August 28th Race Your Mouse Day

Today is another of those odd days that decided to copyright, it’s “Race Your Mouse Day”. In their hurry to claim today they forgot to tell us which mouse they were referring to, or maybe they meant to race anything we know of as a mouse, perhaps against each other. Anyway, go ahead and race which ever, or both, mouses you have but remember that is there is any money involved you will owe Wellcat something. Oh, also make sure it is legal in your state.

How to celebrate – On your mark! Get set! GO!!!

August 28th Race Your Mouse Day

Today is owned by so if you are actually going to race your mouse (Computer) make sure you get permission from them first. We all do it, we race our computer mouses around the screen while waiting for whatever we are searching for to finally load. The slower your computer speed, or internet speed, the more you race your mouse. You can’t win, there’s really no competition either… it’s just something to do because you are bored. So let’s hope you don’t have to race your mouse a lot today because, well, it serves no purpose!

How to celebrate – Get a higher speed internet. Invent a game where you really can race your mouse. Chill out and wait for it to load.

August 28th Race Your Mouse around the Icons Day

This is another of those “Why?????” days. It was created and copyrighted by So get to racing that mouse at your computer. And what do you get if you win? Satisfaction? Maybe it involves matching mazes, a pet mouse racing in a small maze while you race in a matching larger one. At least maybe you could put cheese at the end for both of you. Just don’t draw a maze on your computer screen – I am sure the boss would not like it.

How to celebrate – Start an office olympics. If you can’t do it in person, do it virtually! Figure out what you will win if you do win!

August 28th Race Your Mouse Day

This is an odd day, maybe that’s why copyrighted it. Who knows. The idea of today is to race against the mouse on your computer to see if you can beat it to where ever it is that you are going. I’m not really sure that it possible but if you have absolutely nothing else to do, try it! Or, if you happen to have a pet mouse, or even a mouse that’s not a pet, see if you can beat it to where it is going. That will be difficult because mice don’t often keep to a course if they know there is a person around. It’s all about the cheese! So there you have it, race the mouse on your computer or find a mouse in your house, yard or where ever, and race it to where ever it is going.

How to celebrate – Race your computer mouse. Race a real life mouse. Find something better to do like, take a nap!

August 28th Race Your Mouse Day

Okay, so I am sort of getting use to useless days, but I guess they can be fun… or at least sort of if you can figure out what it is you’re supposed to do to celebrate them. Or even why they exist at all. Most seem to come from a company called, which makes a profit on these days but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how.


I am not downing them, they must be doing well, at least for cats, but what the heck is race your mouse day? I mean, is it a computer thing, do you keep pet mice, do you torture a mouse by letting your cat chase it? No one seems to know… and frankly, I don’t think anyone really cares.


If it is a computer thing, you can’t win so what’s the point of playing? And if it’s an animal thing it isn’t going to end up pretty however it ends. So just what do you do to celebrate something either impossible or gross?


So I’ve been thinking about it. What can one do to race a mouse? And why would one even want to race a mouse? Does the mouse know if it wins? Does the mouse care? I think, however, I may have come up with an answer….

august - race your mouse

Race Mickey Mouse at Disney! I know he isn’t yours and I know that it will cost you several hundred dollars just to get in and see Mickey. (Maybe Wellcat gets a percentage of that!)  Either way, if you aren’t thrown out of the park afterwards you can at least spend the day enjoying the rides and sights.

How to celebrate – You tell me!?! Go to Disney. Get a life.