December 31st New Year’s Eve

Another year has come and gone, today we celebrate the end of the old year and welcome in the new year yet to come. Look back on the past year and recognize the mistakes and the victories you have had learn from them as you plan out your new year, but realize that not every part of your new year can be planned out. There will be surprises, both good and bad, learn to deal with them and even enjoy those you are able to.

How to celebrate – Happy New Year. Throw a New Year’s Party. Be with those you love for the New Year.


January 1st New Year’s Day

Today is the first day of the New Year. How will you treat it? Will you change those things you can to make yourself better? Will you make this year the year you make a difference? Well, it’s all up to you. We all wait for the “Ball to Drop” on New Year’s Eve to start our new yer, we have since 1908. So when does the ball drop for us individually? We are who we make ourselves, make yourself the best version of you that you can be. Happy New Year!

How to celebrate – Bring in the new year with your friends and family. Make resolutions you can keep and that make a difference. Remember to eat your black eyed peas for good luck!

January 17th Ditch New Years Resolution Day

First, if you have kept your New Years Resolution this far consider yourself about the human average. We just rarely are able to keep our resolutions even though they are well intended to start with. Maybe we need to set more realistic resolutions, like “I’ll eat at least one meal a day”. If we make them easier to keep then we might actual keep them. These “I’ll lose 50 pounds by June” resolutions normally find you ten pounds heavier in June. So ditch hem, you aren’t going to keep them anyway so why suffer any longer!

How to celebrate – Close the book on your New Years Resolution. Simplify next years resolution. Don’t make any resolutions next year (Though isn’t that a resolution in itself?)

January 17th Ditch New Years Resolutions Day

Most of us make some sort of resolution on New Years Day. We seek to find some way to improve ourselves, eat less, visit others more, give up a bad habit. At the time we make the resolution we really mean to comply with what we resolve, but normally a day or two later, or maybe even an hour or two later, we give it up. Well today is 17 days into the New Year and the semi-official day to give our resolutions up and not feel bad about it! Okay, so maybe you’ll still feel bad about it but since the day says we can give them up, it’s okay. There’s always next year and new resolution to break. So pat yourself on the back, at least you tried.

How to celebrate – Find that list of resolutions and destroy it. Make up a new list that you can give up next year. If you didn’t make a resolution, make one now so you can give it up.

January 1st National Hangover Day

So, do you remember what you did for New Year’s Eve this year? If you don’t, you might be celebrating National Hangover Day! Anybody can celebrate New Year’s Day but only those select drinkers can celebrate Hangover Day, well… actually they may not be that select but you get the point. Though I have indulged myself in such actions I am not sure what the value of drinking until you can’t remember is. That said, it may be even worse if you do remember! And I am not sure how you really celebrate a Hangover.

How to celebrate – Write down what you are dong as you are drinking so can remember. Never mix drinks, it will make you sick. Happy New Year!

December 31st National Champagne Day

National Champagne Day December 31st

Champagne is a sparkling wine named for the region it comes from in France. It is appropriate that today falls on December 31st when many, many bottles will be uncorked to celebrate the coming of the New Year. Raise a glass and bring in the New Year with something as bright and bubbly as we all hope your future will be.

How to celebrate – Welcome in the New Year. Celebrate the New Year with a glass of champagne. Visit the Champagne region in France for the New Year.

October 11th It’s My Party Day

This is the party season for sure so you might as well make it yours! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… of course there are office parties, birthday parties an parties just because! So you need to come up with the things that make it “Your Party”. Maybe it’s the theme, the colors or the people you invite. Whatever it is, it’s yours.


In most people’s books, Halloween will start the season. A costume party is appropriate but there are a lot of people who don’t like wearing costumes. So maybe to make it yours you could make it a non-costume party. But then would it really be a Halloween party then?

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And you could wait for Christmas. Christmas parties are always good! Well, that is unless you don’t celebrate Christmas. Then you could make it a Kwanzaa party or a Chanukkah party. Or one again, just a generic party. Or wait! Maybe you could do a Halloween Party during Christmas!

download (3)

And naturally there is the ever present New Year’s Eve party. But that seems to get a little stale since everyone does a New Year’s Eve party on New Year’s Eve. Maybe make your party a Valentine’s Day party on New Year’s Eve!?! The point here is, if it’s your party, make it whatever you want!


It could even be a Viking party, they are always fun. Or maybe make it a Lesley Gore, It’s My Party (And I’ll cry is I want to) party. If you are plundering and raiding that might make sense. Or at least as much as the people who celebrate this day in October for Lesley Gore’s #1 hit in 1963. Of course, it reached that honor in May but then, It’s Your Party so you can celebrate however you wish.

How to celebrate – Plan a party. Have a party today just because. Buy a copy of Lesley Gore’s, It’s My Party.


January 1st 2018 New Year’s Day

Well when you went to bed last night it was 2017… that is unless you stayed up to see 2018 in, which most of us do. A whole year has gone by since yesterday! I know, I know, it gets old doesn’t it!?!


The thing is, we really should do all we can to make this year better than the last (even if last year turned out to be pretty good for you). If we all work on it, we can accomplish our goals. Look for the positives, not the negatives, look for what you can do to make something better, not what someone else could do and set realistic goals for your self for the coming year.


And let the fireworks in your life be out of joy, not menace. No one can really do anything to you that you cannot prevent or stop. No one can make you sad unless you let them. Enjoy your life. It’s 2018, 2017 is gone forever.

Motorcycle Details


How to celebrate – Have a Happy New Year!

December 31st National Champagne Day

Out with the old, in with the new, it’s a New Year’s tradition. And so is popping the cork on a fine (or cheap) bottle of champagne. The idea is to begin the new year by celebrating with some of the most cherished beverages ever made for adults. However, even if you choose to just the cheap stuff it will still give you the desired results.


Most champagne comes from southern France, but California has stepped up it’s game lately. Champagne is generally accepted as the beverage to celebrate things with. The victory of a big game, a wedding or, in this case, the coming of a New Year.


Let it tickle your nose as the New Year approaches but make sure you save at least enough for a swallow at the dropping of the ball, right after your kiss, to ring in the New Year.

New Years Eve Kiss

Or you could be like the couple above and celebrate all three things at the same time. This New Years Eve, lets all lift the glass and let bygones be bygones and start off fresh celebrating the New Year and all the promise it brings.

How to celebrate – Share a glass of champagne with someone you love. Have a champagne breakfast on New Years Day. Drive safely.