January 25th National Opposite Day

This can be a really annoying day if you are not aware of it. Those around you who celebrate it are sure to do something that confuses you because you did not know it was Opposite day.  when I worked in the school system it seemed like every kid knew about today and always used it against we adults. We would tell them to calm down and they would say no, which at first made you mad until we realized it was opposite day!

It’s okay though, because later in the day we could tell them they did not get recess today, but since it was opposite day they then had to figure it out. Revenge is sweet sometimes. No one seems to know who came up with this day, so no one gets the blame. It is believed it came into use somewhere in the 2000’s but there are references that date back to Calvin Coolidge’s era of the 1920’s.

It also appears in Alice In Wonderland so maybe it was picked up on as early as the late 1800’s! So does that mean that Alice didn’t really fall into the hole? Perhaps she just hovered above it? I am certainly glad that we do not celebrate Opposite Day every day because we would never know if what someone told us is what they really meant or not.

And as far as wearing your underwear on the outside of your clothing, that’s now old school because half the population shows it on a daily basis. I am not sure what wearing pants around your knees does for you but if you enjoy not being able to walk normally, go ahead.

How to celebrate – Make sure you let someone know it’s Opposite Day before you do everything, or say everything, the opposite of what you mean. If you are opposite of opposite then you are no longer opposite. What is normal anyway?