burgers and such. I know, I know, it’s better for you but I want my hamburgers made out of beef!


And then there is the Cornish hen. A little gamey for me but many like it. Most I have seen are very small. It might take a half dozen of them to fill you up.


And of course, there is the blackbird pie. Personally, I’ve never had one of these and don’t think I would try it even if it was served in front of me. But that’s what today is all about. Honoring those creatures that keep us full and give us the energy to eat all those nasty vegetables!

How to celebrate – Serve up something fowl for dinner! Don’t think too much about what you are eating. Watch out for salmonella.

March 14th National Pi Day

Today is National Pi Day! It happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday, born on March 14th 1879. It also happens to be the 3rd month of the year and the 14th day of the month, making it 3.14.


The day was created by Larry Shaw, a San Franciscan physicist, in 1989. Congress passed a resolution (HRE224) on March 14th, 2009 declaring it a National Day. You could say it’s a day that just keeps on giving, and giving, and giving. You might say it never ends.

pi day shirt formula jpeg

That all said, I am still not sure why it is important that we have a number that goes on forever. I am sure there is a good reason. I am glad someone knows why because I certainly do not.

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At least someone has turned the equation into a dessert… I understand dessert. Well, at least they put it on the right day, I’ll give them that! In fact, I’ll give them all of it because it just doesn’t matter to me. I don’t think I am going to solve the world’s troubles… but then again, I don’t think they are either.


How to celebrate – Have a piece of Pi. See if you can add it all up to mean something. Just forget about it and go back to bed.

March 31st World Backup Day

Have you ever had  computer crash on you? It is a major disaster. Everything you have worked on, in some cases for years, is suddenly gone. Not just misplaced, flat out gone. So now what do you do? Start over? That’s easy enough to say but a lot harder to do.


You obviously have to have some sort of backup plan. Now if you are like me, I backed up everything I had been working on on a floppy disk. Well guess what… computers don’t have floppy disks anymore! And so now, everything I wisely backed up is useless because I have no way of recovering it!

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So we now have The Cloud. Of course it does have flaws within it but it is certainly better than nothing.  Don’t let all that hard work just drop off into nothing. Personal items, tax records, manuscripts, photos, things you cannot easily replace.


So today is the day you should plan on backing up everything you have on your computer, which for many of us is a huge part of our lives and identity.  It takes only a short time to back up what you might otherwise lose forever.

How to celebrate – Back up what ever you want to make sure to keep. There are numerous ways to back up your materials, research which is best for you. Set several dates a year to backup your valued items.

March 30th National I Am in Control Day

Now here’s a day I seldom see, I am in control day. Frankly, I never seem to be in control! But if you can control anything around you, then today is your day! Control Freaks rejoice!


It all started on March 30th, 1981 when President Ronald Reagan was shot by a love sick, crazy, John Hinckley, Jr.  He was trying to impress Jodie Foster. Not sure how shooting a President impresses a girl but then I’m not insane… or at least I don’t think I am. (Hey, does that make me in control?) He didn’t really shoot Reagan though, the bullet was ricochet that struck the car and then Reagan. So not only was he a Looney Tune he was a bad shot as well.


Anyway, Secretary of State Alexander Haig stepped up when Reagan went to the hospital and said not to worry, “I am in control”. Well, those who weren’t all that worried ended up being worried. First it should have been the Vice-President that took control but Haig instantly took charge and saved the country.


Well it turns out that he didn’t mean it that way. He was just trying to keep people calm, their world wasn’t going to fall apart. The fact is that no one was concerned about who was in control until he tried to take control. That’s why I don’t even try to control anything!


I have my own tv in my own office in my own home. No one watches the tv but me. But I am not in even in control of the remote. My cat is.

How to celebrate -Declare you are in control today. Find something you can control. Write down the names of all the control freaks you know.



March 30th Good Friday

Today is Good Friday, the day Christ died on the Cross. I have always had a little issue with it being called Good Friday, it seems like it should be Bad Friday. But since it is the beginning of Christianity, for us Christians I guess it is good, in a way. The dates vary since it is the Friday before Easter and Easter varies.


This is a very Holy Day for Christians as Christ died on the cross for our sins. The idea of dying on the cross was a Roman torture, meant to dissuade others from committing the same crime. Pontius Pilate did not think Jesus guilty of any crime but sent him to the cross to appease the crowd and the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem and history remembers the rest.


Jesus died after 6 hours, it took most 36 or more hours to pass. It is said the sky turned dark and the earth shook when he succumbed. For years it was known as Dark Friday, in some places it is still observed as such. He died at 3 PM on Good Friday.


On Easter Jesus rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. There He would judge between the quick and the dead and buy for we Christians our chance at Heaven.

