March 4th Marching Music Day

March 4th Marching Music Day

Technically speaking, I suppose if you move around when you play music you are celebrate marching music day. However, if you literally march then you need to make sure there is a beat to march to or the players get very confused. Marching music started out as military bands led troops through towns on parade to reassure both the citizens, and the soldiers themselves. It eventually became a competition  and began to specialize in the performance. Drum and Bugle Corps leading the way. The Drum Corps International, who founded today officially organized back in 1971.

How to celebrate – Go to a parade and watch the marching bands. Go to a football game for halftime. Watch the military marching bands perform at special ceremonies.   

November 17th National Take A Hike Day

Today is a great day to take a hike. What’s the difference between a hike and a walk? Well I guess it depends on how fast, far and the terrain you hike on. You can hike around a block, but generally that is considered a walk. You can walk up a mountain, but generally that is called a hike.


I think generally speaking a hike is a little more adventuresome than a walk. It’s probably a little more strenuous and often involves exploring things you don’t normally see everyday. It’ a chance to commune with nature, animals and enjoy the weather.


Most hikes have a destination as well. They may involve a picnic lunch or even a sleep over at the destination you chosen. The objective of taking a hike is get out and spend sometime with nature, get a little exercise and enjoy life. Take you cell phone for an emergency but forget you have it unless you need it.

Woman hiking in winter forest with dog

And don’t forget to take your dog. They love hikes, probably even more than their people do! And November is perfect for it. The leaves are changing colors, the air is a little crisper and besides, you need to make room for that Thanksgiving feast coming up.


But don’t ask a soldier to go on a little hike with you… you might get shot!

How to celebrate – Go on a hike. Form a hiking party. Join the army and go hiking every day.

April 7th National Walk To Work Day

Today is National Walk To Work Day. It was started by US Secretary of Health & Human Services, Thomas G. Thompson, back on April 2nd, 2004. (The celebration is the first Friday in April)  If you work as far away from work as I do, you’d better have started yesterday!


There are a few rules about walking that you may want to pay attention to however. Like, don’t walk and read your cell phone at the same time. People have actually fallen off mountains doing that. Though how many mountains you cross going to work may take care of this issue. For the most part, just be reasonable while walking. Keep your head up and watch where you are going. Make sure you know the traffic rules and do not assume someone in a car is always going to stop.

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Soldiers do not have as many issues since they march (Walk) every day. It is sort of their job! So I guess you could say they walk to work everyday. In theory, one should walk at least 30 minutes a day, or take 10,000 steps, to stay healthy. (That means all at once, not over the course of the entire day!)

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Be friendly while walking, you never know what new friends you might make. However, should you find a group of Zombies you might want to quicken your pace. A Zombie walks a lot so don’t depend on wearing them out, you have to move faster than them. (Which isn’t really very hard to do.

How to celebrate – Walk to work today if you can. If you can’t walk to work, walk at lunch, 15 minutes one way and returning the other fifteen minutes. Make sure you wear the right shoes!