September 30th National Mud Pack Day

For years the craze was to get mud packs to cleanse your skin of all the oils that create blemishes and there are those that still believe it helps. Of course, it needs to be clean mud which is a bit redundant! It does, however, work well on bee and wasp stings until you can get somewhere to properly treat the sting. It is also fun for wrestling and making something already difficult to do, more difficult to do. But we can celebrate today for all it is worth and wonder just how much money was actually made selling clean mud packs!

How to celebrate – Try a mud pack. Go play in the mud. Create your own clean mud puddle.


September 30th National Mud Pack Day

Mud… well, it’s always been there so humans had to find uses for it. It has always been good for minor skin issues, like bee stings and some rashes. (It also causes some rashes) It has been used to build walls since when it dries, it’s pretty strong. It’s used in combat to make soldiers invisible to the enemy and, of course, it’s something fun for kids to play in. However, someone figured out that it was really good to put all over your face to refresh your skin and open your pores. My guess is, some soldier came away from battle covered in mud and when he washed it off he must have remarked how beautiful he felt. From there, it got passed on to civilians who agreed once they tried it. Now it is a regular facial component. Naturally you need to use clean mud.

How to celebrate – Try a mud pack facial. Go outside and play in the mud. Make some mud pies!

September 30th National Mud Pack Day

There are certain things in life that make you go, hmm… I am not sure who first thought, “Hey, I’m going to put mud all over my face because I think it will help my skin to make me look younger!” Most of us would probably decline the offer, but there are those who pay a lot to have that done to them in spas.


I am sure that the rocks surrounding her head are significant as well. In the old days, soldiers would often cover themselves with mud to camouflage into the ground. I can just imagine them hiding, waiting to ambush whoever they were fighting against and one soldier turning to the other and asking, “Does this stuff make me look younger? I certainly feel younger.”


The Vikings, among others, found that covering themselves up in mud protected them from sunburn and bugs. Of course, they were probably covering themselves with  bugs as well but that doesn’t count. Perhaps they discovered the youthful agents in mud, after all… you never really see old looking Vikings (never mind that they normally didn’t live much past their thirties).

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And if it’s good for your face, why not the entire body! Perhaps that’s how mud wrestling came about! Well, maybe it works, maybe it only works in someone’s mind, but there seem to be a lot of women who swear by the process, who am I to argue.


After all, our furry best friends have been practicing the art since time began.

How to celebrate – Get a mud facial. Dive into a pool of mud and relax. Explore different uses for mud.