November 18th Occult Day

Not sure this is the kind of day you really want to celebrate but… your choice. The occult in not always a bad thing, it simply means mysterious like Astronomy and Alchemy, but we have made it something evil. So in the world today we have to be very careful how we use the word and it is generally better just left that we don’t. Stay safe today, don’t venture much from the known and you will be fine.

How to celebrate – Take care today. Study the art of alchemy. Look to the stars for your future.


May 11th Twilight Zone Day

The Twilight Zone has been one of the most widely known mystery shows of all time. It began in 1959 with Rod Serling as host and ran until 1964. Those 5 years though seem to have created a following that lasts even well into the 2020’s now. It is not without its problems though as the movie in 1983 met with disaster and death while filming. Today is the day we remember the Zone, but apparently no one claims to have created the day. Huh, maybe we are all in the Twilight Zone and just don’t know it.

How to celebrate – Watch reruns of “The Twilight Zone”. Take a look at all the stars that were featured in the “Twilight Zone”. Read the “Twilight Zone” books.

July 24th Amelia Earhart Day

Wow, an ad commemorating Amelia Earhart… what are they selling? Maybe a disappearing cream of some sort. Anyway, today we celebrate the life of Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly to Europe from the US. She did not do it on her own, in fact she wasn’t even allowed to pilot the plane. She was probably a better pilot than those who actually did the flying, but that’s not important.


We remember her for her daring, and eventually, solo flights over many great distances. Probably her best remembered flight is the one that did not end, or at least as we know it. Her plane disappeared while trying to find Howell Island in the Pacific. Radio transmission revealed she was lost in cloud cover and unable to find the island, or any islands for that matter. She was last heard from on July 2nd, 1937.


Her plane was a Lockheed Model 10 Electra, better known as “The Flying Laboratory”.  It was a fairly reliable plane for the day, not that any of them were outstanding in the safety department. But still, it should have held up well, and her navigator, Fred Noonan was experienced. Some believe she was shot down the by Japanese as World War 2 loomed closer and closer to American involvement.


Over the years I have heard a few stories about Earhart that tell a little different background. She was quite the party animal, some might even say living on the wild side. That being said, she may have wanted to disappear, and what a better way of doing it than planing a flight around the world!?!


In fact the photo above, taken after she was given up for dead, shows someone identical to Fred Noonan, and someone suspiciously similar to Amelia Earhart in the background. Why she would want to disappear, we will never know. Maybe the Japanese did shoot her down, may she did disappear over the ocean, or maybe she just wanted to be left alone. She was born July 24th, 1897.

How to celebrate – Do a little research on Amelia yourself and see if you can figure out what happened to her. Celebrate women in flight. Try and figure out what Drzewiecki Design products are?

May 11th National Twilight Zone Day

One of the most popular television shows in history, Rod Serling invited the viewer into the mysterious, and often disturbing, world of the writers. Most shows were treated as though they were a nightmare and may have been way ahead of their time.


Beginning on October 1st, 1959, the show ran for 5 years, 1959-1964, yet even children seem to know about the Twilight Zone today. Of course it is in re-runs, but so are hundreds of other shows that are not as well known today.


Rod Serling always opened the show with some monologue about what you were about to see followed by the spinning swirl taking you into the “Zone”. Many people had nightmares about the shows they saw and the movie attempted years later, was a nightmare of it’s own when two small children and actor Vic Morrow were killed by a helicopter crash on the set.

images (5)

Among the most remembered episodes was “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”. In the episode a young William Shatner was the only passenger who could see a creature riding on the wing of an airplane while in flight. The creature was trying to take the wing apart which would ensure the plane would crash.

images (6)

In another episode the people all looked distorted as though they had been in some kind of horrid accident. When a normal looking human falls into their hands they do everything they can to make them look just like they do.

This show was always interesting, a little frightening and very entertaining. Though it is over 50 years old some of  the issues dealt with by the writers are issues we still encountered today.

How to celebrate – Find re-runs of “The Twilight Zone” and watch them. Start a “Twilight Zone” fan club.  Watch “The Twilight Zone” movie.