September 4th Newspaper Carrier Day

Benjamin Day needed to increase circulation of his New York Sun newspaper so he hired Barney Flaherty to carry his newspaper to the people directly. Barney was only 10 years old but proved Day’s theory that he could sell more papers. That was in 1833. This eventually led to newspapers being delivered to homes’ front doors over the years until now, where most are printed online to get them out as soon as they have gone to press. The race to get those papers out has led to some “fake news” mistakenly getting out as media groups try to beat each other to the punch. Of course, many newspapers have been inaccurately reporting news since day one, since they are subject to making sales with the first to get the scoop and make the Headlines.

How to celebrate – Thank your newspaper delivery person. Read a newspaper. Find out how many newspapers operate in your town.