How to celebrate – Remember Jesus on Good Friday. Study the events that led up to Good Friday. Respect others religious choices.

March 29th Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day

Today is the Festival of Smoke and Mirrors Day, or just Smoke and Mirror Day. It’s a day to question what you think you see because it may not be what you think it might be. Magicians use this art in their shows all the time. They get you watching something that takes your attention away from the actual trick they are performing.


When something has no logical conclusion it can also be Smoke and Mirrors.  When we some5thing that isn’t really there, it’s probably smoke and mirrors. People who pretend they are something they are not, promises made that are never intended to be kept, what you want to believe is real but know it isn’t… that’s all smoke and mirrors.


The entire idea is that you can’t see what is truly hidden by smoke, and what you do see in a mirror isn’t really there. How many of us live that way? We go to work and act one way, but at home we are someone different. We want to scream but know better than doing so. We become the mirror of what others want to see while we hide in the smoke of who we are.

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Oh well, that’s starting to get a little too deep. Just keep your eyes open so that you see the real thing, and not the smoke and mirrors being offered.

How to celebrate – Go see a magic show.

March 28th National Something On A Stick Day

Why is something good to eat so much better when you put it on a stick? Is it because you can walk around with it? Because you don’t need a fork? Because it seems like you are breaking some etiquette rule? Who knows, who cares?


For some reason it is just better. Kabobs, corn dogs, pretzels, cotton candy, etc., etc., etc. Maybe it’s because we remember cooking those hotdogs on a stick over a campfire or even better marshmallows! Somehow they just seem better, yes they are normally over cooked or under-cooked but somehow that just doesn’t seem to matter.

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You can put practically anything on a stick, maybe not pudding but even then, if you freeze it you can! All that said though, food is not the only thing that can be on a stick. Walk your neighborhood and keep an eye on the trees. After all, aren’t they really just very big sticks?

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You can find squirrels, birds, iguanas, raccoons, nearly any animal you can think of can be on that sort of stick. Well, maybe not cattle or elephants but nearly any small animal. And why stop there!?! Even people could be up in a tree.


And not all sticks need to be made of wood! They can be aluminum, steel or practically any material you can thik of. Whatever material you choose today to celebrate, just make sure you stick to it!

How to celebrate – Think of as many things that come on a stick that you can come up with. Build a campfire tonight and cook some hotdogs. Invent your own “On A Stick” item.

March 27th National Joe Day

Probably the most common male name in all English speaking countries of the world is, Joe. Of course, it is normally short for Joseph, but most people named Joseph just want to be known by Joe. Others come close… John, Jim, Bill, Bob, Questanza… but none replace Joe.


We have named other common things Joe as well. Like a cup of coffee. Nothing like a hot cup of Joe. Maybe Joe made the coffee, brought the coffee or bought the coffee but lets hope it really wan’t made out of Joe.


Even popular books have been named after Joe, as well as a sandwich. I use to love Sloppy Joe’s! The sandwich, not the book. The sandwich was named so because it’s nearly impossible eat without making a mess. Though I have not read the book, from the cover I get the same general idea.


During World War 2, our soldiers were often called Joe… particularly by the Japanese. The G.I. stood for General Issue, the equipment and uniforms supplied to the the average soldier, named Joe. Later the toy, G.I. Joe came out to honor all the American soldiers over the years.


Joe’s a good name. It’s a strong name, simple and honest. Anyone named Joe should be proud of it and this is your day. Something that separates you from all the other Tom, Dick and Harry’s of the world.

How to celebrate – Call yourself Joe today, even if it’s not your name. Have a cup of Joe. Honor ever G.I. Joe the world has ever known.

March 26th make Up Your Own Holiday Day

There are very few things we can do today that haven’t been done, or celebrated, before. I mean, if you think about it, what holiday are you aware of that you haven’t already heard of (give it a minute, it will hit you)? Well today is the day you can create your own holiday!


It needs to be something original, and generally speaking something someone else will want to celebrate with you. You need to pick out a date that relates to what you are celebrating somehow. Like you can’t create St. Patrick’s day in June. Well, you could but probably everyone will think you are crazy! You can’t even create this day because Wellness Permission League already did!


We at Unboxing the Bizarre did create a national day… National Mason Jar Day. We celebrate on November 30th because that was the day that John Landis Mason’s patent was filed.


So create a day others will want to share with you… like John Smith Day or Betty Jones Day.  If you can think of a good enough reason that your birthday should be celebrated, maybe you can get hundreds, or thousands, or at least one other person, celebrating with you! And once you’ve got it started, it will live forever!

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How to celebrate – Create your own holiday. Make sure the day will be of some value to others. Create a song to go along with your holiday.