May 15th Police Officers Memorial Day

Ya, ya… I know… we aren’t supposed to like the police anymore but the only thing more foolish than that is thinking that anyone else is ever going to come to your rescue. Today was created by Congress, Presidential Proclamation #3337, in 1963. As with any line of work, there are good people and bad people that get employed but the mass majority of police officers are hard working, honest men and women. And many, many die trying to keep our world safe. We need to honor them, those men and women who gave their lives trying keep us safe, in many cases even from ourselves. So until you try doing what they do, honor them… you cannot possibly know what they go through even when doing something as simple as issuing a speeding ticket.

How to celebrate – Honor the fallen police officers in your community. Respect all police, they deserve it. Ride with a police officer for the day to see first hand what they go through.

May 9th Lost Sock Memorial Day

We all have them, that missing sock that we look forever for but can never find. We save the remaining sock just in case but in your heart, you know you’ll never find it. Well today is the day to take those single socks (You know you have a number of them) take them out in the backyard and bury them. Think of the room you’ll save and finally letting go of those socks that have baffled you for so long. Let it go! Let it go! Let that lonely old sock go.

How to celebrate – Gather up your lost socks. Stop looking for those missing socks. Go buy new socks to make yourself feel better.

May 9th Lost Sock Memorial Day

Remember yesterday when you took off your socks for No Sock Day? Well, there’s a 9 in 10 chance that one of those socks has now gone missing. What good is one sock by itself? Now you could buy all white socks, or all black socks so that they will match no matter how many you have but that would just be silly. And what happens to those missing socks? Where do they go? Did they run away from home because they just couldn’t stand the smell anymore? Did they just get worn out and fade away? it’s a question we may never be able to answer. (Another good reason for No Sock Day!) So what do you do with the one sock that has been loyal and remained behind? Well there’s always sock puppets, golf clubs that need to be covered and those peg legged pirates that are looking to buy just one sock.

How to celebrate – Provide a proper memorial for those missing socks. Use the remaining sock as a flag to fly at your memorial. Don’t wear socks at all.

May 15th National Police Officers Memorial Day

Peace Officer, Police, Sheriff, no matter what you call them, these are men and women who place themselves in danger to keep us safe. Lately there are those who feel police officers should be perfect, well when robbers, murderers and street gangs become perfect then I might agree. Until then, respect those who protect us.


Today we honor those who have fallen in the line of duty.  It seems many of them have been killed lately for no reason at all. Of course, when we lose respect for ourselves we will lose respect for those who keep us respectful of others first. Name me one profession where everybody is perfect!?! Then name me one profession that stands between us and danger, 24/7 365 days of the year.


Shoot outs, car crashes, beatings, rescues, you name it and you will find a police officer there. They have families, children, wives, brothers, sisters, everything the normal citizen have but they are often required to put us ahead of themselves, and those they love. Most of us would just run away.


And that old line, try calling a criminal when you need help. I seriously doubt they are going to show up and if they do, watch out! Today was created by an Act of Congress. While it is a National Day, no one takes the day off, few go to the ceremonies held and what’s worth, so many of us just don’t care.


That’s so sad because if they peace officers, sheriff’s police cared as little as we do, we couldn’t trust anyone.

How to celebrate Attend one of the ceremonies in your area. Thank law men and women for what they do. Be respectful.

May 15th National Police Officers Memorial Day

Today is the day we celebrate those who keep us safe. It seems in fashion these days not to appreciate those who protect us but just stop and think about life without them. And just like the soldiers who protect our freedom from outside forces, these are the men and women who protect us from those around us who feel they have a power over us.


Every day they are heroes. Every time they pull over a speeding car, check on someone who is obviously out of their element and from those who are just plain crazy, they are the ones who protect us from our own community. Of all those who work for us, with us and around us, they are the ones always in the most danger. Whether you agree with them, or don’t, they are the ones that keep society from collapsing.


And many of them will not see tomorrow. Imagine yourself running into a building that is burning or rushing to a scene where someone has been shooting at others. Most of us would go the other way, not police. Remember the next time you get pulled over for speeding that the man, or woman, in front of us may have just rescued a child or faced someone insane. They may have faced a person trying to end their own lives or trying to steal something from someone who has worked hard to earn what they have.


And they face all the same issues we do. Paying the bills, struggles with a loved one, children growing up too fast, relatives that demand too much. And yet, we expect them to be perfect all the time. Shame on us. They are humans and do more for each and every one of us than we do for others in a lifetime.


So today when you see a policeman, or woman, you should really thank them because it is very possible tomorrow, you may not have the chance.

How to celebrate – Thank a police officer for the work they do. Buy a police officer a Starbucks. Place some flowers on the grave of a police officer who fell in the line of duty.