September 30th National Mud Pack Day

So my theory is, someone was watch cattle or pigs cover themselves in mud and said to themselves, “Hey, this looks like a great way to care for your skin because you hardly ever see a cow or pig with a pimple!” It is true that mud has some healing properties and if can keep you cool until it starts to dry but you really need to make sure you are using clean mud (If there is such a thing) since bugs like to climb in mud too. And if you want clean mud, you have to pay a lot for it! Just make sure you don;t get mud in your eye.

How to celebrate – Find some mud and dive in! Make your own clean mud. Do some mud wrestling!


September 30th National Mud Pack Day

For years the craze was to get mud packs to cleanse your skin of all the oils that create blemishes and there are those that still believe it helps. Of course, it needs to be clean mud which is a bit redundant! It does, however, work well on bee and wasp stings until you can get somewhere to properly treat the sting. It is also fun for wrestling and making something already difficult to do, more difficult to do. But we can celebrate today for all it is worth and wonder just how much money was actually made selling clean mud packs!

How to celebrate – Try a mud pack. Go play in the mud. Create your own clean mud puddle.

June 29th International Mud Day

Here’s a holiday you don’t often see… but maybe you should. It was created by Gillian McAuliffe while in Nepal for 58 orphaned children who were depressed and lacking in any fun activities. The children were taken out to play in the mud and it changed their attitudes completely. Think about it, even as an adult if we let ourselves go and play in the mud it can be fun! Slipping and sliding, mushing the earth together… dirty, yes… but also fun. Well that goes double for children and it’s really cheap! The day has been sponsored by World Forum since 2009. So, do they let nature make their mud or is it man-made?

How to celebrate – Take the whole family out for a mud day! Take a mud bath, some people pay a lot for it but all you have to do is wait for it to rain! Make sure you have a hose ready for rinsing off.

September 30th National Mud Pack Day

Do people actually use mud packs anymore as a part of their beauty regimen? There was a time when it was all the rage but I really don’t hear about people using it all that much anymore. I assume that people heard somewhere about using mud to help remove bee and wasp stings, helping to get stinger out. It’s natural to assume that if it can remove the stinger from skin it can remove other impurities from your skin. Well whether you use mud packs or not, today is the day to celebrate that use. If you don’t use mud to make yourself beautiful, maybe it’s time to give it a try!

How to celebrate – Use a mud mask. Do you need clean dirt to make a mud mask? If it works for your face, shouldn’t you try using a mud mask on your body?

June 29th International Mud Day

Wow, it’s time to get down and dirty! It’s International Mud Day, founded originally to give assistance to 58 children in Nepal. Now it belongs to the world (but it is still used to help children)!

It’s hard to imagine anything more tempting than jumping into a field covered in mud. Slipping and sliding, splashing and forgetting all the stuff your mom ever tried to teach you!

The World Forum for Mud Day was founded in 2009 by Australian Gillian McAuliffe and Nepal’s Beshnu Bhatti. Their intent was doing something fun, something nearly everyone can do and just letting go for a day.

And it’s fun for kids of all ages. No make-up required, forget finding just the right outfit, you don’t have to remember what fork to use, or about putting your elbows on the table (if you did they would probably slip off anyway!). It’s a day when everyone is equal, no one outshines another and the only true competition is trying to get on your feet, or stay on your feet.

Male or female, young or old, rich or poor.. we all look alike in the mud.

How to celebrate – Find a mud hole and dive in! Start your own International Mud Day charity in your area. Treat yourself to a mud pie.

September 30th National Mud Pack Day

Mud… well, it’s always been there so humans had to find uses for it. It has always been good for minor skin issues, like bee stings and some rashes. (It also causes some rashes) It has been used to build walls since when it dries, it’s pretty strong. It’s used in combat to make soldiers invisible to the enemy and, of course, it’s something fun for kids to play in. However, someone figured out that it was really good to put all over your face to refresh your skin and open your pores. My guess is, some soldier came away from battle covered in mud and when he washed it off he must have remarked how beautiful he felt. From there, it got passed on to civilians who agreed once they tried it. Now it is a regular facial component. Naturally you need to use clean mud.

