May 19th Band Aid Day

If you got a boo boo you probably covered it up with a Band Aid, which is actually a brand, not the material… though we call it the material. The Band Aid was developed by Earle Dickson for his accident prone wife in 1920. Since he did it on Johnson and Johnson time, it became theirs. Dickson was rewarded with a token vice-president position while Johnson and Johnson went on to make over a hundred billion Band Aids a year. You figure the profits! There are a lot of knock offs these days but few actually work as well as Johnson and Johnson’s product.

How to celebrate – Make sure you have Band Aids for those accidents around the house. Learn what other products Johnson and Johnson makes. Get the smiley face Band Aids just for fun.

April 23rd World Laboratory Day

Anything invented has to have gone through a series of tests, most likely in a laboratory. It is sort of the workplace of the scientist. A properly equipped laboratory can be very expensive considering all the variations of equipment needed pending the desires results. Back in 2015 the average cost per square foot was $24.60. Today we celebrate those labs understanding our lives would be very different if those discovers made in a lab had never happened. It is also where the Frankenstein Monster was created so it can be entertaining as well.

How to celebrate – Find a laboratory near your home. Get a home lab and experiment on your own. Volunteer at a school as a lab assistant.

May 12th International Nurses Day

Having spent a few days in the hospital over the last couple of months, and then going to doctor’s offices afterwards, I have come to appreciate the Nurse for all He/She does. Doctors are far too often too busy to really care about the person they are giving care too. I get it, they have a lot to do and a lot of people to see. That leaves the daily hands on work to the nurse that builds a relationship with her charge. Today was begun back in 1953 when Dorothy Sutherland of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare sent in the idea to honor nurses with a week (May 7th- 13th) and a day May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. It didn’t catch on at first. Nurses deserve a lot more credit than they get. They save lives while showing compassion as well.

How to celebrate – Thank any nurse you may know. Read about Florence Nightingale. Consider becoming a nurse.

April 23rd World Laboratory Day

When we think of a laboratory we often think of the mad scientist conjuring something up crazy or inhuman, aka Dr. Frankenstein building his monster in a lightening storm. Or maybe we think of people trying to create a life saving drug or vaccine. Or maybe they are both, the people who created the problem so that they can become the heroes that solve it. Whether they are heroes or villains to you they do play an important role in our lives and those people that work in them are clearly smarter than the average bear.

How to celebrate – Visit a lab and see what they do. Thank those you may know that work in a lab. Watch Frankenstein.

March 6th National Dentist’s Day

March 6th National Dentist’s Day

Show a little love for your favorite doctor, your dentist! What!?! They aren’t your favorite doctor!?! Well, who are you going to go to when you have toothache, lose a crown, or break a tooth!?! Oh sure, then they become your favorite doctor. Considering Dentists normally deal with people in pretty severe pain most of their day, it’s surprising to me that students still want to become dentists. It may not be the most rewarding job on the face of the earth, but it is certainly a needed job.

How to celebrate – When was the last time you went to the dentist? Thank any dentist you happen to see. Buy a new toothbrush, and maybe some floss.

May 12th International Nurse’s Day

I think recent events prove to us all just how much we depend on, and cherish, our health providers. Now I already know there was a nurse’s day this month, in fact there are lot of them throughout the year, but why not? They deserve our respect and thanks for all they do. Remember, they do not often see us at our best and generally do things to us we would rather not have done… but guess what, they would rather not have to do them either! They have been putting their lives on the line for us, risking themselves and their families. The date was selected since it is Florence Nightingale’s birthday, one of the first nurses to serve the world, not just her own backyard.

How to celebrate – Thank any nurse you may know for all they have done. Take a nurse to lunch, if you are allowed to. Help provide for their needs just as they have for yours.