May 20th Armed Forces Day

While the idea that we could live in peace without armed forces to protect us is probably a perfect setting, it is an unrealistic one as well. There will always be those that want to harm us, force us to live as they want us to live and do the things they want us to do. Armed Forces allow us to keep our freedom, and often help others to keep their freedoms as well. We celebrate the Army here in the United States, formed in 1775, The Air Force formed in 1947. The Navy formed in 1775 as well as the Marines, the Coast Guard launched in 1790 and our most recent military force, Space Force created in 2019. We celebrate today every third Saturday in may, originally created by Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson on August 31st, 1949 and by Presidential Proclamation under Harry Truman on May 20th, 1950.

How to celebrate – Thank a soldier for all they do. Read about the formation of all the different branches of military service. Become aware of the different armed forces functions.


November 10th USMC Day

The Continental Marines were created by Congress in 1775 during the American Revolution. The idea was to give the Navy a landing force and provide rifle protection on board ships from the enemy and mutiny. Not only did it work then, it has worked ever since even when Congress tries to eliminate them due to expense. The Marines have served in ever war the US has been in, normally have been the first to arrive and are a feared force world wide. The few, the proud, the Marines.

How to celebrate – Read about the Marines history. Visit a marine base today to celebrate with them. Thank a Marine for their service.

October 27th Navy Day

Navy Day celebrates…. wait for it…. the Navy! Surprised!?! The U.S. Navy was created o OCT 13th, 1775 because well, they needed it to fight the American Revolution. The day was created by the Navy League in 1922 and put on Theodore Roosevelt’s birthday since he was one of the more aggressive Secretary’s of the Navy. Which of, course, was when the Maine was sunk in Cuba, maybe on purpose, maybe an act of war or maybe an accident. No one will ever know. And Roosevelt did do a lot for the Navy, he built it up to become a world class Navy. Oddly, however, he joined the Army to go fight the war in Cuba.

How to celebrate – Admire the Navy we have today, it is the words best. Read all Roosevelt did for the Navy. Celebrate our Naval personnel and thank them for their service.

May 22nd National Maritime Day

Did you know that during a time of war that all merchant shipping actually becomes a part of the Armed Services? I suppose this is to place those independent ships under the protection of the Navy as they carry valuable cargo and troops to battle. Congress actually created this day back in 1933 prior to World War 2 where some 250,000 men and women served in the Merchant Marine, 6,700 were lost along with some 800 ships sunk during the war. The most noted Merchant Marine ship were the Liberty ships built, and lightly armed, to transport war assets.

How to celebrate – Read about the Merchant Marine service in America. Become a Merchant Marine. Read about the wolf packs of World War 2.

May 21st Armed Forces Day

Louis Johnson, Sec. of Defense, created Armed Forces Day to celebrate all the branches of military service in America. He created in in 1949 just after World War 2 when the Air Force separated from the Army creating the US Air Force, Navy, Army, Marines and Coast Guard as separate branches of service. Each branch has elements of the other services among themselves making certain assignments easier to coordinate but each is also separate to allow independent thought and command.

How to celebrate – Thank anyone you see in any branch of service for what they do to protect us. Study the different branches of the services. Learn why all branches are separate.

April 11th National Submarine Day

It definitely takes a very special person to serve on a submarine. Even in the modern submarines the quarters are tight and you may not see daylight for months at a time. Submarines have been around since before the American Revolution. The first successful submarine was the Turtle in 1775, although it was only did minor damage. During the Civil War submarines sank themselves more often than another ship. Today submarines patrol the world, ready to strike at any moment.

How to celebrate – Learn more about the submarine service. Visit one of the submarines now serving as a museum. “Run Silent, Run Deep”

November 10th USMC Day

The Continental Marines formed in 1775, November 10th, in order to protect the new formed Navy. Since Shipping was vital to American interests, the Marines became vital to American protection. Since then, the Marines have seen action in every war America has been in, and most military actions. Their motto, “Leave no man behind” is both an attitude of pride and a show of honor for comrades in arms.

How to celebrate – Visit a Marine Corp base where events are being celebrated. Thank a Marine for all they do. Read about the Marines history.

May 15th Armed Forces Day

Each branch of the military celebrates the day they were created. The US Army June 14, 1775, the US Navy October 13, 1775, the Continental Marines November 10, 1775, the US Coast Guard June 28, 1915 and the US Air Force September 18, 1947. However on August 31, 1949 US Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson determined we all needed a day to honor all military service personal which was announced by President Harry Truman on February 20, 1950. It was finalized that all forces had to comply by May 20th, 1950 and this special day was named the 3rd Saturday in May. All service members deserve our thanks for all they have done, and all they will do. Combined, they make a force respected world wide, independent and yet combined in the defense of America and her allies.

How to celebrate – Thank a serviceman/woman for their service to America. Visit a military base. Learn the history of each branch of the military.

November 10th USMC Day

The United States Marine Corp was formed on November 10th, 1775. Though the armed service have repeatedly tried to remove the Marine Corp over the years it has become one of the most proven military forces in American history. Officially the land force for the Navy, the Marines began their service aboard ships as sharpshooters and a policing force for the Navy. Over the years, as a part of the Navy, the Marines were the first to arrive on the scene since they were transported by the Navy but today they are much more than originally intended. The Few, the Proud, the Marines. Semper Fidelis, meaning always faithful.

How to celebrate – Learn about the Marines history. Thank any Marine you meet. Visit a Marine Corp base.

May 22nd National Maritime Day

May 22nd National Maritime Day

Most countries economic development originated with the ships, and the men and women who sailed them, to grow. When there were no airplanes the only way to build trade with other countries was by what could be shipped out, and shipped in. With the world connected by merchant ships, there needed to be a strong navy to protect them. In World War 2 the allied countries were held together by their ability to ship war materials, and food, to those countries under siege. 250,000 Merchant Marines served during World War 2 with 6,700 (At least) perishing to get those needed supplies through. Today was created by the US Congress in 1933.

How to celebrate – Learn more about the foundations of our economy. Thank any sailors you see. Learn more about the maritime services.