How to celebrate – Try a mud pack facial. Go outside and play in the mud. Make some mud pies!

June 29th International Mud Day

Today was originally designed to give 58 orphaned children in Nepal a day of fun. They were allowed to go out and play in the mud, no questions asked. Over the years the day has grown and Gillian McAuliffe officially created the day in 2009 for the World Forum Foundation. It’s sort of funny that something so simple and being allowed to play in the mud can make so many happy. Really, most adults as well as children love the idea of playing in the mud. It’s simple, requiring only dirt and water and the results can all be washed away. So let you kids have a few minutes of fun, maybe you can join in the fun (The kids would love that).

How to celebrate – Find, or make, a mud puddle. Give to the World Forum Foundation. Do a rain dance!

January 11th Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day

Remember when you were young and found a puddle after a big rainstorm? The first thing you wanted to do was go out and play in it, and you hoped a friend would come along so that you could splash them. It wasn’t something mean, it was all about fun… and the muddier the puddle was, the better.


It wasn’t until we got older that splashing someone became a bad idea. Well, it never really was a good idea but the only one who really got mad was mom and she generally got over it pretty quick.


As we get older the idea seems to be rejected to splash your friend by jumping in a puddle of water. Note, I did not say it was less fun, just maybe not so much a good idea. Adult are normally on their way somewhere and since  they are in charge of cleaning their own clothing the idea becomes less appealing.


However, if you have a day that you have nothing special to do, nothing dress up to go to or an important meeting to attend… why not give is a splash!?! Maybe, if you have kids, take them along… they are pretty easy to soak and generally take it better.


So go ahead and have some fun today, hopefully it will rain where you are… if it doesn’t you can always turn on a hose unless it’s freezing out. Which makes me wonder, did whoever create today realize hat at least in the northern states the water might be frozen!?!

How to celebrate – Find a puddle. Remember to put on some old clothes. Wet suits for diving are not allowed.

September 30th National Mud Pack Day

I’m glad it’s the last day of September because when we have to resort to celebrate mud pack day. Not that there is anything wrong with mud packs but can you really celebrate them?


I guess mudpacks have been around for a really, really long time. Originally I am not sure they were thought of as a good thing. But mud does have it’s redeeming characteristics. I find it very odd that it can help clean even though it is dirt itself!

download (1)

Naturally, animals love mud. It cooling and relaxing to wallow around in. It is when it dried that it becomes a problem and then either needs cleaning or more mud to be applied. Either way, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

download (3)

And then I guess there is clean mud, but is it really mud then? Hard to say. People spend a lot of money to get mud applied to them, I can generally do that for free! However, I have to admit I do not know how to find clean mud.


But if you like to be covered in mud I have no problem with that. It seems natural enough.And generally speaking, if it’s good for one animal, it must be good for another too. So… enjoy.

How to celebrate – Have a mud pack applied today. Do not swim in your pool after applying the mud. Go skinny dipping in a bog.

September 30th National Mud Pack Day

There are certain things in life that make you go, hmm… I am not sure who first thought, “Hey, I’m going to put mud all over my face because I think it will help my skin to make me look younger!” Most of us would probably decline the offer, but there are those who pay a lot to have that done to them in spas.


I am sure that the rocks surrounding her head are significant as well. In the old days, soldiers would often cover themselves with mud to camouflage into the ground. I can just imagine them hiding, waiting to ambush whoever they were fighting against and one soldier turning to the other and asking, “Does this stuff make me look younger? I certainly feel younger.”


The Vikings, among others, found that covering themselves up in mud protected them from sunburn and bugs. Of course, they were probably covering themselves with  bugs as well but that doesn’t count. Perhaps they discovered the youthful agents in mud, after all… you never really see old looking Vikings (never mind that they normally didn’t live much past their thirties).

download (1)

And if it’s good for your face, why not the entire body! Perhaps that’s how mud wrestling came about! Well, maybe it works, maybe it only works in someone’s mind, but there seem to be a lot of women who swear by the process, who am I to argue.


After all, our furry best friends have been practicing the art since time began.

How to celebrate – Get a mud facial. Dive into a pool of mud and relax. Explore different uses for mud.