October 3rd National Techies Day

We all love to make fun of them but without techies, we all would be lost. Those people who take great interest in those things that bore the rest of us o tears until something doesn’t work right and then they are the first people we seek out.

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They just seem to understand things that we cannot comprehend no matter what language they are written in. I think what makes most of us mad is that they can fix whatever is wrong in like 30 seconds when we have been trying for 3 days to figure it out.

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The worst of it is, when they tell us to just plug something in and it turns out they are right. However, without the techies, we would be lost. Actually, if you think about it, techies have been around for next to forever. It hasn’t always just been with electrical things. The guy that built the first catapult was a techie, of course in his day. And people like Leonardo da Vinci were always figuring out things long before their time.


So pick all the fun you want to of them but never, never make them mad… you will need them someday! Tye day was created by techies.com in 1999. Imagine how much they have developed since then!

How to celebrate – Thank a techie today. Imagine how your life would be without techies to fix things for you. Study to become a techie yourself.


July 13th Embrace Your Geekness Day

July 13th Embrace Your Geekness Day


Most of us are Geeks in some way. Me, I use to do Civil War re-enactments – the precursor to cosplay (For those who wonder I always play a Union soldier since no one else wanted to).


It doesn’t matter what your geekness is, today is the day to celebrate it. Star Wars, Beatles, Scale Model builders it is something you enjoy and no one, but no one, has the right to tell you whether it’s fun or not! Wellcat created the day. It is not a day for just scientists and math nerds!


How to celebrate – Let you true Geekness out today. Allow others their dreams and oddness. Reveal your Geekness to those you love.

October 3rd National Techies Day

Today we celebrate those people who keep our world of electronics running, the Techies. In the mid 1800’s, these people would probably have been little value to anyone, today they cannot be valued enough. They keep our society running even though they are often the outcasts of that same society.


The first type of techie is the Geek. Someone who knows how to do the most complicated computer diagnostics but is unable to carry on a conversation with the people they are doing it for.

Nerdy man in front of blackboard

The other is the nerd who likes to do complicated things for their own benefit, often for fun. Something most of us cannot understand or even want to.


We all benefit from both groups, though the personal touch often goes missing… like food being prepared without a human involved at all. It may taste good, it may be perfectly cooked and even be healthier for us but still, there is something missing.


It is apparent that the geeks, nerds and techies believe that machines are better at doing things than humans. They may be right, the scary thought is, will machines someday replace man entirely? This is the day created by techies.com, a group of techies in the government and industrial world in 1999. They do wonderful work, but let’s keep an eye on them as well!

How to celebrate – Take a techie to lunch. Check and make sure your best friend isn’t some sort of machine made to look human but is really a machine! Try and see the world from a techies point of view.

July 28th System Administrator Appreciation Day

With computers and business machines running most offices these days one of the most valuable people in the entire office is the System Administrator. If not for these people, work would shut down, people would be sent home, and we wouldn’t have somebody that we could feel superior too!


The fact is, we should be looking up to these people who often hide behind the scenes, or under our desks, and save the day by knowing things we don’t even relate too. They know what that mass of wires lead to, what programs can foul our computers, and what to do to fix them.


These are the people we generally call nerds, or geeks, but we should really call them our best friend. When we are at the end of our rope, they calmly step in and normally within minutes have us back up and running again.

Domain Name System (DNS) Technology

Sometimes they use terms we don’t understand, they draw pictures that only aliens can relate to, and they are more than likely the kind of people that go home and play dungeons and dragons. Maybe not the sort we want to hang out with at the local hot spot night club, not that they would go there anyway.


Think of them as the Knight that rides in on their white horse and save us from the monster (or computer). They are our heroes. Saving the day before the day often begins.

How to celebrate – Take your system administrator to lunch. Have a conversation with your system administrator and at least make an attempt to understand what they are saying. Learn a few of the terms your system administrator uses.