May 28th National Hamburger Day

🍔 Happy National Hamburger Day! 🍔

Who would’ve thought that ground beef sandwiched between two pieces of bread could become such an iconic American delight? Though the origins of the hamburger may be shrouded in mystery, let’s give the good ol’ USA a nod for popularizing this juicy creation. Maybe someone somewhere else thought of it first, but they didn’t leave a mark in the history books like America did!

Now, let’s talk about the genius who had the audacity to put a salad on top of a hamburger. Seriously, who came up with that brilliant idea? Cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a pickle team up to create a medley of flavors that make your taste buds sing. It’s like having a well-rounded meal all neatly nestled between two heavenly slices of bread. Of course, feel free to customize your burger to your heart’s content—add more toppings, ditch the ones you’re not a fan of, because no matter what, it’s still a scrumptious, classic hamburger.

So, how can we make this National Hamburger Day celebration even more epic? Simple! Indulge in the joy of sinking your teeth into a delicious, perfectly grilled hamburger. Sink your teeth into that juicy patty, and let the flavors explode in your mouth. But hold on, don’t forget the golden companions of every burger—the crispy, golden French fries! They’re the quintessential sidekick, the partner-in-crime to your burger adventure. And if you really want to go all out, make it an All-American meal by adding a side of coleslaw, baked beans, or even a slice of good ol’ apple pie!

Today, let’s honor the hamburger in all its glory. Raise your buns to this culinary masterpiece, whether you’re firing up the grill at home or indulging in a mouthwatering burger at your favorite joint. Celebrate the flavors, the history, and the mouthwatering magic that is the hamburger. After all, it’s not just a meal—it’s a symbol of American ingenuity and culinary pleasure that brings us all together!

Happy National Hamburger Day, and bon appétit! 🍔🍟


March 19th Poultry Day

Well, if you like chickens or turkeys you may want to turn away from today.. unless, of course, you like to eat them in which case, today is your day! There is no doubt that chicken and turkey is better for you than beef or pork, maybe not quite as good as fish but acceptably close. The fact is, humans are meat eaters, not that I like it, but they are. You don;t have to eat meat, you can stick to a vegetarian diet, or vegan diet, but generally speaking (Not everyone) you will look like death warmed over! So enjoy, or don’t, poultry day it’s your choice.

How to celebrate – Cows would prefer you eat chicken. Eat healthy. Become a vegetarian.

December 30th Bacon Day

Who doesn’t like bacon!?! Well, okay, there are those people who do not like bacon for numerous reasons but come on… even pigs like bacon! The smell of it cooking can wake up an entire household and adding it to a sandwich, soup or any meal just perks the flavor up instantly! And what is breakfast without bacon!?! Bacon-less!!!

How to celebrate – Cook up some bacon. Figure out different foods you can flavor with bacon. Serve bacon at every meal.

December 2nd National Fritter Day

Fritters are fried cakes or dough general served with either fruit or meat inside of them making them, sort of a hot sandwich. They can also have vegetables, though a little less common, and were a common meal in the old west when cowboys use to throw the batter and meat into the frying pan and make breakfast, lunch or dinner. It was quick and easy and generally pretty tasty.

How to celebrate – Fry up some fritters. Use whatever grain you prefer to make your dough. Go camping and make some fritters in the wild!

October 26th National Mincemeat Day

Here’s a day to really be scared of with Halloween rapidly coming. It’s Mincemeat Day, normally served like a pie but as a meal. It was created during the Middle Ages as a way to preserve meat, and other things, by mixing meat, suet and fruit together. It was fairly sweet, sometimes too sweet but it was enjoyed during the Middle Ages maybe because they rarely ate sweets… I don’t know. Like many foods the art of preserving them didn’t make them any better it just made them last longer before they’d kill you because you ate them. But I suppose you can develop a taste for just about anything.

How to celebrate – Make some Mincemeat. Add your favorite fruit to hamburger and see how it tastes. Pretend you are having a Middle Ages festival and serve Mincemeat.

March 7th-13th Butcher’s Week

March 7th– 13th Butcher’s Week

Butcher’s week has been celebrated now for 15 years. Considering butchers have been around nearly since time began it’s about time they got recognized for what they do. There is an art to being a butcher, certain cuts of meat are only available because butchers make refine and improve their craft. You can also request certain cuts of your own, of course you need to know what they are before you ask for them because otherwise how would you know you got what you asked for?

How to celebrate – Thank your butcher for the job they do. Learn the different cuts of meat. Learn how to become your own butcher.

December 30th Bacon Day

Nearly everyone I know loves bacon. Not the vegetarians of course, but nearly everyone else. There is something about the crispy, salty flavor that accents nearly every food with some favorable outcome. Potatoes are better with bacon, eggs are better with bacon, salads are better with bacon… even bacon is better with bacon! Most vegetarians even remember the taste of bacon enough that they remember loving it too so much that they made their own veggie bacon… better than nothing I guess. So today is your day to enjoy bacon in whatever you like to eat… even if it’s just a slice of bacon by itself.

How to celebrate – Make some bacon. Test putting bacon in something you have never had it in before. Thank a pig.

December 30th Bacon Day

Also known as International Bacon Day. Well, who doesn’t know what bacon is? Today is claimed by two different groups, the residents of Bradford, Ma in 2000 and then some grad students in Boulder, Colorado in 2004. The grad students were probably stoned and didn’t know the day had already been created. Doesn’t matter either way, bacon is bacon and it should be enjoyed by all. (There is vegan bacon as well) Most people love this day, pigs… not so much.

How to celebrate – Enjoy some bacon. See how many bacon recipes you can find. Have bacon at every meal.

December 30th Bacon Day

There are several Bacon days during the year. International, National, and just plain bacon day. Today is just plain bacon day. It supposedly started before 2000 in the UK but who knows, as bacon has been popular for a lot longer than that! In fact, I don’t know a time when bacon has not been popular! Even Vegans try to make something that tastes like bacon, it doesn’t, but the point is, they at least try. I am curious, how does a Vegan know what bacon tastes like? Well, good on them for at least trying. Those meat eaters among us seem to prefer bacon to nearly any other kind of meat. Salty, crisp and filled with flavor it may indeed be the perfect food! And there is nothing like the scent of bacon cooking!

How to celebrate – Cook up some bacon. They even have bacon ice cream these days, see if you can invent something new like… bacon cereal! Wear some bacon perfume!

November 3rd Sandwich Day

If it’s lunch time, most of us are probably having a sandwich. It’s filling, tasty, and portable! It is really a full meal – in most cases, bread, meat, cheese, and vegetables! Supposedly, the sandwich was created by the 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, who spent a great deal of time in gambling halls in the UK and did not have time to sit and have a full meal. He thought to himself, if he put the meat he was having between two pieces of bread he could take his meal with him and eat as he played. This was in 1762. While it might be true, and probably is, I find it a little hard to believe that people before Montagu hadn’t thought up the idea. But none-the-less, today we celebrate his invention the sandwich in the best way we know how… eating a sandwich.

How to celebrate – Have a sandwich. Invent some type of new sandwich. Try adding new and different things to your sandwich.