June 4th Old Maid Day

No, we aren’t talking about the card game here, we are talking about all the old maids of the world. In theory, old maids came out somewhere around 1946 after World War 2. So many men were returning from the war that if a gal didn’t find “Mr. Right” they were considered an old maid. It also applied to those women who had waited for their men to come home but never did. Today we think of it as a derogatory term for women but it wasn’t intended that way when it first came out. Of course we all know that women can do just fine without a man, or another woman, in their lives so maybe the only proper place for the term “Old Maid” is in the card game. Alas, another piece of history to be forgotten because we think we know better these days.

How to celebrate – Play a card game of Old Maid. Forget today exists, like most of history we can just pretend like it never was. Go back to bed and forget the day completely.

March 20th Proposal Day

At first sight, you might think this is a day set aside to ask someone to marry you. Well, it could be, nothing wrong with that but there are many different types of proposals and the day does not spell out which it meant. Congress persons propose different laws and amendments. (Not that they ever pass any of them.) Business’ propose new ventures, sports teams propose trades, in fact any idea until it is accepted or rejected is actually a proposal. Something to think about and generally something to say “yes” or “no” to. You can even propose to forget about today altogether and go back to bed.

How to celebrate – Make a proposal. Listen to all proposals. Think of how many proposals you have made in your lifetime.

January 26th Spouse’s Day

We don’t give our spouse’s the attention we should. We often take for granted that they will always be there after the honeymoon is over. Well today is for letting them know that we do love them, think about them more than they might be aware of and want them to get everything they want. It’s easy to accept someone being there after number of years. We begin to think alike, talk alike and even (In some cases) look alike. The truth is, we are very different people and deserve to be a loved for who we truly are. Remember what attracted you to your spouse to begin with and take your relationship back to when it first began. You chose to spend your life with this person so choose to show them how much you enjoy them being there.

How to celebrate – Take your spouse somewhere special. Break out the pictures and travel back in time. Let your spouse know they are special.

September 15 Wife Appreciation Day

I know most husbands appreciate their wives, they just don’t show it much, if at all. They’ll get them flowers for Mother’s Day and Chocolates for Valentine’s Day, but what do they get them for just being there? Sure, they may talk a lot and have a never ending list of chores for you to do. Maybe they don’t like your jokes, and maybe they make you get dressed up and go places you don’t want to go. So what do you give them? Your dirty clothes, expect dinner on time, and want them to answer your most secret desires. Sounds like a fair trade out! (just kidding,). This day always falls on the third Sunday in September so you have no reason to forget it! Mark it down so you don’t forget!

How to celebrate – Find some way to show your wife you appreciate them. Actually listen to what they are saying today. Try doing all that your wife does today so she doesn’t have to.

April 28th Kiss Your Mate Day

Well here’s a day we can all find some value in. (Or at least most of us) Kiss Your Mate Day. I think this should work for all of us unless perhaps you work on a ship. How long has it been since you kissed your mate? I don’t mean the little peck on the cheek saying good morning or good night. The longer you are married generally the less you kiss. The norm seems to be that the long one is married the less passion there is in the relationship. While I don’t believe this is true, the less open display of affection is required. Note I did not say needed. I know I am loved, I know I love, to show that is no longer a requirement… but that said, it is still nice to know that, at times, that expression is shown in more than a nice dinner, a smile and a knowing glance.

How to celebrate – Kiss your mate. No, kiss them like you mean it! Avoid pirate ships today.

January 26th National Spouse’s Day

Well one of the most under-appreciated people in our lives is our spouse. We often take them for granted or forget that they have feelings, thoughts and dreams as well as us. But they do. The longer we live with someone the more important they become but so much of that is taken for granted that while we are aware they are there, we don’t pay them much attention.

It’s only natural. After a while, just like the sun rising every day and the moon every night, we expect them to be there. We expect them to know what we like, want and need without ever telling them anything. The truth is, they are half of us, maybe even the better half. And today is the day to recognize all that they do.

After we have been married for a while, or living with, or whatever your situation happens to be, we just sort of expect things and depend on them without thinking about them. There is an excitement when we first get together that does wane a bit over the years. It doesn’t mean we love them less, we probably love them even more, but to keep up that intensity is jus too difficult.

So maybe today we should step out of our comfort zone and go a step beyond to let our spouse know just how important they are to us. That while we probably could live without them we wouldn’t want to and even though we don;t always agree, if ever we do, we respect their thoughts, opinions and beliefs.

How to celebrate – Let your spouse know how you fell about them. List all your spouse does for you so you can actually see it before you. Tell your loved ones that you love them, even if they already know that.

September 16th Wife Appreciation Day

Today we celebrate our wives for who they are and what they bring to our lives. It was designed to replace Mother’s Day for those marriages that do not have children. (Or at least little ones) To me a mother and a wife are, in a way, two different people and we men need to celebrate our wives for being a wife as well.


When we are young a wife is there to support us  and grow with us. They are the apple of our eye and we desperately want to be their hero. The thing is, they are more our heroine than we will ever be their hero. They do not marry us (Normally) because we are sexy, rich or will make all their dreams come true. (Of course there are exceptions)

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By the time we reach our middle ages men realize they can no longer be that knight in shining armor but we still want to be. We certainly are as sexy and we often have forgotten what their dreams are. But they are still there making our dreams come true and they have shared or victories and defeats.


By the time we get older we begin to gripe about all that we could have done, or could have been and yet they are still beside us. Still routing us on even when we have no place left to go. Whether a woman has had an actual child to raise or not she has still remained a wife and raised a child… her husband.


So the old adage proves true, happy wife, happy life. Marriage is much more than having a child, in many ways a=it’s all about remaining a child and growing together… for better or for worse.

How to celebrate – Thank your wife for being your wife today. Fix dinner for your wife, or if you cook like me… take them out to dinner. Remember all the things your wife means to you, even when it sometimes seems impossible to do.

January 26th Spouses Day

Today is National Spouses Day (not to be confused with National Military Spouses Day). Today is the day we celebrate the person we have chosen to spend the rest of our lives with (hopefully).


When we are young, the appeal of someone else is obvious. Physical attraction normally comes first, followed by the sharing of ideals and dreams. We hope to grow with each other, sharing the joys, and sorrows, our mate feels. Every new experience brings us closer together, even some old experiences take on a different meaning than before when we experienced them by ourselves. It is the time of life when we go eyes-wide-open, expecting to share our lives completely with each other.

Senior man giving woman piggyback ride

As we grow older many of our dreams and interests have changed. Hopefully our spouse is experiencing the same things. This is a trying time, a time when we begin to feel time is running out for us to gather in the things in life we think we want. So we try even harder to grasp hold of the future and take what we want, need, and feel we deserve. If we have chosen the right mate, they will be experiencing the same thing. It can be a time when we grow closer than ever before, or we can grow further apart. Sometimes being defeated in what we think we want can lead us to something more important, what we really need. There is nothing more rewarding than finding out that the person we remember when we were both young will still be the person we share our challenges with gracefully. They will help us accept our limitations and advance ourselves into being someone better.


And if we are lucky to reach our senior years with our mate we will find a friend, and a lover, maybe not as attractive as we once were, certainly not as active as we once were, and a little more willing to let life lead us to where we are going than trying to shape it ourselves.

A spouse is someone we hope to have with us for life, for better and for worse, richer and poorer… till life do us part.

How to celebrate – No matter what stage of life you are in make sure your spouse knows you are happy they are the one that has experienced life with you. Don’t let a day go by without telling your spouse you love them. Let your spouse know daily what is right about them when it is so easy to find things that are wrong.