March 5th Namesake Day

I was named after my two grandfathers. Many of us are named after our grandparents or parents. Sometime our names date back to some ancestor that strongly influenced the family or maybe was famous for some reason, good or bad. My grandmother’s name was Effie Katherine Amelia… needless to say, no one in the family was named after her even though she was a really cool lady… some names like Effie fit a cow better than a human. (No offense to anyone named Effie) When giving your child a namesake name, be careful of what it is… and what it says about you!

How to celebrate – See if you were named after anyone. Research your family to see if there is anyone you should name a child after. Make sure you look at the initials your child will be settled with.


February 13th Get A New Name Day

Don’t like the name you were given? Well. if you follow you can change your name today without penalty.. just don’t let the government, or anyone else know you’ve done that because it is illegal. I mean, you can legally change your name, but you have to go through all that nasty paperwork and notify all those people you may not want to let know you changed your name that you changed your name. Maybe Wellcat should stat by changing their name, after all, it is their idea. Perhaps they could call themselves SickLizard or something!

How to celebrate – Try out several new names before deciding on one. Name yourself someone famous so you can gain from their fame. Just tell everyone you changed your name to the same name you’ve had.

March 6th Namesake Day

So who are you named after? I was named after both my grandfathers who were probably named after other family members when they were born. Sometimes we get our names from past heroes or from some movie star or music idol. Sometimes the names are really cool, but most of the time they are pretty lame because the name “Fashion” changes year to year. I know of children name LaOrange and LaLemon because that’s the jello mom got in the hospital. (Talk about lame!) Well, if you like your name, keep it… if you don’t you can think about changing it. Just remember names like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are copyrighted.

How to celebrate – Find out who you are named for. Check out the names of past family members. Create a list of names you would prefer to be called.

February 13th Get A Different Name Day

Tired of the name your parents gave you, not satisfied with your given name, want a fresh new start? Well, you can change you name. Not that it will make your life a whole lot different but it may brighten your attitude some. I’ve known several people who did change their names, some for pretty good reasons. It’s all up to you. Just change it to something you’ll remember or else, you’ll never know when someone is calling you.

How to celebrate – Pick out a really cool name for yourself. Try it out for a day or two before making official. Thank the people at for creating today.

June 2nd National Bubba Day

We’ve all known someone named Bubba. Well, actually I haven’t except for those Bubba’s in sports or the movies. They are generally thought of as not overly bright, large in stature and always very friendly. Now any Bubba’s you know may meet none of this description but we have to come up with some sort of description don’t we? Maybe not, maybe our preconceived notions are just meant to be challenged. Still, I’ve never heard of Dr. Bubba or President Bubba. I sometimes wonder if we wouldn’t be better if we did have a President Bubba though!

How to celebrate – Think of all the people you know named Bubba. Watch Forest Gump. Is there a character in Star Wars named Bubba?

April 9th Name Yourself Day

Don’t like the name your parents gave you? (And a lot of us don’t) Then change it! Our parents normally have very good intentions but sometimes they miss the goal by just a smidge. Naming us after relatives, sometimes ones that lived 200 years ago, does not make for great names in society today. Now I have to admit that I do not understand some of the names people use today, If you can’t pronounce them, or it takes you a year or better to figure them out, maybe they aren’t so good. But as long as the person has the name is okay with the name, then what else really matters?

How to celebrate – Test out a new name for a day and see if you like it. Ask why you were given the name you have. Try a nickname out for size.

March 7th Namesake Day

It is an honor to have something named after you, a child, a street, even a pet! That means that someone thought so highly of you that they wanted to keep your name a part of their lives by naming something that every time they call it, or speak of it, they will think of you. I am named for my two grandfathers, having ones first name and the others middle name. Of course there are certain names that should probably not be passed on no matter what. Ask why you got the name you ended up with, I’ll bet there’s some sort of story there.

How to celebrate – Think of people you would like to honor by using their names. Research family names and ask if any of them were “handed down”. Pick out your favorite names and then try to fond a reason to use them.

February 13th Get A Different Name Day

Don’t like the name you were given? Well today is the day to change it to something you’d like instead. There are names you have to just wonder why their parents named a child that. One I always think of is a young lady who had to go through life with the name, Mary Juana. I am pretty sure when she grew up she changed it. There was also La’Orange and La’Lemon, a set of twins given their names because that was jello the hospital gave the mother after delivering the babies. So, has given you this opportunity, not that it really was their right to do that since there is a legal requirement for changing your name, but they have given you the day to do it.

How to celebrate – Think before naming your child. Put initials together so you know what they spell out. If you change your name today I would suggest something like Elon Musk

April 9th Name Yourself Day

Don’t like the name you were given, well today is the day to change it! Now you can do this officially, or you can just make up a name for the day but don’t use your middle name because there is another holiday for that. Oh, and if you do change your name, make sure everyone you know realizes that you have changed it because we have all been taught to not talk to strangers. Writers, actors and sports figures often change their names to something people can easily remember, or something catchy. Make sure, however, that someone else has not used that name before and left it with a bad image. That is, unless you like that sort of thing.

How to celebrate – Make up a name you would like to be called. Pick a name that stands out. Wear a name tag so people will know who you are today.

February 13th Get a Different Name Day

Don’t like the name your parents gave you? Well today is the day you can change it to something you think fits you better. It is a bit involved and something you might come to regret later but there are cases where it may be called for. I knew a girl named Mary Cutter once who was proud of her family name and when she got married she did the three name thing… shew married a man named Buttoff. I am not sure she thought this one out because she became Mary Cutter-Buttoff. Then there was another girl who was named Mary, a good Christian name if there ever was one. The families last name was Juana. You figure this one out!

How to celebrate – Give yourself a new name for the day. Ask why they copyrighted this day. Learn to live with the name you’ve been given.