May 27th International Jazz Day

Today we recognize the only true form of music created in the United States, Jazz. It has it’s roots based out of New Orleans in the 1800’s and has influenced everything from Opera to Rock and Roll. The day was created by by D. Michael Denny in 1991 and recognized by the US Congress that same year. It always falls on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, I would be remiss not to mention a good friend of mine who plays jazz, Mickey Carroll. Give a listen to his “People Love Life”.

How to celebrate – Listen to some jazz. Visit New Orleans, Learn how to play a musical instrument.


May 22nd Buy A Musical Instrument Day

Music makes up so much of our lives we need to cherish those instruments that help make it happen for us. We all have our own favorite instrument whether we can play it or not. Mine is the guitar, I learned how to play, was in numerous bands and at one time owned 57 guitars. Maybe that’s taking things a bit far but still, having a musical instrument shows your love for music no matter how well you can play it, or not. Many are beautifully made, real works of art and take up a large part of our homes such as a piano. Others are smaller, like a harmonica but can create just as much joy. So buy an instrument today so you can show everyone just how much you love music bu putting on display.

How to celebrate – Buy a musical instrument. Remember the better instrument you buy the easier it is to play. Create your own band by having the musical instruments used in the band.

January 31st Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Art can take on many forms. Paintings, sculpture, music, gardening, you name it and it can be a work of art. Naturally most of us think about paintings though when we talk about art. Beautiful pasture scenes, mountains in the distance, even a happy little tree… however, that said, there are some paintings I find a little hard to accept. The colors are wonderful and the flare outstanding but, if it looks like something your two year old could have created then I find it hard to see a masters stroke in it. Of course, I am not art critic and all of my artwork looks like it was created by a two year old so what do I know? Anyway inspire your heart with some art today, with any art you find rewarding.

How to celebrate – Determine you favorite art form. Visit a gallery or a museum. Create your own form of art and display it for all to see.

December 13th Violin Day

Nobody seems to claim this day, maybe it’s because of all that screeching and straining when someone is first learning the violin. It gets better later on, normally, and when it does… it becomes a beautiful instrument! Until that point, watch out! It can drive animals from the house and make people look for other places to be while practice time is going on. While that is happening, just think of all the joy you will have when the notes get solid and the player learns how to use rosin!

How to celebrate – Learn to enjoy the violin. Strive to become a concert violinist. Learn any musical instrument to enhance your life.

September 19th National Dance Day

There are few things you can do to get better health results than dancing. It’s fun, gets one up and moving and even helps with mental outlook. The problem for me is, I use to be in bands that played at clubs and watched people dance, realizing just how bad they could be… I made up my mind not to look the fool. (Though I do anyway) Today was created by Nigel Lythgoe of the American Dance Movement in 2010. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes sponsored a Congressional Resolution in support of the health benefits. It use to come at the end of July but was moved to September at the request of the American Heart Association to promote the Kid’s Heart Challenge I am guessing through the school system.

How to celebrate – Get out there and dance. Take dance lessons. Create your own dance steps.

July 4th National Country Music Day

What better than celebrating the birth of our country than by also celebrating Country Music! I mean, one sort of goes in hand with the other! Now I know there are a lot of people who don’t like performers like Conway Twitty and Johnny Cash but country music is changing and becoming more like the old Rock N’ Roll of the 70’s and 80’s, and you would be hard pressed to find country artists who are not patriotic. So, at least for today, enjoy some country music and listen to people who love this country instead of people who hate everything about the USA.

How to celebrate – Listen to some Country Music. Give the newer country music a chance. Celebrate the birth of the United States.

May 28th International Jazz Day

Jazz is a truly American invention, created sometime in the late 1800’s in New Orleans. Though it is American, the whole world seems to love jazz, often trying to do something to amaze the other jazz musicians across the world. This holiday always falls on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. It began in 1991 when D. Michael Denny of the New Jersey Jazz Society suggested it and it was actually recognized by the U.S. Congress the same year.

How to celebrate – Listen to some jazz. Figure out who your favorite jazz artist is. Go to New Orleans, the French Quarter.

April 30th International Jazz Day

Jazz was born in New Orleans in the late 1800’s. It rapidly moved into an International form of entertainment and musical expression. Today was created by Herbie Hancock in 2011 as a member of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Culture Organization. There are times when jazz gets beyond the average listener, becoming an art form for those musicians who require a more expressive form of music.

How to celebrate – Go to New Orleans to hear some jazz. Study the great jazz musicians. Learn how to play a musical instrument.

March 4th Marching Music Day

March 4th Marching Music Day

Technically speaking, I suppose if you move around when you play music you are celebrate marching music day. However, if you literally march then you need to make sure there is a beat to march to or the players get very confused. Marching music started out as military bands led troops through towns on parade to reassure both the citizens, and the soldiers themselves. It eventually became a competition  and began to specialize in the performance. Drum and Bugle Corps leading the way. The Drum Corps International, who founded today officially organized back in 1971.

How to celebrate – Go to a parade and watch the marching bands. Go to a football game for halftime. Watch the military marching bands perform at special ceremonies.   

October 25th International Artists Day

Today we celebrate all those artists across the face of the earth. Generally speaking we think of painting and sculpting as the art world but it really includes any work form that someone takes pride in doing and does well. That can be a car mechanic, a trash collector or a house painter. If you do anything the best you are able to do it, and take pride in what you do… you are an artist. I know, I know… this is not what the day suggests it is but maybe it should be. I can appreciate a great painting, a great musical score or someone putting on my roof properly as great art.

How to celebrate – Look at all jobs as if they are an art. Visit a Gallery. Go see a movie.