May 31st Memorial Day

Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day began right after the Civil War in 1865 as families went out to decorate the graves of those lost during the tragic war. In 1882 Decoration Day turned into Memorial Day celebrated on May 30th and then changed again in 1971 to the last Monday in May to give federal employees a three day weekend. That seems a little insensitive to me but I guess holidays like this one are meant for the living to remember the dead by having that extra day off. And, of course, we are trying desperately to forget there is any history to America, except for that we choose to invent now… so sad, guess we are doomed to repeat it.

How to celebrate – If you choose, remember the fallen that gave their lives for you. (Or forget them, your choice) Live with the good traditions and learn from the bad ones. Make up your own history that suites you since the real stuff doesn’t seem to matter anymore. (Hey, did you know I was once a King!)

May 27th Memorial Day

We celebrate all the fallen today that have served our country in military service. It was begun after the Civil War as families went of decorate the graves of those who had fallen. It was commonly known as Decoration Day until 1882 when it became Memorial Day. It always fell on May 30th regardless of the day of the week but in 1971 Congress made Memorial Day the last Monday of May so that families, and government workers, could have a three day weekend. Just something wrong with that… the idea we should all have an extra day when those we are celebrating had no extras days themselves. But I suppose it makes it easier for families to travel where they need to go to pay honor to their fallen family members.

How to celebrate – Remember the reason for the day. Pay homage to those who have given you all that you have. Study your family tree to find out the soldiers who served you directly.

May 28th Memorial Day

May 28th Memorial Day


Today we remember those who have perished in the defense of our country during their military service. It is the supreme sacrifice in order that others may live free, not something we should take lightly.


The day came after the Civil War, first known as Decoration Day when Southern families remembered their dead by placing flowers and other decoration on the graves. Since 1971 it has been known better as Memorial Day.


How to celebrate – Remember the fallen who fell for you. Visit the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Honor those who still serve in the military.

May 29th Memorial Day

All sacrificed some, some sacrificed all. This is the day we should remember all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country free, preserve our human rights and allow America to still be that beacon on the hill.


It started as Decoration Day following the Civil War.  As families began to recover from the death of loved ones they began to decorate their graves with flowers blooming from the spring as the summer months began to approach. It was the first time in American history when graveyards had been separated for the fallen soldiers as there were simply too many to be sent back home to be buried. It didn’t matter what side they had fought on, all the graves would be decorated.


In 1882 the name was changed to Memorial Day, remember all those who had fallen in the name of America, and across the world. Families would gather, share a meal near the gravesite and then decorate the graves of their fallen loved ones, friends and even the occasional stranger.


It seems the least we could do for all they have done, and given, for us. No one wants to be forgotten when they are gone. Unfortunately the list continues to grow. World War 2 created many heroes from men and women that might have lived relatively quiet lives otherwise.

Two US Soldiers Helping Wounded Third

And Vietnam, while not popular, created a longer list with many more heroes many Americans seemed to try and forget. Like the war or not, the men and women who fought it are to be remembered just as in any war America has fought. In 1971 Congress set Memorial Day to the last Monday in May.


There will be more wars. There will be more death. Their will be more graves to decorate and more heroes to be born. It is up to us to remember them because you can bet your life, they remembered you.

How to celebrate – Decorate a soldiers grave today. Remember any in your family who served in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. Be truly thankful for those who have served, not just because you think you should but because you know you should.

May 30th Memorial Day

Memorial Day became official in 1868 when the Grand Army of the Republic met in Decatur, Illinois where survivors of the American Civil War from the Union side gathered to decorate the graves of their fallen comrades. Originally known as “Decoration Day” the Southern troops claim to have preceded their Union counterparts by doing the same in 1866. Either way the idea of celebrating the lives of those who fell in service to our country’s armed forces has become a major holiday of remembrance in the United States.


It got me thinking about how many wars our troops have been a part of since the Civil War. Some are obviously better known than others, but listed below are conflicts where soldiers fell fighting for what their country determined of value. Agree with the conflict or not, these men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice and should be honored. It wasn’t always nation against nation, in some cases, it was American against American, as in the Indian Wars or the Civil War. So here we go, you may not believe how many wars we have participated in…

Colorado War, Snake War, Powder River War, Red Cloud’s War, Formosa Expedition…


Comanche Campaign, United States Expedition to Korea, Modoc War, Red River War…


Las Cuevas War, Great Sioux War of 1876, Buffalo Hunter’s War, Nez Perce War…

Nez perce - removals

San Elizario War, Bannock War, Cheyenne War, Sheepeaters War, Victorio’s War…

Apache scouts

White River War, Pine Ridge Campaign, Garza Revolution, Yaqui Wars…


Second Samon Civil War, Spanish-American War, Phillippine-American War…

Gillmore Party Prisoners

Moro Rebellion, Boxer Rebellion, Crazy Snake Rebellion, Border War, Negro Rebellion…

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Occupation of Nicaragua, Bluff War, Occupation of Haiti, Sugar Intervention…


Occupation of the Dominican Republic, World War 1, Russian Civil War, Posey War…


World War 2, Korean War, Lebanon Crisis, Bay of Pigs Invasion, Simba Rebellion…


Dominican Civil War, Vietnam War, Communist Insurgency of Thailand, Shaba II…

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Multinational Force in Lebanon, Invasion of Grenada, Tanker War, Invasion of Panama…

Panama Invasion

Gulf War, Somali Civil War, Intervention in Haiti, Bosnian War, Kosovo War, Afghanistan…

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Iraq War, War in North-West Pakistan, 2011 Intervention in Libya & the War on ISIS…

How to celebrate: Decorate the final resting place of someone who has fallen in service to our country. Give a thought (or prayer if you wish) to those who fell in places you have never heard of. Fly your flag proudly for those who died for it.