January 18th Thesaurus Day

Roget’s Thesaurus is the most popular thesaurus in history… in fact for years it was the only thesaurus there was. Roget was born in 1778 and it was an important piece of work as it gave meaning to words people had no idea what they meant… they were similar to other meanings but with different words giving one options instead of using the same old words over and over again!They are called synonyms and are fun to use. (Yes I’m stretching it a bit here)

How to celebrate – Find your thesaurus. (You probably haven’t used it in years) Create your own synonyms. Just use the words you already know.


October 16th National Dictionary Day

Today we celebrate the guy that tells us what all those words we don’t understand mean. Well, it’s good somebody does… I’m just not sure what the point of using them is but at least we know where to go look them up!


Daniel Webster was 43 when he started writing the dictionary. It took him 27 years to finish it, and it has changed even since then as words are added and created. He is known as the Father of the American Dictionary. At least it was in English!


And today is his birthday so it’s a great day to celebrate! In fact, every word I am typing in here is in his book. Even fiction is in his book although his book is not fiction. There are other words that apply to his book that are written in it but do not actually describe it… like, exciting, fun and joyful.


Just kidding! Which is also a word in his book! The general idea is to learn a new word everyday so you are able to speak better. Never mind that no one will understand you, it’s important that you learn.


Actually having a good vocabulary is important, knowing how to spell words is equally as important because spelling it wrong may cause great consternation. The one thing I never understood was when my teacher or parents told me to go lookup a word I didn’t know how to spell in the dictionary. Ah, hello… don’t you have to know how to spell it to look it up!?!

How to celebrate – See if you can find your dictionary. Have a dictionary party. Learn a new word today.