April 8th Zoo Lover's Day

I know most zoos are controversial. I get it, caging up animals meant to roam free is unnatural. The trouble is, in the world today, zoos are often safer for animals than being in the wild. There are numerous breeds that would have been lost to history if not for zoos. It is also a chance for us to see animals that we may not otherwise be able to see. Many zoos also have wonderful rehabilitation programd. So instead of being upset with these places that are trying to keep their animals healthy and happy, try just going to a zoo and enjoying yourself. Originally called a Menagerie, zoos have been around since 1500 BC.

How to celebrate – Visit a zoo. Do not condemn what you do not understand. Help fund zoos to do the right thing and help with rehabilitation programs.

April 8th Zoo Lovers Day

Yes, I agree animals should be free to roam the earth as God placed them. But that doesn’t always work out so well.  Man and animal will always clash for territory and the outcome for animals does not bode well. Instead of killing them off, giving them a home where they can live out their lives in relative comfort, just seems like a lot better solution.


It is also a great way to learn about animals, how they live, what they eat and , just like people, each one has it’s own personality.  Additionally, an animal injured in the wild normally just falls prey to another animal. A zoo gives them the chance to heal and live. Since we are not going to reverse the way the world operates, we should concentrate on improving the future.

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One of the first zoos in America, if not the first, was formed by Grizzly Adams. (Yes there actually was a person named Grizzly Adams) His animals weren’t exotic by our standards today but most Easterners had never seen the animals he encountered daily.


Originally zoos were called a Menagerie because they had so many different animals from so many different places. Today they are often the last chance we will have to see a particular breed. I do not understand the point groups who oppose zoos  try to make when they kill one of the animals. Any one can kill, it takes knowledge and caring to help one survive.


How to celebrate – Go visit a local zoo today. Make a pledge to help support your local zoo. Volunteer to help at a local zoo.