December 31st New Year’s Eve

Another year has come and gone, today we celebrate the end of the old year and welcome in the new year yet to come. Look back on the past year and recognize the mistakes and the victories you have had learn from them as you plan out your new year, but realize that not every part of your new year can be planned out. There will be surprises, both good and bad, learn to deal with them and even enjoy those you are able to.

How to celebrate – Happy New Year. Throw a New Year’s Party. Be with those you love for the New Year.


December 31st New Year’s Eve

Today is the last day of the year, celebrate the memories going out with the year and get ready for the new year to come. It’s a time to make new plans and separate yourself from those things you regret doing. It’s a time for change, even if everything stays the same. Why we choose to make a day where we get rid of the old and bring in the new is a little beyond me but we do, and normally we do so with a lot of booze (Makes forgetting seem easier) This year do something that you can actually recognize a change in yourself, your community or in the world around you. It is a new year after all, and the time for setting new goals.

How to celebrate – Welcome in the new year. Say goodbye to the old year. Make a few new resolutions that you might actually keep!

December 31st New Years Eve

Thank God 2020 will be over after today! We have no idea of 2021 will be any better but it can’t be a whole lot worse! Make your New Years Resolution before midnight and see if you can keep it for even 24 hours. Average length of kept resolution is a week. This has to be a better year and we can make sure it is better by going into it with a positive attitude. Try to calm yourself with the fireworks… they scare all our pets and remember how good they have been to use all year. Lets close out 2020 and start all over with 2021!

How to celebrate – Bring in the New Year with someone you love. Make a list of your New Year resolutions. Take it easy on the booze and fireworks.

December 31st Make Up Your Mind Day

It is appropriate to celebrate Make Up Your Mind Day on New Years Eve. Going into the New Year you really should have a plan and the only way to have a plan is to make up your mind about what it is you want to do and how you want to go about making it happen.


We all have to make choices in our lives. Some are simple and easy to make, some are more difficult. Some of us like others to make those choices for us so we don’t want to be blamed or have the responsibility required to make those choices. Even when those choices are about personal conflict.


It is ha4rd to make a choice that could have a right or wrong effect. Should I have pizza or eggplant today is not really all that important. Should I marry someone and spend the rest of my life with them is. Sadly, today we treat something like getting married like we do choosing whether we are going to have pizza or eggplant.


Something like am I going to do drugs or not do drugs is a life changing choice. The truth is, once you start doing them, even the simple ones, make you a different person. Are you better or worse… I can’t say but you have made the choice to be someone other than who you are and who you were ever meant to be.

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And the choices you make also effect those around you so try and keep them in mind as you make the choices you make. The New Year is coming, be all you can be and don’t settle for being something less, or more, than you are.

How to celebrate – Bring the New Year with those you love. Sometimes doing for someone else is doing for yourself. Choose wisely your choice to choose being wise.

December 31st National Champagne Day

Out with the old, in with the new, it’s a New Year’s tradition. And so is popping the cork on a fine (or cheap) bottle of champagne. The idea is to begin the new year by celebrating with some of the most cherished beverages ever made for adults. However, even if you choose to just the cheap stuff it will still give you the desired results.


Most champagne comes from southern France, but California has stepped up it’s game lately. Champagne is generally accepted as the beverage to celebrate things with. The victory of a big game, a wedding or, in this case, the coming of a New Year.


Let it tickle your nose as the New Year approaches but make sure you save at least enough for a swallow at the dropping of the ball, right after your kiss, to ring in the New Year.

New Years Eve Kiss

Or you could be like the couple above and celebrate all three things at the same time. This New Years Eve, lets all lift the glass and let bygones be bygones and start off fresh celebrating the New Year and all the promise it brings.

How to celebrate – Share a glass of champagne with someone you love. Have a champagne breakfast on New Years Day. Drive safely.